Your Fuzzy Wake-up Call

This is what the Assyrians used to do to people who really got them mad–send cats into their homes with instructions not to let them sleep.

My cat Buster used to bat the window shade until he made it shoot up with a clatter. It was exquisitely annoying. Thankfully, he gave it up before he killed me.

4 comments on “Your Fuzzy Wake-up Call

  1. Funny how they seem to know that waking us up has something to do with faces 🙂

  2. This cat looks exactly like one I had, and he was so loving and never would have done anything to disturb anyone, except- he couldn’t stand
    to see me sleeping.

  3. If cats could be used by Assyrians, why not use cats for espionage by wiring then for sound and then letting them loose in foreign IQ headquarters. This idea could make for a book or movie. Just think what Disney could do with the marketing promotion of IQ Cat paraphernalia.

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