Cat & Squirrel

This has got to be the world’s most tolerant cat. Makes one of those Buckingham Palace guards look like Giggling Gertie. This squirrel does everything but pull out the cat’s whiskers, and the cat doesn’t even put on a resigned expression. Not even a “*sigh* How I suffer!” Let’s hear it for this model of forbearance!

4 comments on “Cat & Squirrel

  1. That is amazingly patient, in view of the fact that under different circumstances, a cat might see a squirrel as a source of nutrition. The squirrel seemed to be having fun, though.

  2. Beautiful Maine Coon! It certainly looks like that squirrel hasn’t a care in the world climbing all over that cat. 🙂

  3. I once had a cat just like this one, a Maine Coon, but he was nowhere near
    as tolerant as this one. In fact, he only liked me and nobody else, family or otherwise. This is one lovely creature.

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