‘What It’s All About’ (2018)

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There is war in heaven and on earth–whether or not we see it. Satan and his slaves are fighting tooth and nail to bring all Creation under their control. And then destroy it.

It took me very many years to see this; and now I can’t un-see it.

What It’s All About

Why couldn’t I see this in college? I grew up in a Christian church, I’d read the Bible, everybody told me I was smart. But I wasn’t smart enough to see. Kept looking for worldly solutions to what I thought were worldly problems.

Look where that foolishness has got us. We’re afraid to tell male from female anymore.

Wise up, O men of God.

Phoenix: Ban Meat, Dairy, and Private Cars

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By the time they get to Phoenix… they’ll be back in the Middle Ages

The mayor of Phoenix, AZ, wants her city to ban meat, dairy, and privately-owned cars by 203o (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/09/great-reset-radical-phoenix-mayor-kate-gallego-begins/). It’ll Save The Planet, dontcha know.

Who the blazes wants to live this way? No steak, no hamburgers, no chops, no milk, no ice cream, no cheese, and no going anywhere unless there’s a bus!

Phoenix is one of 14 U.S. cities, and supposedly over 100 world-wide, on board a globalist pipe dream called “the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. Funded by Mike “I am a god” Bloomberg and other Far Left magnates.

If freedom and prosperity can survive the next few decades, it’ll only be due to God’s personal intervention. Wicked and insane morons, in positions of (ugh!) authority, are running wild, seeking whom they might devour.

How could any civilized country have ever come to this? Have they no sense of shame? Are the world’s peoples addicted to servility?

In Jesus’ name may God defend us. Amen!

Yes, College Makes You Crazy. And Stupid

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Holy cow! They’re actually paying to be subjected to this?

O frabjous day! Michigan State University’s 2023 official Language Guide has been released–so students and staff will know what words they’d better not say if they know what’s good for ’em (https://campusreform.org/article?id=21614).

The purpose of all this Word Police sh*t is to make everything more “inclusive.” Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that? You achieve “inclusion” by excluding stuff! Like any words that might conceivably be associated with America, Christianity, Christmas, Easter, mental health, the past, the present, the future… Crikey, it might be easier just to take a vow of silence.

Can we ask this question again: Why in the world do you people want this? Why do you think our country’s got to have it?

Or, to put it another way–what the devil’s wrong with you?

Another Question That They’ll Never Answer

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The one question that never gets asked, when a noozie interviews a rug-chewing crazy wacko, is:


Critical Race Theory in the schools–“Why do you want that?”

Drag Queen Story Hour–“Why do you want that?”

Using the schools to groom children for sex–“Why do you want that?”

Transgender mania sweeping the Western world–“Why do you want that?”

Classic works of literature rewritten to appeal to hyper-sensitive “modern readers” who don’t really read that well–“Why do you want that?”

More “mandates,” more “governance,” more elites selecting winners and losers, more World Economic Forum–“Why do you want that?”

I’m betting you can’t get a coherent answer to this question from any of the above-mentioned groups. Mostly you’ll get cursed and yelled at. You may even get bitten–very unstable, these progressives, when they encounter any departure from their party line.

Mostly, though, you’ll get babble and gobbledygook. At least that’s been my experience.

And our politics, government, education, and business is packed chock-full of it.

Pushback! Tennessee Bans ‘Drag’ Shows

Scarlet Tanager

I don’t post pictures of drag queens. Here’s a nice scarlet tanager instead.

Tennessee a few days ago became the first state to ban “drag queen” shows on public property near schools, including schools (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/tennessee-becomes-first-state-ban-drag-shows-public-property-near-schools). The state also banned “gender transition surgery” for minors.

Other states seem poised to do the same–Idaho, Kentucky, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma, and Utah.

We need to pray it’s not too late. It already is too late for some–children who will be sterile, and in need of medical attention, for the rest of their lives.

This is an inexplicable chapter of world history, this transgender mania. Maybe it’s the work of Satan. Nothing else seems to account for it.

Even so, we can rejoice that at least some of our states are trying to save the ship before it sinks.

‘What Does a People Do?’

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Beyond the point of no repair

Columnist and historian Victor Davis Hanson has asked a very good question:

“What does a people do when its highest officials simply renounce their oaths of office and refuse to enforce laws that they don’t like?” (https://amgreatness.com/2023/03/05/life-among-the-ruins/).

These officials, he says–and I agree–are ruining our country. They’re turning our cities into dirty, crime-ridden hellholes; and once the damage is irreparable, they’ll get to work on the suburbs.

It’s more than just refusing to enforce laws that they don’t like. It’s even more than crooked DAs refusing to prosecute crime and seeing to it that criminals are released back onto the streets as soon as possible. Our highest officials promote, enable, and strengthen groups and activities that do real harm. It’s like they really hate America and are doing their level best to destroy it–or at least turn it into something unrecognizable to sane people who remember better times.

Are there really, truly accredited doctors who sincerely believe that boys can–and should be!–turned into girls, and girls into boys? Are there really, truly high officials who sincerely believe that our nation’s borders can–and should be!–erased?

And so on, and so on.

The question won’t go away. “What do a people do” when this level of misgovernment is done to them?

I believe Thomas Jefferson had the answer to that question. You’ll find it in the Declaration of Independence.

When It Starts Raining Airplanes

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“And they said I couldn’t hit the ocean!”

United Airlines has set itself a goal: 50% of its airline pilots have to be women or [trumpets, please] People Of Color. Whether they can actually fly the plane or not, who cares? It’s affirmative action!

A few days ago Tucker Carlson ruffled some feathers by alluding to a Boeing 767 cargo plane crash in 2019 (https://thenewamerican.com/equity-over-safety-did-an-affirmative-action-pilot-crash-a-plane/). The pilot, originally from Antigua, did poorly on his tests, displaying “a history of acting impulsively” and “an inability to remain calm during stressful situations,” a federal investigator said.

So half the time he jumped the gun and half the time he froze, they hired him anyway because it’s virtue signalling… and he crashed the plane.

Wait’ll in starts raining airplanes. But who cares? The jidrools who make the rules all fly on private jets anyhow–what’s an airliner full of plebs to them?

Live by insane public policies, die by insane public policies.

“‘Science, Science Fiction, and Beliefs That Trash Our Culture (2015)” (2019)’

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I don’t think I can overstress the importance of this book–not when “science” is the excuse for every form of crime disguised as public policy.

‘Science, Science Fiction, and Beliefs That Trash Our Culture’ (2015)

Look at the stuff creepy political scam artists do to us, invoking “science”–lockdowns, Transgender, grooming little kids for sex, confiscate our gas stoves, cars, and homes, etc., etc. And science fiction, like anything else in this fallen world, is riddled with lies, foolishness, and superstition. Ai-ya, “But I seen it on Star Trek!”

Remind me someday to write about the science fiction conventions I went to.

‘Feds Go to War Against “The Gender Binary”‘ (2016)

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It’s difficult–no, let me change that to “impossible”–to see in any Democrat administration anything but an exercise in cultural and political vandalism. If they have any purpose but to wreck this country, it’s very well hidden.

Here’s an Obama-era caper: cost us $18 million from which we derived no benefit whatsoever:

Feds Go to War Against ‘The Gender Binary’

Donald Trump was only one man and he only got a single term of office. As good a president as he was, he wasn’t Hercules and the Augean stables are still chock-full of horse-****: too much damage that he couldn’t get around to fixing. Now he’s gone, and Democrats are suffocating America under their pet Transgender project.

No one has ever explained how this is supposed to do society any good at all.

But for Democrats good is evil and evil is good.

Globalist Brew: It’s Poison

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[I’m thinking of expanding this into next week’s Newswithviews piece.]

Later this month the globalist coven will gather at Davos for their annual wingding, brewing up misery for the normal people of this fallen world.

They add the ingredients one at a time; and if you add ’em all up, it’s poison.

They want to take things from us. Things like gas stoves, privately-owned cars, privately-owned homes, our means of self-defense… and anything else they happen to think of. “You will own nothing–and you’ll be happy.” That’s their pitch. If it appeals to you, there’s something wrong with you.

They mean to take our children and erase our families. Public education now consists of stocking school libraries with pornography, presenting drag queens as children’s entertainment, selling transgender for all they’re worth–“What makes you so sure you’re a boy? Wouldn’t you be happier as a girl? We can make it happen!”

If this package is not satanic, what is?

There are those who are fighting back. They need and deserve our full support.

Appeal to the righteous Judge of all the earth–and resist.

Don’t be on the wrong side when the saints go marching in.