‘The Path Forward’

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We’ve had crazy times in our country before. When the Chalcedon Foundation was founded in 1965, we were only halfway through those crazy Sixties and it was going to get much worse before it got better.

But we, as Christian reconstructionists, take the long view.


In Mark Rushdoony’s new essay, The Path Forward, we see there are no quick fixes, no short-term answers. We have to rebuild Christian civilization and culture even as the bad guys are doing everything they can to tear it down.

The belief that must sustain us is this: Jesus Christ is Lord of heaven and earth now. Not tomorrow, not next year, not a hundred years hence–but now. He is Lord now. And as such His victory is certain.

And we want to be in that number, when the saints go marching in!

‘The United States of Socialism’

United States of Socialism: Who's Behind It. Why It's Evil. How to ...

Here’s my review of Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, The United States of Socialism.


It’s really something, how “helping the poor” always leaves “the poor” just as badly off as ever, while big-name socialists grow fabulously wealthy. But then virtually everything these people do is a contradiction in terms.

They’re Intellectuals, but their program is just plain stupid and has never been anything but a failure, anywhere. They’re “nicer” than capitalists–but who’s more likely to use violence to crush dissenting views?

D’Souza does a thorough job of exposing these hypocrites and thieves for what they are and always have been.

If this information doesn’t convince you that America needs serious re-Christianizing, I don’t know what will.

‘How Liberty is a Result of the Gospel’

Mark Rushdoony, 'The Sweep of History' | Lee Duigon

This essay by Mark Rushdoony, “How Liberty is a Result of the Gospel,” appeared in Chalcedon’s magazine in 2013.


The ungodly “seek not freedom from sin but in sin”–which we see every day–and they want freedom from the consequences of sin.

But freedom in Christ, the freedom we receive when God in His grace drops the charges against us because Christ has paid our penalty, is transformative.

“The only way to change a culture,” Mark writes, “is by changing men, and this is only possible through the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

‘Selective Depravity’

How Did Moses Part the Red Sea? | The bible movie, Parting the red ...

We’re not there yet, but we seem to be getting there.

This new essay by Mark Rushdoony examines the insane turbulence of the era of history we’ve blundered into lately.


First they leave God’s laws behind; then they decide that they might as well be God, and dream up some new “laws,” new ways of deciding who’s good and who’s totally depraved and must be punished–by the state, of course.

All the rage in the streets, the confusion of justice with vengeance–it’s all part of “the death throes of humanism.” The beast is dying. It knows it’s dying, and it lashes out to hurt whoever it can.

Stand together, brethren.

‘Deplatforming the Word of God’

Idol Makers | Paul Louis Metzger

This Chalcedon blog piece by Andrea Schwartz teaches a hard lesson. As much as we deplore current secular censorship of Christianity, we have to recognize that our own stewardship of God’s Word has left a lot to be desired.


How so? By giving up the tithe and resigning our charity to the tender mercies of the pagan state; by refusing to preach God’s word in church and substituting “seeker-sensitive” twaddle for it; by refusing to teach our own children and sending them off to pagan public schools where they can learn to be pagans themselves.

Other than those few little things, we’ve done a fine job.

O Lord our God! Exert your strength on us and bring us to our senses! Deliver us from our folly, from our sin. Not for our sake, for we are sinners: but for your own great name’s sake, so that the whole world may know that you are the Lord, strong to save. Lead us through the door of national repentance; open our eyes that we might see, open our hearts that we might understand. In Jesus’ name and in the power of His name–Amen.

‘Good PR, Bad PR’ (“The Engineering of Consent”)

Edward Bernays, Father of Public Relations and Propaganda

He has a lot to answer for

We see Edward Bernays’ legacy–that is, the theory and practice of public relations–all around us in technicolor, these days. Democrats, the nooze media, Hollywood, and celebrities of all stripes are positively swarming over us, applying every PR trick in the book to win our support for their “fundamental transformation” of America.

Here’s the article I wrote about this for Chalcedon:


One point I didn’t get around to mentioning: Bernays wrote this essay in 1947, after the world had just spent a harrowing six years watching the mischief done with these techniques by the Nazis. What would the essay have looked like if he’d written it in 1937? Think about that.

“Engineering consent” is a tool that can be used just as well for evil purposes as for good. Think of the public relations tsunami that hit us with “transgender.” Think of “Black Lives Matter.”

Come to think of it, it’s a little hard to name any good things accomplished by consent engineers.

‘Politics Without God’

Polybius Stock Photos & Polybius Stock Images - Alamy

Polybius predicted the demise of Rome’s republic.

Something “Unknowable” said the other day got me thinking about this, and I decided it’d be a good time to share an article I wrote about the subject, for Chalcedon, back in 2006–the mindless “political cycle” that fallen humanity gets sucked into when it turns its back on God.


Very simply, here’s the cycle.

Chaos and violence > “strong man” > king or president > tyrant > rebels oust tyrant > aristocracy > oligarchy > people oust oligarchs > democracy > mob rule and chaos >>> and the whole thing repeats itself again and again.

Polybius, a Greek general who lived in Rome as a hostage, praised Rome’s republic as the best effort yet to haul a nation out of the endless political cycle; but as he analyzed Rome with a clear and penetrating eye, he would up predicting that the republic would fail. His prediction came true.

Our own country is in danger of this, especially right now. Our only hope is to place ourselves under God’s protection and obey His word.

‘Theonomy vs. Tyranny’

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“Theonomy” is not a word a lot of us use in daily life. But it means “God’s law,” and that’s something that very much ought to pertain to daily life.

Because the alternative is to succumb to tyranny.


R.J. Rushdoony wrote this essay long before anyone ever heard of the Wuhan Death Virus From China, misgendering or microaggression, and a host of other evils that our worldly masters have visited on us.

But say “God’s law,” and you’re more than likely to get a hysterical reaction and your hearers will stop up their ears and go stampeding back to the Democrat Party to be taken care of.

But as the wisdom of God, personified, says in Proverbs 8:36, “All they that hate me love death.”


‘The Long-Term Necessity of Building the Kingdom’

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This is a timely Chalcedon blog piece from Mark Rushdoony. Very timely!


We try to solve the world’s problems with worldly solutions; but we–and our sin–are the source of all the problems. That’s why they can’t be fixed from the outside. As long as we insist on doing things our way instead of God’s, Mark writes, “everything will go wrong.” As it’s been this year, so far.

“Until we build the Kingdom, first of all in ourselves [emphasis added], nothing will go right.”

Something to think about–deeply.

‘Embracing the God Who Shakes Our World’

Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven. And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.    Hebrews 12: 26-27

This essay by Martin Selbrede will do for a sermon.


God shakes the earth. We see that as a hardship, a rough ride; but it’s also God’s promise. As for the shaking, “It is how God fulfills His promise to His people that they will inherit the earth while His government increases without end.”

You can read the whole essay for yourselves. I just want to add one more thought to it.

What if God didn’t shake the earth? What if He didn’t remove those things that oppose Christ’s Kingdom?

That should scare you worse than the shaking.

Remember the seed that was sown among thorns.