The Password is ‘Meow’

Adapting to a world designed for an entirely different species–us–cats learn how to open doors. Even doors with round doorknobs! Well, doorknobs never stopped my cats from opening any of the doors around here. But if you’ve one of those pull-down lever things on your door, well, that isn’t much of a challenge at all. My iguana could open those.

13 comments on “The Password is ‘Meow’

  1. This isn’t surprising to any of us who have had the blessing of cats to grace our lives. One would be hard-pressed to find an animal as clever 🙂

  2. I worry that my cat will learn to open the faucets in her own. She is fascinated by running water and definitely smart enough to figure it out. I wouldn’t mind, as long as she turns it back off.

    1. Don’t leave the stopper in – especially if you’re not going to be home 🙂

    2. She hasn’t succeeded yet, but she’s figured out how they work. It’s just a matter of strength and leverage at this point.

    3. I change my password daily, nowadays. If not, I’d end up coming home to a 500 LB. bag of cat food on my front porch. 🙂

  3. One of my cats figured out how to jump up and hit the light switch to turn off the lights while I was working so I’d pay attention to her instead. Another cat, my Himalayan, was so cobby that all he had to do to open a door with a knob (not a pull-down) was give it a rabbit punch right under the knob. They certainly are resourceful.

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