Maybe They Don’t Want to be Rescued

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Can your idol do this?

I just posted a worship song called Rescuer: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is our rescuer. That’s what the good news of the gospel is all about. We’re not stuck in this tar pit. We are not abandoned to the darkness.

If there’s no Jesus, there’s only this nightmare of a world-wide fornication theme park with its sideshows of violence and tyranny, run by know-it-alls who would crush you like a bug and not think about it even once.

Oh, not so! insists Michael Waldrond Jr., pastor of a megachurch in Harlem. In fact, says the pastor, believing that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven is–ahem!–“insanity” ( “That is not what Jesus even believed,” says he.

Oh, really? What did Jesus believe? Let’s ask Him.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” (John 14:6)

Well, bub, it looks like the Lord would disagree with you there. Waldrond’s congregation certainly does. Reportedly, the congregation is “outraged.” A noozie complains, “They sound like Trump supporters.” I think the nooze media is one of those things that Jesus will rescue us from.

So you can believe the gospel, which tells us that we have a rescuer and His name is Jesus Christ the Lord, the Son of God; or you can believe the humanists, who tell us they’re the rescuers–and then you can laugh yourself sick: that, or loudly lament and rend your garment–or you can believe some apostate preacher who tells you that any ol’ thing you believe in will get you into Heaven.

In which case, reverend, why is anybody wasting a perfectly good Sunday morning sitting in your church?


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  1. Your last question says it all. Why do people bother with this drivel? After years of disappointment, I finally realized that the Bible and “church” are not inseparable. Churches claim to represent the Bible, but that is not always the case. The Bible does not require interpretation, it was written for all of us. When a clergyman makes a statement such as that cited above, they are in essence speaking against the Bible.

  2. This lie is being perpetrated today, not only by this – ahem – pastor, but even by Rome. All ways are welcome. Blind leading the blind – right into the pit. The thing is, some of those leaders perpetrating that scam do so knowing full well it’s a lie – a BIG LIE! Evil.

    Think I’ll go listen to ‘Rescuer’ again. A worship song like that one can wash out the yuckies.

  3. Yesterday I went with my daughter to her church, Fellowship Fayettville, the sister church of the one in Rogers, AR.. It is in a new large building with police directing traffic because there are some many people attending (and this was the second service of the day). When you walk in there are coffee counters like in a movie theater that are heavily utilized. People of all walks of life were present. Inside the “sanctuary” is an immaculate auditorium with super comfortable seats. There is a large wooden cross to the left of a giant movie screen that is used for visual effects, song lyrics, and Bible verses as needed. A Praise Team sings some worshipful songs, and on a couple of them the congregation of over a thousand stand and some sing along. Then one of the pastors gave a dynamic presentation of the Gospel from Gen 3:16 to John 3:16, explaining what different Greek words meant, and how Jesus is the One who heals our broken lives and world. It was a very engaging Gospel presentation. Then Communion was celebrated by the believers, after which the Benediction was given, “Have a good week, and we will see you next week.” We went to the children’s Sunday School facility to see to visit my daughter’s friend’s children where you have to stay outside because their are armed guards protecting the area. I say all this to say: This is the trend in new wine for new wine skins. The pastor wore bluejeans and an untucked shirt. Many of their university members were on mission trips during their Spring Break from classes.

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