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School District Adopts ‘Kinder’ Grading System

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Don’t you wish this was a satire? But I assure you that it isn’t.

A school district in Madison, Wisconsin, has gotten rid of old-fashioned letter or number grades and replaced it with a new grading system that’s supposed to be “kinder” to students (https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2020/02/12/wisconsin-school-district-abandons-a-f-grading-scale-to-prevent-stress/). It’s certainly less informative to parents–and school tax payers.

So no more A, B, C, etc. Instead, it’s going to be EX for “exceeding expectations,” M for “meeting expectations,” DV for “developing understanding,” and E for “emerging” into understanding.

No more excellence, and no more failure. No more mediocrity, either. But heck, you don’t want those mean old grades that hurt kids’ feelings! So much better to cast every child’s performance in the best possible light! Besides, giving out grades was “racist.” So much nicer and un-racist to just shuttle them through 13 years of public school without them learning anything at all. Like, how smart do you have to be to live on welfare and vote for Democrats?

So the parent can’t tell, now, whether his kid is getting the material or not. Shut up and pay.

Was it the worst idea we ever had, as a nation, to allow teachers’ unions? It’s certainly in the running for that honor.

The Loving Left–Again

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(Straight out of one of my old horror novels…)

Conservatives are haters: ask any noozie. Or any unionized public school “teacher.”

A high school English teacher in Milwaukee has been suspended for tweeting that he hopes conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh dies of cancer (https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/its-awesome-that-hes-dying-milwaukee-schoolteacher-suspended-after-rush-limbaugh-tweet). Limbaugh announced Monday that he has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer.

At first they weren’t going to suspend him, but the public wasn’t having that, so they did.

And what did the “teacher” say? We quote:

“Limbaugh absolutely should have to suffer from cancer. It’s awesome that he’s dying, and hopefully it is as quick as it is painful.”

Feel the love?

Hey, folks, you’re the ones who allow these jidrools to “teach” your children, and pay them handsomely for it. You don’t get any say in who does the teaching, no say in what gets taught. All you do is pay. How did we ever get roped into such a sucker deal as that?

Limbaugh’s crime, for which leftids say he deserves to suffer and die, is Not Being A Liberal. ‘Cause everyone who isn’t them is a monster.

We pray for Rush as a champion of what is good and right and true. None of those adjectives can be applied to Far Left Crazy.

‘Common Core Teaches Only “Science” is True’ (2015)

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“Yes, master… Science is always true…”

Walk into any public school or college classroom where they teach, “There is no truth, there’s only your truth and my truth,” and watch what happens if you let it out that your truth is that marriage consists only of a man and a woman. Rig for collision!


We like to think that Common Core is mostly dead; but, as Miracle Max once said, mostly dead means a little bit alive. For the most part, all they did was change the terminology and rewrite some pieces of it.

All this culture-killing poison comes oozing out of what we call “education.”

And if we don’t stop it, it will stop us.

So Who Gets Stuck with the $1.5 Trillion Tab?

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What’s missing from this picture?

Democrat presidential candidates say canceling a total of $1.5 trillion in college student debt will stimulate the economy (https://fortune.com/2019/11/29/student-debt-cancellation-plans-economy/). Instead of shelling out $500 a month to repay student loans, all these Stupid Studies grads are going to go out and buy homes and cars, etc.

So where does the $1.5 trillion go? Does it just disappear? Who’s going to wind up paying it?

Uh… you do! You and I and all the rest of the suckers who didn’t take out enormous loans to go to college.

Doesn’t sound too stimulating to me.

Wait a sec, I have a better idea.

Defund the colleges and looniversities. Stop pouring money into them–federal grants and tuition payments. Discard this preposterous idea that everybody has to go to freakin’ college.

If you really want to stimulate the economy, big-time, and save our culture while you’re at it, get the government out of the “education” business altogether. If we must have public education–really, must we?–return control of it to the local communities where it belongs.

‘When Monsters Attack Your School’ (2016)

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Thanks to the special effects magic of Tim Haines, we can see what happens when an oversized Gorgonopsian from the Triassic period… decides to break into a grammar school and eat people.


(Technical note: They were ugly critters, but they were nowhere near that big.)

This is only slightly worse than stuff that goes on in public schools every single day. “Gender spectrum,” anyone? We can’t do anything about disasters involving imaginary prehistoric animals.

But we can and by all means should pull children out of schools run by Far Left Crazy teachers’ unions.

A Christian-Bashing, Racist Textbook

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Still waiting for someone to fill in the blank: “I send my sons and daughters to public school because ________.”

Hey, maybe it’s so they can use the new U.S. History textbook, By the People–well, some of the people!–published by Pearson for use in Advanced Placement classes (http://thefederalist.com/2018/04/17/ap-u-s-history-textbook-implies-christians-bigots-reagan-racist-sexist/). These are the classes for the really smart kids, and this is what is proposed to be their textbook in 2019.

By the People is an extraordinary example of leftid spitting and hissing passed off as “education.” The authors decry President Donald Trump’s “not-very-hidden racism”–as opposed to their own racism, which is spilling out all over: whites bad, non-whites good–implying that everyone who voted for him is a racist, or at least part of an “overwhelmingly white group.” Somehow 63 million voters get morphed into the KKK.

The book also taunts Christians and describes police forces as “an occupying army.”

Look, I don’t care how smart your kid is, or how independent: no one can successfully resist a non-stop daily diet of this poison. Believe me, I know. The whole time I was in college, I thought I was resisting the clumsy, heavy-handed stuff; but I was letting the sneakier stuff slip under the door and get to me. Took me 30 years to recover!

America’s public schools and colleges are working as hard as they can to get rid of America by turning it into something else.

Want to do a good thing for your country, and a good thing for your family?

Pull your kids out of public school and give them a Christian education! Either at home or in a Christian school.

Because our so-called “educators” are out to bury us, and I don’t mean maybe.

Journalism? What Journalism?

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Honestly, I didn’t want to report any fallen world nooze on Good Friday. But I just can’t help it.

Here in my own home town, they rounded up a crowd of school kids and assembled them at Borough Hall to demonstrate against the gun ownership rights of law-abiding, peaceful Americans.

All the kids had bright orange T-shirts printed with the legend, “We Stand With Parkland,” the school in Florida that got shot up by a maniac because The Authorities paid no attention to his repeated threats. So there are the pictures spread all over the local newspaper–

And no, ahem, reporter asked, “Who paid for all those T-shirts”?

Am I the only one who thinks there’s something at least faintly revolting about using children as political pawns?

Is it the law-abiding gun owner’s fault that some homicidal nut that everybody was afraid of was allowed to massacre his classmates?

And who is paying for those T-shirts? Why did no one ask?

Well, this is only the latest example of how our incredibly costly “education” establishment turns our children against us. I’d like to ask why we let them do it: only I have asked that question many times already, and still don’t have an answer.

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