Frolicky Lambs

The more of these videos I watch, the more amazed I am by the capacity for joy which God built into so many of His creatures. He didn’t have to do that. If any of us had had the job, we never would have thought of doing it.

Watch these lambs. They love their lives! And for all we know, clams and sponges do, too. They just don’t show it in any way that we can recognize. The suburbanite in me wonders, wistfully, what it would be like to spend a day with these lambs. Yo, Heidi, wait for me!

God’s stuff. It always works.

3 comments on “Frolicky Lambs

  1. That was so cute, and the little kids’ song which I hadn’t heard in many years, was fun, too.

  2. It’s one thing to create a living creature. That’s beyond our capabilities, and truly miraculous in and of itself, but the fact that these creatures can enjoy life is a sign that our Maker is a loving God.

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