Hello? Anybody Here?

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After yesterday’s ructions, there’s no one here today. Was it something I said?

Things that take years to build up can be knocked down in a moment. *Sigh*

Well, faithful readers, I hope you come back. It’s like an empty house around here this morning.

14 comments on “Hello? Anybody Here?

  1. I’m here too, Lee. Just not commenting. I’ll send you an email sometime today with my feelings on this whole matter.

  2. I’m here, too, Lee. I really don’t know what all the ruckus is but that’s okay. If it doesn’t involve me, I don’t need to know. Will be praying about it, though.

    1. These idiots are going to keep it up until they force Congress to act. I know it takes a lot to shake GOP Congressmen out of their near-perpetual dormancy–but they might realize they have a lot to gain, politically, by crashing down on Zuckerberg and Co.

    2. Facebook strikes me as about the worst idea in history. Having a way for people to get together is fine, but it has morphed into something much different, much more dangerous.What I find the most incredible about this is that people flock to it. Facebook is not about to change, but people can change, by removing their support. If no one shows up, it will wither and its policies will whither the same time.

    3. Facebook always seemed to me to be a very bad idea and I’ve never been on it. There’s no expectation of privacy whatsoever, which I highly resent. Unfortunately, privacy has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur – it’s been a mass extinction event. Heads up folks

  3. Just in from a full day of overseeing 7th & 8th graders. I told my wife there ought to be a law against 7th graders 🙂 As the tech revolution continues there will be competition for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (there already is). As Christian entrepreneurs are raised up by the Holy Spirit the Kingdom of God will progress in the earth – it is our destiny to be victorious. God is in control of history, not man.

  4. Hmmm, I missed the ruckus apparently. I’m here though, off and on. Just finished an intense month of Camp Nano and am writing the last chapter of my next book now. Hopefully my head will be back in the real world again soon. Just letting you know I still love your blog, and your books! A good blog ruckus every now and then isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Keeps us awake. 🙂

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