Has Ontario Gone Mad?

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(Thanks to “jessicafischerqueen,” Canadian citizen, for the news tip)

When I first read this, I thought, “There must be some mistake! This can’t be right. The message must have been garbled somehow.” But I was wrong.

Ontario is considering new labor relations laws that would, according to The Financial Post, “make the province the most radical left-wing environment for business in the Western World, and would go a long way toward ensuring that no foreign business would ever again invest in it” (http://business.financialpost.com/executive/careers/heres-what-ontarios-proposed-labour-relations-changes-could-mean-for-employers).

And how would the legislation do that? By making “a wholesale shift of power to the unions.”

The legislation features such incredible proposals as unionizing “almost everyone,” permitting a workplace to be unionized without a vote by the employees, hand unions copies of employee lists so they know who to go after and “convince” to support their program, forbid employers from hiring replacement workers in the event of a strike, and a bundle of assorted goodies for the unions–with marginal or struggling businesses simply written off as not worth saving. That ought to do wonders for Ontario’s job market.

There seem to be other bits of even crazier stuff attached to this, but as I’ve not yet been able to track them down, and still have trouble believing that even Canadian politicians could be this daft, I’ll let these pass for now.

What I want to know is, how does a civilized country breed up such a mob of howling-at-the-moon “leaders” whose mission in life is to destroy their own country? And we all know it’s not just Canada.

Is this what they’ve all learned in collidge? “Destroy capitalism, and everything will be utopia”?

They must be utterly defeated. Our civilization’s survival depends on it.

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  1. One thing the left seems to forget is that people have free will. Raise taxes and people take their business to someplace with lower taxes. Regulate everything in sight and people take their business to someplace with less regulation.

  2. Considering that the unions support the government and vice versa, what we have here is textbook fascism. People often forget that 20C. fascism was actually a branch of socialism. Even Mussolini was a socialist before he gave his movement the name “Fascism,” and the term “Nazi” was an abbreviation for the National Socialist Worker Party.

    1. It’s certainly textbook Peronism. And throw in a few crony capitalists who are exempted from the rules, and you’ve got Obamaism.

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