Kitty in a Cage

Cats don’t like to be in cages, and they’re quite good at getting out. The smarter ones pick the locks. Others do a kind of boneless octopus thing and seep out between the bars. Gives me the willies, watching ’em do it.

On the whole, it seems wiser not to keep the cat in a cage.

16 comments on “Kitty in a Cage

  1. Oh my goodness! I was holding my breath with a couple of these. That last little one was hilarious, climbing out the top lol!

  2. Two things struck me as I watched this.

    One: The nonchalance of the cats after they had escaped. They instantly regained their composure and walked away as if it had all been a mistake and they were never supposed to be locked up in the first place.

    Two: Even small kittens seemed quite skilled at escaping. The little one sitting beside me as I write was locked in a cage for a few minutes when she was nine weeks old. Almost instantl, she figured out the latch. She wasn’t strong enough to overcome the spring tension, but she at least knew how to go about opening the cage. And this is from a kitten that could comfortably sleep in my hand.

    1. I noticed the nonchalance too and thought it was soooo typical 🙂 Fun times ahead for you it sounds like – perfect!

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