Thank You All

So many of you have already contacted me to express your sympathy: Patty and I thank you one and all.

I had been expecting Aunt Joan’s death for quite some time, but still was hardly ready for that phone call. She’d been through so many medical crises, and always rallied. But this time she just slipped away. Now I’m the oldest surviving member of my family–and who ever thinks he’ll one day be that?

All the phone calls now, the ones I have to make. Better get back to it.

Thanks again, all my friends, and I’ll try to be back after supper.

4 comments on “Thank You All

  1. May the peace that passes all understanding guide you through this sad time for you and Patty, but what a glorious time for Aunt Joan. I have many aunts in Heaven I am waiting to see again!

  2. Yes, I also have most of my family awaiting our reunion. Hard to imagine
    what it will be like, but we know it will be so joyous.
    Prayers continue for you, Lee and Patty.

  3. No matter how prepared we think we are for a loved one’s passing, we’re never really prepared when it happens. I’ve been there. Many times. My heart goes out to you and Patty. You’re both in my prayers.

  4. Death is never something we want for ourselves or for others. Having the hope offered by Christianity helps, but none of us look forward to death. I lost a dear friend quite recently and two arm’s length friends from my days in Colorado have passed recently. Even though all of these people were Christians and had a secure hope, it’s still a tragic loss.

    But you can take comfort in the fact that you were there for her. You helped her and were faithful in looking after her. You made the last year’s of her life better and that can never be taken away from you, or her. Without God, none of us would have any future prospects, but if we place our trust in Him we have excellent prospects. Your good works in caring for your aunt will not go unnoticed.

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