Let’s Have Some Easter Hymn Requests!

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Easter will be here before you know it. Whatever you think about the date assigned, Christians use it to proclaim that Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead is a historical fact–a thing that really happened. The thing that changed the world.

I would love to post Easter hymns every day for the next two weeks, but I wouldn’t much enjoy being the only one selecting them.

If you’re new to this blog, or simply if you haven’t yet requested a hymn for posting here–well, come on! The invitation’s open to all. Request your hymn by name, and if I can find it on youtube, I’ll post it here. Requests can be made in the former of a “reply” to any other post.

We do this for Christmas every year. So let’s do it for Easter, too!

3 comments on “Let’s Have Some Easter Hymn Requests!

  1. Here’s one, Lee. I just happened upon it. It’s on a youtube channel called firecharger, but apparently the artist is Big Mo. I’m not even sure of the song’s title, but it’s powerful:

  2. Here’s one, Lee. It’s by no means a hymn, but 12 minutes of powerful preaching! Watching while resting:

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