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Hear Now the Nooze

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Let’s see… Black churches are “homophobic” for not supporting Mayor Pete Butt-thing for president… President Trump has gone crazy and wants to buy Greenland, totally unidentified sources say… more sex with robots… Portland lets Far Left thugs from Antifa sack the city, but calls out all the cops for the Far Right–and we know those guys are Far Right because the Southern Poverty Lie Center says so…

And you wonder why I’m posting videos of Australian birds?

I’m sorry, folks! I know I should be covering some of the day’s nooze, but I just can’t seem to find any nooze that’s not disgusting.

But hey–if you’ve got anything that you think needs reporting, just post a comment with a link in it to whatever nooze item you fancy.

Yesterday’s Nooze Freak Show

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I took the weekend off from the nooze, and when I went back yesterday, I was sorry I did. I have yet to visit any nooze sites today. Call me chicken.

Among the stories I chose not to cover were these, briefly described, with no links. Aboard an airliner, a man stripped off all his clothes, watched some pornography on his laptop while filthing himself in front of the other passengers, and then attacked a flight attendant. And down in Thailand, a self-described “sex coach”–I did not pursue that any further, but I think it means “prostitute”–claims she’s got the low-down on the Russians stealing the election from Hillary, if only the USA will grant her asylum. I did not ask what she’d done that made her want to be an asylum seeker.

Just another day in the fallen world.

It occurs to me that you can’t screw up your culture just a little bit and expect it not to get worse. We have done things to our culture that stop just short of nuking it. I mean, what was the wacko on the airplane thinking?

We can’t keep doing what we’re doing and get away with it. Kill your culture, and it will kill you back. We have to turn around and march back, double-time, in the opposite direction.

While we still can.

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