About That Experiment

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See, I thought I might be able to create a post in the evening that would be published in the morning–like, in case I expected to be pressed for time that morning. But no. WordPress lets you pick the day, but you’re stuck with whatever time you happen to be using when you create the post. So the experiment didn’t work; and Mr. Horny Toad is very unhappy about that, even a little miffed, as you can see by his expression.

4 comments on “About That Experiment

  1. It would certainly seem possible. In fact, it really seems a bit backward if it’s not possible with today’s capabilities. My daughter tells me it’s possible to schedule a text message to be sent at a specific time via their smart phones. Technologically gifted I’m not 🙂

  2. Well, technically the experiment did work, since it showed you what couldn’t be done. (Pollyanna strikes again.)

    Reptiles and amphibians are among God’s most stylishly beautiful creatures, aren’t they?

  3. I like horned lizards a lot more than I like technological wonders. Horned lizards are honest and almost always work as advertised. This can be said for very little of the technical world. Beyond that, the lowly horned lizard is amazingly well made. Most human inventions last a very short time, horned lizards have been here since time immemorial and seem to be doing fine. I commonly encounter them in my yard and always come away feeling better for the meeting.

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