Idiot: ‘Get Baby’s Consent’ to Change Diaper

(Thanks to Susan and Linda for the news tip)

Here’s “relationship expert” Deanne Carson on Australian TV exhorting people to “set up a culture of consent in the home” by getting your baby’s consent to change his diaper.

Do you listen to people with pink hair? I didn’t get where I am today by listening to people with pink hair.

Now, let’s be fair. She’s being razzed because everybody knows a 3-month-old baby can’t answer verbally. She knows that too. She wants you to read the baby’s body language. I promise I am not making this up.

And she takes herself very, very seriously. Her critics, she says, “are negating the voices of those brave survivors of sexual abuse.” Uh-huh.

When I told my wife about this, she said, “Now I think they’re just baiting us. No one is genuinely that stupid.”

I wonder. We have all noticed the blizzard of stupid ideas that swirls around us every day. Play-Doh for college students, borderless countries, gender-neutral pronouns, the list goes on forever. Do the people who clobber us over the head with those inanities honestly believe in them?

If they do, we’re in more trouble than we thought.

But if they don’t, and are only throwing all this crapola around to pull our chains–well, that’s a lot of trouble, too.

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  1. These people are so full of themselves, I do think they’re serious and that they believe their own pile of doodoo. Self importance has been around since the Garden. As the old saying goes – they’re legends in their own minds. She did, after all, wind up on TV. In any case, my question is (among others) what happens if the baby makes no gesture or eye contact? Does the poor child continue on in ‘dirty nappies;?

    1. I was thinking the same thing, Linda. Younger babies can’t refuse, but older ones can and do through simple willfulness, which was my experience with my own children and grandchildren. They would sometimes just refuse to lay still, and once they were able to walk, would run away – an open refusal. (I can’t understand why one would want to walk with a wet/dirty nappy, but then young children are not really known for their logic). So what then, just let them be because they refuse to “give consent”?? Many toddlers also don’t want to get into the bath, which involves undressing them, so if they don’t “consent” to that, we also just leave them dirty? These people really show what a slippery slope looks like…

  2. I think Linda touched on the core of it when she mentioned that they wind up on TV. People are addicted to attention and TV is their drug of choice. Say something bizarre and you end up interviewed in front of millions of viewers. It happens with “relationship experts” (whatever the hell that is) and it happens with politicians.

    One perfect example is the late Stephen Hawking whom was given to ever more bizarre press releases in his last years, warning of calamities and dangers unimagined, except by him. It became obvious to me that he was just dreaming up things to say in order to gain coverage.

    Years ago, there was a Simpsons episode called Attack of the 50’ Eyesores, where huge advertising statues came to life and laid waste to Springfield. The answer was to refuse to pay attention, because advertising that fails to gain attention always, always goes away. Well, it worked, and Springfield was saved as soon as people refused to look.

    This is exactly what needs to happen. As long as the media gives attention to the nut jobs of the world, the nut jobs will continue to come up with bizarre statements in order to gain attention. Refuse to interview these people and they are soon reduced to their true role in the social order, which is to say that they will be asking “would you like fries with that” many times every day. 🙂

    Thirty plus years ago, in Colorado, some guy whom had listened to the Hollies singing “All I Need Is the Air that I Breathe” and hatched a plan. He called himself a “breathairian” and claimed that all of our nutritional needs could be met by the breath we took in. He went on to claim that eating caused our bodies to overheat. Hmmmm? Try telling that to someone that is starving to death.

    Obviously, this guy was wrong and he knew it, no matter how much he denied it. He claimed to live in a perpetual fast, but had been spotted buying a Big Mac in Boulder, CO. My question is this, why did they waste time interviewing this charlatan? I heard a few minutes of such an interview on KOA, a respected AM news station in the area and it was obvious that he was lying. Why, why, why . . . do people waste their time on this crap? The answer: turn off the program and call the station to tell them why. Ignore them and they WILL go away.

    1. Dash it all! Everybody knows it’s steadily gazing at the sun that replaces the body’s need for food. You learn to photosynthesize.

    2. There is a sage somewhere in rural India who knows how to photosynthesize. He now has leaves instead of hair.

    1. if memory serves, the biggest claim to fame the Kardashians have is that the father was O. J. Simpson’s best friend (and the story at the time was that he’s the one O..J. asked to dispose of the black bag. Of course, I don’t think that was ever proven. But no one had ever heard of Kardashians at all until the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. It’s rather morbid to think that’s what catapulted them to fame.

    1. The problem is they own the teachers unions, schools, colleges, nooze media, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party–and can, and do, do an awful lot of damage.

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