Journalism? What Journalism?

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Honestly, I didn’t want to report any fallen world nooze on Good Friday. But I just can’t help it.

Here in my own home town, they rounded up a crowd of school kids and assembled them at Borough Hall to demonstrate against the gun ownership rights of law-abiding, peaceful Americans.

All the kids had bright orange T-shirts printed with the legend, “We Stand With Parkland,” the school in Florida that got shot up by a maniac because The Authorities paid no attention to his repeated threats. So there are the pictures spread all over the local newspaper–

And no, ahem, reporter asked, “Who paid for all those T-shirts”?

Am I the only one who thinks there’s something at least faintly revolting about using children as political pawns?

Is it the law-abiding gun owner’s fault that some homicidal nut that everybody was afraid of was allowed to massacre his classmates?

And who is paying for those T-shirts? Why did no one ask?

Well, this is only the latest example of how our incredibly costly “education” establishment turns our children against us. I’d like to ask why we let them do it: only I have asked that question many times already, and still don’t have an answer.

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  1. Please go to, Down The Rabbit Hole, material dealing with Parkland. Then, please let me know what you think. If one stands for Parkland, one should hire people who will disarm a boy frequently reported as very dangerous yet easy to disarm.

  2. Maybe money was found in the school budget for the T-shirts. Rush Limbaugh has suggested that Hillary Clinton team up with David Hogg in campaigning for the November elections.

  3. Maybe they should also print some T-shirts for the county sheriff’s office: “We stand outside Parkland.”

    And, as always, the left grabs the narrative by proclaiming that anyone who doesn’t want to disarm law-abiding citizens does NOT “stand with Parkland,” and is in favor of shooting up a school. That would include, I assume, the rational students and parents who think having armed law-abiding citizens protecting the students might save the students from being shot up.

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