This Day So Far (Ugh)

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Bear with me if I seem a bit off my game this morning. The toilet was on the fritz this morning, but we were lucky to get Mr. Rooter and he has just left, having fixed the thing. I mean, really, if your toilet won’t work, you might as well be living under socialism.

Peep the Cat threw up all over the place.

And we have to take Patty’s car to the shop.

And buy our weekend’s supply of groceries.

So why the picture of the scowling frog? Ah, well, it was just too good to pass up.

8 comments on “This Day So Far (Ugh)

  1. Be of good cheer, Lee. This too shall pass.
    I have the picture on my refrigerator of the frowning cat you posted a while back. It makes me laugh. I think the frog will join him.

  2. On my refrigerator I keep a sign that says: “Good Morning. This is God. I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help, so have a good day.” I will pray the same for you and Patty, Lee.

    Love the frowning frog – in fact, it looks rather like the poisonous cane toads we have in South Florida, although I’ve never noticed one frowning :).

  3. Thank goodness the toilet is fixed. Is Peep going to the vet? The way this day is going for you, be sure the car gets to the garage and Peep to the vet, rather than the other way around. (Hey, ya gotta laugh or it’s all lost, right?)

    1. Peep went to the vet very recently and they gave her a clean bill of health. But she does ingest things she shouldn’t.

    1. I had four brothers. I noticed growing up that grossness bothered me more than it bothered them. They even enjoyed teasing us girls with such stuff. Could that tolerance be another difference between men and women that God built in for a good reason? Perhaps knowing that men would have to deal with gross things more than we do, and because men typically take care of them for us? Alleluia!

      Just thinking.

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