Rushdoony on ‘Lawless Law’

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This is another one of those little gems R.J. Rushdoony wrote for “The California Farmer,” this one published in 1972–and still sharply relevant today.

These days, we wonder why our laws don’t seem to protect us: why our plethora of gun laws, for instance, doesn’t protect us from school shootings.

“If men are not godly,” Rushdoony wrote, “the best-intentioned laws can serve ungodly and lawless ends.” Makes me think of our so-called immigration laws. Character is more important than any written law.

If people aren’t motivated to obey the laws… they won’t. And you can count on them to twist the laws around for purposes that were never intended when the laws were passed.

4 comments on “Rushdoony on ‘Lawless Law’

  1. That is a very insight-filled piece. Laws really don’t accomplish much when the hearts of people remain lawless. Many, many times in my life, I have seen people hide behind the letter of the law as opposed to the intention of the law and thereby create injustice. A little girl roller skating should be given as much protection as possible by society as a whole. Finding some twisted way of interpreting the law otherwise degrades society as a whole.

  2. This may be one reason Jesus told his disciples to settle grievances before going to court. A reason for His saying to let others have what they are unjustly taking from you and maybe give them your cloak also is because if you went to court it would cost you even more in the long run. Because Roger Stone is a big-time supporter of Donald Trump, his defense lawyer fees are up to one million dollars as they defend him from false accusations. It is scary to be a target of the Left – they have no principles.

    1. As Ezra Levant says of Canada’s “human rights” (LOL) tribunals, “The process is the punishment.” And up there you can be tried repeatedly for the same offense (by the various tribunals) until they finally destroy you.

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