$70,000 Worth of–What?

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Tuition at Cornell Looniversity is $70,000 and change per year: the high cost of twaddle.

A few days ago, a Cornell student presented her senior thesis in her underwear. (https://townhall.com/columnists/dennisprager/2018/05/15/cornell-student-presents-senior-thesis-in-her-underwear-n2480750)

First she showed up in cutoffs and an old shirt. When a professor ventured to ask whether such attire was appropriate to the occasion, the student went on a babble about “women’s rights” and “systemic oppression”–apparently there is now a “right” to deliver your thesis in your underwear–she stripped down to bra and panties and encouraged her fellow students in the audience to do the same: which 28 of 44 did.

The professors let it pass without taking any action or making any further objection.

I remember the defense of my thesis with some pleasure. No students–just me and some of the top-ranking profs in the Political Science Dept. My topic was “A Systemic Analysis of the Viking Age,” featuring the likes of Harald Bluetooth, Ragnar Hairy-Britches, and Olaf the Peacock: sort of a Norse Mafia. We all had a good time. Someone should’ve brought beer and peanuts.

But I didn’t do it in my underwear. They would’ve kicked me out so fast, my shadow would’ve lost me.

This is Higher Education, 2018. You work your fingers to the bone to send your daughter or your son to college, with the costs going as high as the sky, and this is what you get.

Don’t do it anymore. Please. Our country can’t stand it.

12 comments on “$70,000 Worth of–What?

  1. At some tipping point, probably in the near future, there will be a sudden realization that what passes for college these days has become essentially worthless and these grads are going to be stuck with massive debt and little, if anything, to show for it.

  2. I’m speechless and utterly disgusted. What chance does this nation have with loons like this graduating from institutions of ‘higher learning’.

  3. We are not told what Letita Chai’s thesis was about – maybe women’s lib, you think. I don’t understand the students in attendance who also stripped down to their underwear. Chai gets her name and recognition all over the Net (maybe some Reality TV offers, etc.) but those in the audience, nada.

    1. Sometimes I get the feeling that it’s all turning into a self-congratulatory thing where no one wants to admit that there’s nothing to any of this, anymore.

  4. Where do these supposed rights come from? Certainly not from the Bill of Rights. And if everything is a “right” how can anything be wrong? In actuality they are not rights they are wants, nothing more.

    1. They make it up as they go along, and their alleged professors encourage them. Hey, they $70,000 a pop for it–why not turn them into morons? No skin off their nose!

  5. I don’t even know what to say about this stuff anymore. It’s too ridiculous to be real. On a lighter note, what an awesome thesis you had, Lee! I would have enjoyed hearing that one myself! 🙂 Gotta know though, how did that fit into a poli-sci major?

    1. Easy–I applied modern (1971!) techniques of political analysis to an historical era. Like, how did the “international system of the Viking Age” normally function, etc. Sounds like blather now, but the professors enjoyed it then. It was something no one had done before.

    2. That’s usually half of what the profs are looking for anyway–something new they haven’t heard a hundred times before. Knowing you, I’ll bet it was an amazing thesis.

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