Cats Who Fall in Love with Babies

True, not all the cats in this video fall instantly in love with the baby. Some of them seem to be not quite sure what this strange creature is. I dunno, maybe babies smell funny–to some cats. But others go right for the licking and the rubbing and the purring. Gee, that must feel so good to a baby!

4 comments on “Cats Who Fall in Love with Babies

  1. The gentleness of these cats is amazing. They probably don’t know what to make of a baby the first few ties they see it. I’m certain that they realize it’s a human, and therefore capable of opening cat food, so they want to be friendly. 🙂 Mostly, I think that they are affectionate, which is how I think most cats act, so long as they are treated gently.

  2. Yep–those cats mirror what my cat did. First, sniff and then rub, and then become life-long pals. A indoor cat who is loved will love the new human. 🙂 Man, I love cats!

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