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The Age of Nothingism

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The world leaders and opinion-shapers of our age (“That’s our job!” said Mika Brzenski, however you spell her name) have sometimes been accused of being nihilists. That’s not accurate. The logical end of nihilism is obliteration. That’s not exactly what these people want.

“Nihil” means “nothing”: hence “nihilism.” But nothingism means “nothing good.” Because that’s what they want–nothing good, only bad.

That’s why they so determinedly pursue public policies that make no sense at all, that can’t possibly produce anything but disaster–howlers like socialism, transgenderism, open borders, global government, militant atheism (the most barren of a barren lot), etc. Policies that give us nothing but people going mad with fear or rage, soaring crime rates, and city streets heaped high with trash and feces.

Now the people who promote these chaotic policies see the same images we see, but the difference between us must be that they like what they see and want to see more of it! They are not dismayed by seeing hordes of homeless migrants pouring into their countries and wrecking them–doesn’t bother them at all. They are not dismayed by people breaking into zoos and eating the animals, because socialism has killed their economy and there’s no food in the stores–doesn’t bother them a bit. They’re “progressives,” and that’s what they call progress.

They can see their policies bring nothing but hardship, confusion, and suffering. We are forced to conclude that they enjoy seeing hardship, confusion, and suffering. They tell us it’s going to lead us to Utopia, to paradise on earth. What they don’t tell us is the kicker: “Paradise on earth for us, not you.”

O Lord our God! Imbue us with the spirit of Caleb, of Joshua, and give us strength and courage to prevail against your enemies. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘Their Fantasies Are Wackier than Mine’ (2011)

I wrote this in 2011; and the saddest thing about it, seven years later, is that none of these wacko leftid fantasies has died out. These are follies that endure like granite.


I really don’t like fantasy as a basis for public policy. Do you?

Has Ontario Gone Mad?

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(Thanks to “jessicafischerqueen,” Canadian citizen, for the news tip)

When I first read this, I thought, “There must be some mistake! This can’t be right. The message must have been garbled somehow.” But I was wrong.

Ontario is considering new labor relations laws that would, according to The Financial Post, “make the province the most radical left-wing environment for business in the Western World, and would go a long way toward ensuring that no foreign business would ever again invest in it” (http://business.financialpost.com/executive/careers/heres-what-ontarios-proposed-labour-relations-changes-could-mean-for-employers).

And how would the legislation do that? By making “a wholesale shift of power to the unions.”

The legislation features such incredible proposals as unionizing “almost everyone,” permitting a workplace to be unionized without a vote by the employees, hand unions copies of employee lists so they know who to go after and “convince” to support their program, forbid employers from hiring replacement workers in the event of a strike, and a bundle of assorted goodies for the unions–with marginal or struggling businesses simply written off as not worth saving. That ought to do wonders for Ontario’s job market.

There seem to be other bits of even crazier stuff attached to this, but as I’ve not yet been able to track them down, and still have trouble believing that even Canadian politicians could be this daft, I’ll let these pass for now.

What I want to know is, how does a civilized country breed up such a mob of howling-at-the-moon “leaders” whose mission in life is to destroy their own country? And we all know it’s not just Canada.

Is this what they’ve all learned in collidge? “Destroy capitalism, and everything will be utopia”?

They must be utterly defeated. Our civilization’s survival depends on it.

My Religion, and My Politics

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Liberals and pietists never tire of faulting us who “mix religion with politics”–even though, for leftids, their politics is their religion.

But they want Christians to compartmentalize their thought; and that’s how you wind up with professed Catholics like John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi pouring public money into the coffers of Planned Parenthood, defending and funding abortion. This is, to put it as mildly as I can, not honest.

If our “religion” does not manifest itself in the political positions we take, it’s not really our religion, is it? And when our country, as a matter of public policy, acts contrary to God’s immutable moral law, then our dear leaders drag us all into their own sin. Worse, they put our country in danger of God’s judgement–as when a few lawyers on the Supreme Court “legalize” the same-sex parody of marriage, without benefit of any law being passed by the legislature, and the, er, president orders the White House lit up with “rainbow” lights to celebrate this evil. It is wrong for Christians to support this. Instead, we should be praying for national repentance and a reversal of this course.

We are also faulted for not holding out for some mythical simon-pure righteous candidate: we should not have voted for Donald Trump, the liberals declare, because he’s a sinner and we’re supposed to be against sin. Never mind that we voted for him because the alternative, Hillary Clinton, was unthinkable. There was no righteous candidate. In 2016 the next president was going to be either Trump or Clinton, no one else. Not to vote for Trump was to help Clinton. And that was indefensible.

We cannot support public policies that are flagrantly abominable, nor the politicians who create and enact those policies. And the list of those policies would be a very long one.

So, yeah, I don’t care if my religion overlaps into my politics. I think it should. Period.

City to Embark on Mad ‘Experiment’

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Is this what happened to the Indus Valley Civilization?

The mayor of Stockton, California–a city that went bankrupt just six years ago–wants to try an “experiment” of doling out a “Universal Basic Income” of $500 a month, “no strings attached,” to certain elements among “the poor” (https://ww2.kqed.org/news/2018/01/22/stockton-gets-ready-to-experiment-with-universal-basic-income/).

It’s just an “experiment,” mind you. For one year, “several dozen Stockton families would get $500 a month, no strings attached.” The goal is to gather data on the “economic and social impacts of giving people a basic income,” especially the impacts on, well, “self-esteem and identity.” There is also a “hope” that this experiment will be so wonderfully successful, it will “encourage other places to give it a try.”

Coulda fooled me. I thought it might’ve been an experiment to see how many times one city can go bankrupt in a single decade.

Leftids have been hallucinating about a Universal Basic Income for years now. See, they say, nobody’s gonna work anymore anyhow, ’cause robots gonna be doin’ all the work, so why not pay everybody to sit around playing video games or writing cowboy poetry? What could be more sublime than a kind of perpetual infancy–dependent on government handouts all your life? And you better do what Mommy tells you, or you don’t get no goodies!

Can you imagine the first city to make a UBI an actual public program? It will draw illegal aliens like iron filings to a magnet. It will draw every ne’er-do-well for hundreds of miles around.

But what if you can’t live on $500 a month? Wouldn’t that make it just money down the drain? If you hand someone $6,000 a year and he still goes under, what have you gotten for your money?

Shut up, you racist.


Default on Student Debt–and Lose Your License

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Remember debtors’ prison–they throw you in the clink until you pay off your debt? Really stupid idea, wasn’t it? Eventually they discovered that it’s next to impossible to pay off anything while you’re in jail.

But if we really do know better nowadays, how come 22 states revoke your driver’s license, or even your professional license, as punishment for failure to pay off your student debt? (http://www.jwj.org/in-22-states-your-student-debt-could-cost-you-your-job) You could read all about it in this recently updated Jobs With Justice article, if only WordPress hadn’t killed all my news links.

Let’s see, now… You go to collidge and run up a $200,000 student debt–and when you can’t keep up with the payments, they take away your right to drive a car, or even revoke your professional license. Either way, you probably lose your livelihood and certainly lose your ability to pay down the debt. Bad enough you’ve got a master’s degree in Gender Studies or Superhero Studies and it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. But just try to get and keep a job if you can’t drive to work. And just try paying down a debt if you haven’t got a job.

America would be better served if there were some other punishment for student debt default–suspending the defaulter’s right to vote, that would be a good start. Refusal to grant student loans in the first place to anyone “studying” completely useless subjects.Why should the taxpayers loan anyone money to get a degree in Lesbian Chicano Studies?

But it’s just plain mean to take away some poor collidge grad’s ability to eke out a living serving up slurpees at his hometown Seven-Eleven.

Wahoo! Free College!

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Your tax dollars at work!

If you live in New York state and have been wondering how you would ever get that Gender Studies degree that you wanted to much, but couldn’t afford, wonder no more!

Because collidge is, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo says, the new high school, and literally everybody’s gotta go to collidge, the state has ponied up $163 million in tax monies to provide free tuition at any state-run four-year university or two-year community collidge–if your family does not earn more than $125,000 a year ( http://www.csmonitor.com/EqualEd/2017/0410/A-first-New-York-will-offer-free-tuition-at-all-four-year-state-colleges-for-qualifying-families ).

Did I say “free”? What I meant was that other people have to pay for it. The state sucks it out of people’s paychecks, that they worked for, in taxes. I mention it because many people don’t understand that the government has no money of its own. It only has what it can take from the people.

Another thing that a lot of people, including Gov. Cuomo, don’t understand is that value is closely tied to scarcity: the law of supply and demand.

What does he suppose a college degree will be worth, if literally everybody has one? And what happens when employers look at some 30-year-old recent grad’s degree in Comic Book Interpretation and say to him, gently but firmly, “Go away”?

I suppose it just might make some small amount of sense if, say, a state had a crying need for engineers, so it offered a financial incentive to students who earned a degree in engineering. But this is not what is being proposed. They are talking about degrees in bloody anything.

All this does is cram multitudes of young people into an already bloated and over-funded university system, where they provide the Democrat Party with an army of chumps available on short notice to protest whatever they are told to protest.

The only upside to this, in the long term, is that anybody in New York state with the foresight to become a plumber or an electrician will be able to write his own ticket in golden letters.

This Is a Truly Stupid Idea: Free College

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Well, it’s getting kind of expensive to get your degree in Gender Studies, etc. So a new poll by YouGov claims about 60% of Americans now support free college tuition for anyone who wants it, paid for out of public money–that is, money that you and I worked for and had sucked out of our paychecks before we ever saw it ( http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/poll-most-support-making-college-free/article/2572333 ).

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things… Has anybody bothered to actually think about this?

First, free tuition will push the demand for college sky-high, necessitating a vast expansion of the whole university system (even if most of the freebies only go to community colleges, as our lying politicians assure us will be the case)–more campuses, more buildings, more professors, more administrators, more camp followers, and so on. It will cost infinitely more than the mere (!) $350 billion that Hillary “Careless” Clinton says it’ll cost.

Second, college does not produce a useful product, unless you can figure out a use for millions of whining, thin-skinned, lazy, ignorant, inept bozos with meaningless degrees in silly subjects. For every engineer who comes out of our colleges, we get how many unemployable dingbats?

Third, if everybody has a bachelor’s degree, then that degree has been watered down to the point where it means nothing at all. What do we do then–free tuition till you get your master’s?

Finally, our colleges and universities today are run by a crowd of Mao Tse-tung wannabes, perverts, pillheads, chowderheads, and people who just plain hate America and want to turn it into something else. There are already way too many of our young people in their hands.

If anything, we would be doing our country a big favor if we shrank the university system and had millions of people working and producing something useful instead of sitting in a classroom for five years learning about… well, nothing.

The Democrats are hot to trot with this fiasco.

And only the voters–lots and lots and lots of voters, with nobody staying home or wasting his vote on a third-party nobody–can stop them.

Have They All Gone Mad?

The news gets crazier day by day, and it seems the whole ruling class of the Western world has been struck mad: not just the politicians and the bosses, but the noozies, the teachers, the celebrities–the whole lot of them.

They do things that simply make no sense and which cannot possibly benefit their countries or societies.

Not content with the damage wrought by “gay” activism, they feverishly promote all kinds of transgender lunacy. To hear them tell it, the world has an epidemic of transgenderism. All of a sudden, like. And it must be encouraged at all costs!

America’s current leaders do everything they can think of to stir up racial animosities. We’ve heard of “divide and rule,” but this seems to be heading more toward “destroy and rule.” It is impossible to see how this in any way benefits the country.

In spite of all experience, all the national leaders of the West have a mania for trying to jam-pack as many Muslims into their countries as they can, while making absolutely no effort whatsoever to assimilate the ones they already have. They go so far as to deny there’s any such thing as violent Islamic radicalism, and refuse to lift a finger to protect their own people from it.

There’s more, much more; but this is a blog post, not a magazine article.

In all of these absurd public policies, there is nothing at all to be gained by the country that adopts them. So why, why, why are they doing it? Has God struck our leaders mad, prior to destroying them? Or has He simply stepped aside to let their folly run its course?

The latter is the more frightening scenario.

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