London Imposes ‘Knife Control’

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Next, a ban on forks?

Private ownership of a gun is impossible in London, but in spite of this total gun ban, the murder rate in the British capital this year has surpassed the murder rate in New York City. These murders are not being committed with guns, but with knives and acid. So the mayor of London has decreed strict “knife control” laws ( This is not a satire.

Mayor Sadiq “Getting-Blown-Up-By-Terrorists-Is-Just-Part-Of-Life-In-The-Big-City” Khan, who earlier called “stop and frisk” tactics by police “racist,” has now approved “stop and frisk” for knives. In his immortal words on Twitter, “No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife.”

Uh-oh. I carry two of them. One is for opening boxes of cat food. The other is a memento of my father; plus it’s got this nifty little pair of scissors on it. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t live in London.

America’s Ben Shapiro replied, “Why would anyone want to carry a knife or gun for self-defense?” No satisfactory answer to his question has yet been offered.

So they’re gonna come down hard on knives; and because the issue is not hardware, but character and morality and culture, people in London will find something else with which to kill each other. You can do it with a two-by-four, if you put your mind to it. Or take off your belt and use it to strangle someone from behind. Then they’ll want “belt control.” Be sure to invest in a suspenders factory.

When God’s laws are ignored, man’s laws are worth precisely nothing.

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