Democrat Judge to Rule on ‘Climate Change’

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A Clinton-appointed Democrat judge in federal court in San Francisco is going to hold a hearing March 21 on “climate science,” perhaps to decide whether America’s big oil companies are destroying the planet, etc. (

The lawsuit pits the Far Left cities of San Francisco and Oakland against several major oil companies. The judge says five hours will be allotted to the hearing, in which everything there is to say about “climate science” will be said. Then the judge will decide who’s got the best computer models.

Can you say “stacked deck”?

I’m pretty sure the writers of the Constitution never meant for us to be ruled and dictated to by judges in the courts. It seems there is nothing outside their jurisdiction. They redefine basic human institutions like marriage and the family, invent new “rights” that no one ever thought of… and now one of them is going to decide whether civilization has to be rolled back to the Middle Ages because if we don’t Save The Planet everybody’s gonna die, blah-blah. Get ready to surrender your air conditioners and your cars. Only Really Important party members and their tame “scientists” will be allowed such amenities.

This’ll give us something to talk about while we’re waiting for the Supreme Court to grant homosexual pressure groups and their tame politicians the power to dictate the content of works of art.

After that–well, who knows what those crazy judges will come up with next?

Anything they please, I guess.  We seem to have lost whatever means we had of stopping them.

7 comments on “Democrat Judge to Rule on ‘Climate Change’

  1. Let’s suppose, for the sake of discussion, that they decide to take draconian measures and it becomes evident that this is a manufactured crisis; boy will there be some angry masses.

  2. If you have 9 minutes, this is sure to bring a few smiles and could even lower blood pressure 🙂

    1. Y’know, I was really feeling kind of blue, the news has been getting me down lately, but that bird video was a restorative. God’s stuff is just soooo much better than ours!

      Now, feeling sane again, I can go back to reading “The Temptation”–too see if any more chapters wound up under the vicar’s backyard wading pool.

      Thanks again, Linda.

    2. Blessings, Lee. Sometimes we all need a little restoration for the soul. God’s stuff always does it 🙂

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