Yesterday’s Nooze Freak Show

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I took the weekend off from the nooze, and when I went back yesterday, I was sorry I did. I have yet to visit any nooze sites today. Call me chicken.

Among the stories I chose not to cover were these, briefly described, with no links. Aboard an airliner, a man stripped off all his clothes, watched some pornography on his laptop while filthing himself in front of the other passengers, and then attacked a flight attendant. And down in Thailand, a self-described “sex coach”–I did not pursue that any further, but I think it means “prostitute”–claims she’s got the low-down on the Russians stealing the election from Hillary, if only the USA will grant her asylum. I did not ask what she’d done that made her want to be an asylum seeker.

Just another day in the fallen world.

It occurs to me that you can’t screw up your culture just a little bit and expect it not to get worse. We have done things to our culture that stop just short of nuking it. I mean, what was the wacko on the airplane thinking?

We can’t keep doing what we’re doing and get away with it. Kill your culture, and it will kill you back. We have to turn around and march back, double-time, in the opposite direction.

While we still can.

11 comments on “Yesterday’s Nooze Freak Show

  1. It is just that, culture rot. Roughly 50 years ago, sexual morals were declared obsolete by Pop culture. We are seeing the fruitage of that now. Fifty years of libertine behavior has resulted in a culture that is adrift. Even if something is patently harmful, no one dares to speak up for fear of being branded intolerant. This will only go one direction and it’s not going to be a good direction.

  2. The title you chose today reminded me of a cat litter I used to use called “Yesterday’s News”, which was, as you can imagine, recycled newspaper. The irony is hilarious to me – and oh so appropriate! 🙂

  3. The activist word in the Gospel message is “REPENT!!!” It literally means doing a 180* turn from your sinning and walk in Christ’s footprints instead. . America needs to repent instead of trying to argue that “In God We Trust” as a national motto is unconstitutional.

  4. What I wonder — although not enough to befoul myself by looking up the news item — is why the man in your first example wasn’t restrained as soon as he started taking off his clothes.

    1. Probably because people just couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Astonishment is a great impediment to action.

    2. I don’t like the why this article describes this shyster as a defender of Trump, as if only liars and schlemiels could defend the president.

    3. As if she’s qualified to evaluate anyone’s mental health . . .

    4. It appears the placement of this link under your ‘freak show’ title was appropriate 🙂

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