The Colossal Gigantic ‘Bloop’

I just don’t have it to write up any nooze today. By tomorrow morning there will be a whole new crop of awfulness.

Instead, let’s go back to 1997 (good grief, was that 21 years ago?): scientists are listening for underwater noises in the Pacific Ocean; and somewhere off the coast of South America, something makes a noise that sort of freaks them out ( They call the noise “the Bloop.”

After ruling out assorted non-living natural causes, like underwater landslides, glaciers breaking up, whatever, they conclude that the noise may have been made by a living creature “many times larger than a blue whale.” Something around the size of the Eiffel Tower, but alive. The noise it made was heard some 3,000 miles from its origin. The best a blue whale can do is 1,000.

Then they’ve got this guy in a cowboy hat who looks like he wants to hide under the bed in case this critter decides it wants to come ashore.

As far as we know, the blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived on earth.

But how far is that?

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  1. I’ve always thought that there was some serious hubris involved in some of the claims made as to the extent we know the creatures of this earth. I can tell you from experience, that an adult cat can hide in a 1,500 square foot house and not be found. I know every nook and crannie, but if a cat wants not to be found, it can do so in a moderate sized home. Now, scale that up to an ocean.

    There’s no way to prove what the source of this is, but assuming that they are correct is concluding it is biological, then there must be something down there completely unknown to science. If there actually is some huge form of living creature, the sea is a logical place for it to be. As land animals get larger, they have to be proportioned differently than small animals in order to support their own weight. A blue whale can be as large as it is because of buoyancy.

    If ther is something this large, who knows what form it would take? They think it’s a mammal, but it could be something we’ve never imagined. That’s the good/bad thing about unknowns, they can be almost anything and there’s no way to prove it one way or the other.

    1. Several of my cats have demonstrated excellence in the art of hiding and freaking us out. Peep has learned wrap herself up in the comforter on the bed in such a way that there appears to be no cat under it.

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