“‘The Right Side of History” (Barf Alert)’ (2014)

China's Communist Party runs low on creativity | Reuters

Here’s their ‘right side of history.’

This was a favorite buzzword of the commie who occupied the White House: everything that wasn’t as Far Left Crazy as he was, was on “the wrong side of history.”

‘The Right Side of History’ (Barf Alert)

This claim is almost always made by persons who know no history at all. If they did, they would know communism is a loser.

But if you were one of the few, the proud, who were here yesterday, you’ll recognize their argument as just another restatement of the Evolutionary Fallacy that deludes them at every turn.

‘Bad Culture… Bad Politics?’ (2018)

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I’d really like to shut off the nooze this weekend. Boy, our country’s been in deep trouble for a long time! For instance:

Bad Culture… Bad Politics?

I’ve had it explained to me: Pushing policies like “transgender,” encouraging riots, and Critical Race Theory breed both rage and chaos, both very useful to persons interested in replacing America with something else–that they will own and control. But I don’t know anyone like that. I do know a lot of useful idiots who go along with it because they believe the schiff they’re told and it makes them feel good about themselves.

We may eventually finish formal schooling, but informal schooling, by means of “entertainment,” goes on forever.

God help us.

We’ve Seen It All Before

Who’s surprised?

We invested 20 years in Afghanistan, blood and treasure galore: and how long has it taken the Taliban to grab the nation’s capital city? Twenty minutes? Now there are thousands of people who need to be rescued–but probably won’t be. Shades of Saigon.

We were on the verge of achieving energy independence. But our senile “president” shut down the pipeline and now we’re begging OPEC to boost production and pretty please sell us some oil.

We were getting a firm grip on stopping illegal immigration; but it didn’t take the new regime long to rupture our border and create chaos.

We were shutting down our sweetheart deals with Communist China and starting to bring our manufacturing back home. Well, they stopped that, didn’t they?

America was getting great again; but now she’s just a punching bag.

Virtually anyone with a nodding acquaintance with our political history could have predicted these developments.These are the things that happen when Democrats take power. Think of Jimmy Carter and his crowd trying to figure out what would be the most favorable surrender terms we could get from Leonid Brezhnev. They might have put it over if Brezhnev hadn’t sunk into a state of deep senility.

Think of the Iranian hostage situation. They had to let them go when Ronald Reagan was elected. But none of the bad guys are afraid of us now. Didn’t take the Dems long to achieve that, did it?

God help us.

A Man Talking Sense

Armstrong Williams, Author at The Washington Informer

Armstrong Williams

Hmm… a man is a woman with a penis, a woman is a man with a vagina, 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 anymore, all white people are born racists…

The other day, Armstrong Williams talked sense about all this. I hope he hasn’t been arrested.


“We are quickly being pushed,” he wrote, “by the Democratic Party and their cronies in the mainstream [sic] media and in big tech towards a society that does not have standards…”


In recent years the wrecking ball has been “gay rights” followed by transgender mania; and of course “race” is always an excuse to wreck society. The Left homes in on micro-minorities and puts them on high pedestals–and woe to anyone who won’t bow down!

I think Mr. Williams understands that this is war. Us vs. Far Left Crazy–and the loser dies.

I can’t even imagine the kind of society those wackos want to impose on us. Pray we never have to find out.


When 2+2 Ain’t 4

Bridge Collapses: 4 Deadliest in U.S. Over Past 50 Years | Time

Hmmm… Looks like the math mighta been a little off…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Hooray! Canada is still a sorrier mess than we are! [sardonic cheering]

How about this? “Mathematics has been used to normalize racism,” say Ontario school bigwigs (https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/ontarios-grade-9-will-teach-mathematics-has-been-used-normalize-racism). It turns out the big wigs only fit on fat heads.

From now on, 9th-graders in Ontario will be taught that math with right answers is just the “marginalization of non-eurocentric mathematical knowledges.” Honk if that sounds sensible to you.

And get this. According to one school official, learning how math is racist will lead to “good-paying jobs.” Just because her head is swelled doesn’t mean there’s anything in it but hot air.

Lessee… Do you want to drive on a nice, high bridge designed by chipmunks who think 2+2 adds up to different things for different folks? Like, for People Of Color (POCs), 2+2 = 3, but for pygmies in the rain forest it’s 5, and in Ontario the sum is different day to day.

These are the doofuses who are “educating” your children. You can’t even learn math anymore without gagging on Far Left Crazy doctrine.

Our only hope is to demolish public education before it demolishes our civilization.

Large buildings designed by people who can’t do math are very, very dangerous.

‘Mandatory Transgender Dating???’ (2018)

See the source image

This is a horror Tucker Carlson dug up–an “atheist YouTuber,” or just a plain old tuber, suggesting that the government impose “mandatory transgender dating” on normal people.

Mandatory Transgender Dating???

A few years earlier, a member of the Ontario “Human Rights” Commission made news by suggesting that people’s circles of friends weren’t “diverse” enough and the government should step in and assign friendships. They took that off their website when people saw it and got infuriated.

But see, that’s our problem. We never get mad enough to put these Far Left psychos and tinpot tyrants out of business. The heat always dies down, and then they’re back at it with the crazy schiff. They’ll never stop until we stop them.

Thinking About the Nooze

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I scan the nooze every day and practically wind up pounding my head against the wall, asking myself, again and again, “Why are they doing all this crazy schiff? What good does any of this do anybody? Are they all insane?”

What crazy stupid stuff? Oh, let’s just name a few… Critical Race Theory. Open borders. Vaccine goon squads going door to door. Transgender. Defund the police. Let all the armed robbers out of jail and put people in for using the wrong pronouns.

Stuff that leftids dance around the Maypole for–but which, in reality, have to the potential to kill any country that puts these follies into practice. Kill it dead.

It only makes sense if you grant that leftids purposely want and intend to wreck the country: to kill America. Then it makes sense. They’re doing it on purpose. This is war, and they do not intend for their opponents to survive it.

That would be us, boys and girls.

I don’t think we need to posit a Vast Conspiracy involving millions of individuals, not one of whom has ever spilled the beans. In a fallen world subject to Original Sin, there is not much that ordinary human evil, stupidity, delusion, and fecklessness can fail to achieve.

I’m starting not to care why they’re doing it.

I only want them stopped. Forever.

‘Because They’re Crazy’ (2018)

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When I try to see the world the way a leftid sees it, all I get is nightmares.

Because They’re Crazy

Take a good look at that library in Detroit. This is what the Left calls a good thing. I’m glad I couldn’t find a picture of those poor people in Venezuela devouring the animals in the zoo because socialists wrecked their economy and there’s no food in the supermarkets.

God help us, that’s a bit easier to imagine now than it was in 2018.

Harvard Business Review: ‘Mandatory’ Doesn’t Work

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“Is your mind right yet, sunshine?”

Wow! Would you believe it? Bullying people doesn’t really change their hearts and minds! Who would’ve thought it?

I stumbled upon an article in the Harvard Business Review, from 2016: “Why Diversity Programs Fail” (https://hbr.org/2016/07/why-diversity-programs-fail). In fact, years of research and “nearly a thousand studies” prove it.


We find that “policing managers’ thoughts and actions” fails: “Yet laboratory studies show that this kind of force-feeding can activate bias rather than stamp it out… As social scientists have found, people often rebel against rules to assert their autonomy…”

And, “Decades of social science research points to a simple truth: You won’t get managers on board by blaming and shaming them with rules and reeducation.

Really? Well, dog my cats! You mean you pick on them and they just get… mad?

And, “People often react to compulsory courses with anger and resistance–and many participants actually report more animosity toward other groups afterward.”

Coulda knocked me over with a feather.

And the bad news is… they do it anyway. It’s just too much fun to give it up.

Destroying America Without a War

Cal Thomas; Angry Democrats try to kneecap Trump before he takes office -  Orlando Sentinel

Just one of many…

If you were America’s worst enemy–I won’t say Communist China, in case there’s anyone out there who hates us even more than the Chicoms do–how would you destroy our country without going to war?

First, put clowns in public office. It’s demoralizing to be governed by jerks. A senile, doddering president. A nonentity of a vice president who’s only there because she’s a “woman of color”–no one knows what else she brings to that office. Some fat guy who says he’s a woman running a big piece of our public health apparatus. A secretary of state whom the Chicoms mock and insult to his face. You get the idea. And don’t forget all those fools in Congress.

Second, encourage them to follow ruinous public policies. Trash the border. Raise taxes to the ceiling. Let the riots go on without a check. “Protect us from the virus” by letting felons out of jail. You can probably think of more.

Third, kill the culture. More transgender! More abortions! Lots more Critical Race Theory! Really rotten schools! And turn the universities into nothing more than factories that turn out useful idiots as useless citizens. Treat envy as a virtue, not a sin.

All of this is being done to us. We think China foots the bill, in tandem with assorted globalists. Governed by criminals, governed by idiots–what’s the difference?

Pray hard. We have nothing left but our prayers. Appeal to the Judge of all the earth.

And tell the truth.