Consumed by Shame!

Try to figure out dogs. The dog does something wrong, he knows it’s wrong, he hides or whines, slinks, skulks, or practically shrivels up with shame when confronted–so why did he do it in the first place? Why bring a dead rat into the house? Why chew up Mommy’s shoe?

Cats really don’t much care what you think of them unrolling the toilet paper.

4 comments on “Consumed by Shame!

  1. First of all, isn’t everyone amazed at how many languages dogs speak? 🙂 This video had me laughing out loud. There’s no other creature that acts and looks guiltier than a guilty dog. Hilarious! You asked the best question, Lee. They seem to know they’ve done something wrong, so what possesses them to do it in the first place?! Too funny!

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