How Cats Get into the Bag in the First Place

It never fails. You lay out good money for cat toys, and the next time you look, they’re playing with a paper bag.

To let the cat out of the bag, first you have to get the cat into the bag. Usually they will do this themselves.

It’s said that Charles DeGaulle and Konrad Adenauer used to play with paper bags when they got together, but I don’t believe it.

4 comments on “How Cats Get into the Bag in the First Place

  1. When it comes to cat toys, the paper bag is hard to beat. My cat was looking and looking at the iPad when she heard the bag rustling.

  2. There’s something very alluring to a cat about the sound of a paper bag crinkling. And if you throw one of their toys in first – well it’s game on!

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