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Yet Another College Requirement: ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ Training

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‘Diversity and inclusion training,’ the old-fashioned way

For people who pride themselves on being “pro-choice,” academic leftists excel at dreaming up things that other people must say and do, or else.

At Miami Looniversity, in Ohio, they’ve started a required (you can’t choose not to participate) program of “diversity and inclusion” and “bias training” for all new students, faculty, and staff. Its purpose, LOL, is “to combat bigotry and intolerance.”

Hypocrites. Let’s test your sincerity. If anyone can walk across your campus wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap and T-shirt, without being physically or verbally assaulted, we’ll believe you mean what you say.

Meanwhile, there will be “punishment for those who act in reactionary manners.”

“Diversity” means everybody has exactly the same opinion about everything. And gets punished if they don’t.

Why are we funding these universities with public money? Why are we paying them to turn our children into creepy little Stalinists? We are letting them damage our country with the money that we worked for! And why anyone sends his son or daughter to a public college is way beyond me.

Defund the colleges. Now. Before there’s too much harm to be repaired.

‘Whiny Students Demand Warning Labels on Literary Classics’ (2015)

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I’m still trying to understand why kids who grow up playing Zombie Blood ‘n’ Guts Holocaust every day wind up cringing in fear at The Great Gatsby. It seems some mysterious and fearful thing happens to them, the moment they enter college.


Well, I’ve heard Rutgers students this semester are objecting to the nursery rhyme, “Jack and Jill went up the hill,” on the grounds that it’s heteronormative, ableist, sexist, racist, and harmful to the bacteria that live in college students’ brains.

College Speech Fascists Lose Another Lawsuit

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After four years of being suspended from his livelihood, a professor at Marquette University in Wisconsin has won a lawsuit against the school and will be reinstated with full back pay and benefits (https://www.wnd.com/2018/09/prof-returns-after-beating-university-in-free-speech-fight/).

Supposedly a Catholic university, Marquette apparently opposes the word of God when it comes to sexual morality. The professor criticized, on his own blog, a graduate assistant for slapping down a student who didn’t support homosexual “marriage.” “Gay rights,” babbled the assistant, are now “undisputed” (really?), and anyone who doesn’t think so is “homophobic.” The professor was punished for criticizing that.

Marquette doesn’t much care for Catholic dogma, but it’s all aboard for Far Left liberal fascist dogma. But the prof has sued them and won. Won everything: the college got skunked by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. And sternly rebuked, too.

The fact is that speech codes and all the rest of the looniversity hogwash are blatantly unconstitutional and cannot be honored by any court of law. So we need more lawsuits of this nature–and the plaintiffs ought to start asking for punitive damages.

And the American people ought to demand an end to all public funding of the universities. Why pay them to train up little fascists?

We Has got A Goolog!!

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Hear at Collidge we was going “to” make a Goolog for al them biggits and christins “and” Throw them al into It and we amlost done it too only than we Finded Out that them Goologs in Russha thay “were reely” nice plaices!!!

Somboddy i thinck he Is “a” con-servvative he sayed the Goologs “thay” was jist theese offle consintraction camps “in” Cybeeria but we quick figgered Out he ownly sayed “that” jist to try To make Commbunizzm loook bad!!! We lernt that fromb Trans stodents down thare in Brittin! thay sayed peeple thay got sended to Goologs becose that it Was “the” Cumpashenit thingg to do!!!!

Well!! Jist think how dum we wuld of fellt iff we sended Biggits to a Nice Plaice!! thay was probly jist Iching to be sended “thare”!! But hahaha the joake it is on themb!!!!!

We stil goingto has a Goolog but insted of sending biggits thare we will send our selfs!!! How abote that yiu dum biggits!??! We get the Goolog and yiu jist “has” To stay outsyde!! We whil be doing Play Doh “and” eatin Soy Cookys wile yiu has “to” whork!!

PS>.–i Lookeded up Cybeeria on a Map “butt” thare is no sutch plaice it was jist “An Other” lye them biggits tolled about Commbunizzm!

NJ ‘University’ to Offer ‘Cannabis Studies’

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“Stockton University” in New Jersey–it used to be a community college, but now every academic halfway house is a “university”–is going to offer, this fall semester, a minor in “Cannabis Studies” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11289).

For a mere $5,100 if you’re an in-state student, or $9,200 if you’re from out of state, you can sit around and talk pot to your heart’s content. How intellectually stimulating! The school makes a point of declaring that offering the course is “not an endorsement” to be stoned all the time. So we don’t have to worry about that, do we?

What are we to make of someone who has five or nine thousand bucks to throw away on “Cannabis Studies”? Not that it’s any more a waste of time than all the other “studies” cluttering up our colleges. Gender Superhero Cissexual Surfing Studies: stuff like that. At this point you can’t even get a degree in Cannabis Studies–but what do you want to bet a degree program will become available, once they figure out how much they can charge for it?

Too many colleges, too many people in ’em, too much money going down the rabbit-hole…

Defund the looniversities now.

You Don’t Need College After All?

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Hey! Y’know that one or two hundred thousand dollars you spent for that bachelor’s degree in Gender Superhero Studies? You could have saved your money.

A lot of big, high-end corporations have decided to start hiring people who don’t have college degrees–including IBM, Nordstrom, Apple, Google, Bank of America, and the mega accounting firm of Ernst & Young (https://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/more-companies-dropping-college-degree-requirement-for-new-hires). All they want is an employee whose head is on straight, who’ll work hard, and can learn.

Which doesn’t describe a lot of college students.

So what happened to “You’ve just absolutely got to go to college or you’ll never get a decent job and get ahead”?

Yeah, well, that just kept getting more and more untrue as college got to be more and more a waste of time and money. America’s colleges and looniversities benefited big-time from one of the greatest sales pitches in human history.

We have way too many colleges, way too many people in those colleges, and spend way, way, way too much money on a load of bunk that passes for an education. Not to mention the colleges’ new role as a breeding ground for neo-Stalinism.

No more public funds for universities! Let them sink or swim in the free market, like everybody else. If any of them are worthwhile, they’ll survive and prosper. The others will go extinct–and they’ll deserve it.


Tree-Hugging… for Crazies

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Not content with making students ill-informed and stupid, America’s colleges and looniversities want to go on to make them crazy, too.

At St. Mary’s University, in Maryland, the hot feminist trend is “ecosexual,” defined as “one who takes the earth as their [sic] lover” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11271). We shall not address the bad grammar.

“If more people viewed trees as romantic partners…” This stuff first appeared in a publication called “Feminist Theory.” That’s probably all you need to know about it.

To get “educated” (lol) into feminist theory at St. Mary’s costs you about $28,000 a year if you’re a Maryland resident, and over $43.000 if you’re from out of state. If you manage to whip through to your degree in a mere four years, that’s $113,000 and change for Marylanders, and $175,000 for out-of-staters. Keep them checks comin’, Ma!

No cost at all, though, if you have the good sense to stay away.

‘A Millenial Want Ad’ (2016)

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Just what kind of work do today’s college graduates intend to pursue? What are they best suited for?


In a spirit of charity, we must always remember that such stupidity, such slothfulness, such ignorance is very rarely born but must be laboriously and carefully cultivated. From kindergarten to grad school, trillions of dollars are spent on making young people as dumb as brickbats.

To an alarming degree, the effort has succeeded.

Brown U. Aborts Its Own Study (‘Cause They Didn’t Like What They Found)

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As our country’s chief repositories of madness and idiocy, the universities have to be careful not to let any glimmer of sanity break in and spoil everything.

Brown University has aborted its own study of “gender dysphoria” because the results were soooo not what they wanted, and might have served to “invalidate the perspectives”–eh? what?–of “the transgender community” (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/30/brown-u-pulls-gender-dysphoria-study-worried-that-findings-might-invalidate-perspectives-transgender-community.html).

Honk if you believe there’s really any such thing as the transgender community.

Anyhow, the study indicated that rather than being inborn, “gender dysphoria”–that’s science-talk for saying you’re a woman when you’re not, or saying you’re a man when you’re a woman: in the vernacular, “stupid crazy bulls***”–seems to have an outside cause. We gasp at the suggestion that social media and “friends” can influence teens to “change their gender identity”–no! Say it ain’t so! In fact, the scientists discovered “rapid-onset gender dysphoria” following binge-watching of trans-encouraging videos. They called it “peer contagion.” Well, I never! Who would’ve thought teens could ever be influenced by other teens?

The study was discontinued before they could explore the question of whether overlooked or neglected teens can suddenly get all kinds of attention, and even praise, maybe even fame, for “changing their gender identity.”

Just for the record, because truth has value, there is no such thing as a transgender person. There are only deluded individuals who say they are transgender. We are not obligated to believe some poor kook who says he’s Warren G. Harding. Why should we have to believe these other nuts?

But in the spirit of academic freedom and untrammeled inquiry, Brown has shut down its study because the trannies might not like it.

Defund the universities. Defund them now. Because they’re killing our country.

A Tossed Salad of Blather

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Honest, I would report good news if I could find some. But mostly I’m stuck writing about what we get as a reward for turning our backs to God and seeking, of all things, a utopia designed by idiots and sinners: in the words of my editor, Susan, “an omelet made with rotten eggs.”

And so I’m here to tell you that the University of Kansas is setting up a “feminist parenting group… for raising intersectional feminist children,” whatever the hell they are (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11250). They will practice “intersectional trans-inclusive feminism” and “challenge kyriarchy,” whatever the hell that is, while “rejecting the gender binary.”

Blah, blah–a tossed salad of blather. Tossed all over the room. Sticking to the ceiling and the walls.

What I want to know is, what kind of man marries one of these creatures? You can’t even talk to them: they speak pure gibberish. They laugh at certain kinds of religious people who speak in tongues–but what are they doing? And what kind of man wants to wake up to that every morning, and go to bed to that every night?

Our universities are wasting our money, turning young people into babbling blockheads, and maiming our culture. 

Defund them before they finish what they’ve started. Believe me, you don’t want to live in the kind of world they’re making.

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