My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 10 (‘Now What?’)

Voting Equipment Goes Up In Flames In Congo's Capital As Election  Approaches : NPR

So much for predictions.

Once again we find inexplicable election results, nationwide, always to the benefit of the Democrat Party.

As discouraging as this is, we just have to keep going, keep working, keep praying. We must never consent to any government that buries us in wicked, stupid policies.

Now What?

I do have a question about those polls, though. Were they purposely setting us up for this? They seem to have no regard at all for their future credibility. They all cried, “Red Wave!” And they were all wrong.

Or has our nation not yet filled its cup of iniquity, and there’s a lot more of  getting slapped around before the crash comes? More illegals swarming across the broken border, more Woke DA’s turning violent criminals loose on our streets, more transgender, more race-baiting, and all the rest of that De Lux Democrat Fun-Pak?

Has God Hardened Their Hearts?

The Dark, Magical and Mysterious Power of Poison | WNYC News | WNYC

You’d swear it was brewed up by witches

I was bowled over yesterday by Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams suggesting that the way to beat inflation is by… having more abortions! I couldn’t believe any politician would ever say such a thing.

More abortions! Erase our country’s border! Spend like there’s no tomorrow, like money was confetti! Let all the criminals out of jail! Urge and pressure young children to have a sex-change! And don’t forget the Drag Queen Story Hour! And Critical Race Theory!

They aren’t even pretending to be sane anymore. And I wonder–

Has God hardened their hearts, as He hardened Pharaoh’s heart, to move them to an open display of what fools, what crooks, what degenerates they are? Really–what kind of doofus is in favor of any of this stuff? This is mental illness as a public policy agenda.

Are we finally seeing it? How blind do you have to be, not to?

I guess we soon will know.

The Globalists’ Strategy: Make Us Crazy

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

Why do the globalists, why does the American Left, propose such wacky and perverse things as “transgender” and work so hard to shove them down our throats?

James Lindsay (right) leads a discussion aimed at answering that question.

Why all this crazy stuff? You set up “crazy” against “normal,” the two collide to produce a synthesis–and then the synthesis becomes the new “normal” and the Left produces a new “crazy” to be the new antithesis. The resulting new synthesis will be farther to the left than the last one. This is how they keep the culture and the politics always moving farther and farther to socialism (or whatever hell-hole they have in mind for us).

Shazzam! I get it now! No sooner had the Supreme Court imposed “gay marriage” on America than the whole “transgender” mania shifted into high gear. And you watch: when that gets shoehorned into the mainstream, they’ll come up with something more bizarre to take its place.

Leftism is, for all practical purpose, another religion opposed to Christianity. There’s no reasoning with it. And, says Lindsay, “It makes people permanently unstable” because you need ’em that way if you want to squash them under communism.

Now it makes sense. It’s not stupid. It’s evil. It’s not an ideology that they believe in: it’s a tool they use to **** our minds.


A Valuable Error to Learn From

Chris rock hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

Comedian Chris Rock is down on white liberals, big-time. I can’t link to his rant–with which I’m in full agreement–because it’s loaded with f-bombs and that’s just not the way we do things here. So be warned; and then if you want to read it, you’ll find it on Gateway Pundit today. (I mustn’t link to it.)

Yes, Chris, everything they stand for is wrong, stupid, evil, or some revolting combinaton thereof. You’re hitting the target every time.

Nevertheless, you make one mistake that unravels your whole position.

You say there are no black liberals (I take that as a rhetorical flourish). Fine. But then you say, “Yeah, we vote Democrat–but we ain’t liberals!”

Good grief! What Far Left liberal fat-head position is NOT a Democrat position? How many Democrats can you name who aren’t libs, and how many libs who aren’t Democrats? How do you vote for the party that stands for and promotes all those damnable things you think are poison to the country? Which of those follies and offenses that you named were not perpetrated by Democrats?

You can’t be a Democrat and NOT be for all those toxic policies sponsored and upheld by Democrats–open borders, fomenting racial paranoia, “teaching transgender” in the schools, going easy on crime, wasting billions of dollars of money that you had to work for… oh, it would take all day just to list the ways Democrats have harmed our country!

So stop voting for them already. Just stop. Don’t do it anymore.

America won’t survive the Democrat Party. Run them out of power. Forever.

Here’s the Plan (A Reminder)

Human Fossils | The Smithsonian Institution's Human Origins Program

We must never forget what we’ve learned, in these past few years, about Far Left Crazy’s master plan for America and the world. Let’s quickly review its key elements.

*Abort all the babies you can get your hands on.

*The ones you can’t abort, indoctrinate them into “gender” ideology and “transition” as many as you can. This will make them sterile. And keep up the sales pitch for “gay,” etc. The point is fornication without fertility.

*Make sure assisted suicide is easily available and always praised and lauded as a noble and unselfish act. In fact, make it against the law not to praise assisted suicide. Actually we can make a lot of laws like that.

*If anything of the human race is still around after these three steps, inject the survivors with “vaccines” that kill them.

That’s the plan, and it was hatched in Hell. Its end result is flaming obvious, don’t you think?

“‘The Right Side of History” (Barf Alert)’ (2014)

China's Communist Party runs low on creativity | Reuters

Here’s their ‘right side of history.’

This was a favorite buzzword of the commie who occupied the White House: everything that wasn’t as Far Left Crazy as he was, was on “the wrong side of history.”

‘The Right Side of History’ (Barf Alert)

This claim is almost always made by persons who know no history at all. If they did, they would know communism is a loser.

But if you were one of the few, the proud, who were here yesterday, you’ll recognize their argument as just another restatement of the Evolutionary Fallacy that deludes them at every turn.

‘Bad Culture… Bad Politics?’ (2018)

Image result for images of couch potatoes

I’d really like to shut off the nooze this weekend. Boy, our country’s been in deep trouble for a long time! For instance:

Bad Culture… Bad Politics?

I’ve had it explained to me: Pushing policies like “transgender,” encouraging riots, and Critical Race Theory breed both rage and chaos, both very useful to persons interested in replacing America with something else–that they will own and control. But I don’t know anyone like that. I do know a lot of useful idiots who go along with it because they believe the schiff they’re told and it makes them feel good about themselves.

We may eventually finish formal schooling, but informal schooling, by means of “entertainment,” goes on forever.

God help us.

We’ve Seen It All Before

Who’s surprised?

We invested 20 years in Afghanistan, blood and treasure galore: and how long has it taken the Taliban to grab the nation’s capital city? Twenty minutes? Now there are thousands of people who need to be rescued–but probably won’t be. Shades of Saigon.

We were on the verge of achieving energy independence. But our senile “president” shut down the pipeline and now we’re begging OPEC to boost production and pretty please sell us some oil.

We were getting a firm grip on stopping illegal immigration; but it didn’t take the new regime long to rupture our border and create chaos.

We were shutting down our sweetheart deals with Communist China and starting to bring our manufacturing back home. Well, they stopped that, didn’t they?

America was getting great again; but now she’s just a punching bag.

Virtually anyone with a nodding acquaintance with our political history could have predicted these developments.These are the things that happen when Democrats take power. Think of Jimmy Carter and his crowd trying to figure out what would be the most favorable surrender terms we could get from Leonid Brezhnev. They might have put it over if Brezhnev hadn’t sunk into a state of deep senility.

Think of the Iranian hostage situation. They had to let them go when Ronald Reagan was elected. But none of the bad guys are afraid of us now. Didn’t take the Dems long to achieve that, did it?

God help us.

A Man Talking Sense

Armstrong Williams, Author at The Washington Informer

Armstrong Williams

Hmm… a man is a woman with a penis, a woman is a man with a vagina, 2+2 doesn’t equal 4 anymore, all white people are born racists…

The other day, Armstrong Williams talked sense about all this. I hope he hasn’t been arrested.

“We are quickly being pushed,” he wrote, “by the Democratic Party and their cronies in the mainstream [sic] media and in big tech towards a society that does not have standards…”


In recent years the wrecking ball has been “gay rights” followed by transgender mania; and of course “race” is always an excuse to wreck society. The Left homes in on micro-minorities and puts them on high pedestals–and woe to anyone who won’t bow down!

I think Mr. Williams understands that this is war. Us vs. Far Left Crazy–and the loser dies.

I can’t even imagine the kind of society those wackos want to impose on us. Pray we never have to find out.


When 2+2 Ain’t 4

Bridge Collapses: 4 Deadliest in U.S. Over Past 50 Years | Time

Hmmm… Looks like the math mighta been a little off…

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip]

Hooray! Canada is still a sorrier mess than we are! [sardonic cheering]

How about this? “Mathematics has been used to normalize racism,” say Ontario school bigwigs ( It turns out the big wigs only fit on fat heads.

From now on, 9th-graders in Ontario will be taught that math with right answers is just the “marginalization of non-eurocentric mathematical knowledges.” Honk if that sounds sensible to you.

And get this. According to one school official, learning how math is racist will lead to “good-paying jobs.” Just because her head is swelled doesn’t mean there’s anything in it but hot air.

Lessee… Do you want to drive on a nice, high bridge designed by chipmunks who think 2+2 adds up to different things for different folks? Like, for People Of Color (POCs), 2+2 = 3, but for pygmies in the rain forest it’s 5, and in Ontario the sum is different day to day.

These are the doofuses who are “educating” your children. You can’t even learn math anymore without gagging on Far Left Crazy doctrine.

Our only hope is to demolish public education before it demolishes our civilization.

Large buildings designed by people who can’t do math are very, very dangerous.