‘You Lied About Your Previous Experience as a Sheepdog’

My wife loves this photo of a dog who’s out of his depth, and has trying for months to post it here. She’ll think I’m smart for figuring it out.

4 comments on “‘You Lied About Your Previous Experience as a Sheepdog’

  1. That’s why you should never work outside your specialty. For retrieving from water, the black lab is just the ticket. For herding sheep, not so much. 🙂

  2. You would think that dog would have a look of terror on his face rather than looking like he was having an adventure he could tell his buds for years to come.

  3. Reminds me of our old dog who came to us a so-called timid, terrified little soul that could not handle the everyday things life threw at her and managed perfectly fine when we stopped scooping her up and sheltering her from the world.

    She initially seemed nervous and sometimes overwhelmed at sheep and was trying to make her way through a yard full one day giving it “Excuse me.. sorry sheeps can I just… erm.. sheeps can I just?”

    Next job “Reight sack this off AYE UP SHEEPS – COMING THROUGH!!!” and ran clean across the lot which is when we discovered she was part Kelpie and not actually that timid at all.

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