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Affirmative Action for the Rich and Famous: College

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Hum baby! That college admissions scandal’s getting juicy! (https://www.foxnews.com/us/felicity-huffman-lori-loughlin-among-several-dozen-snared-in-elite-college-cheating-scheme-authorities-say)

Imagine you’re a celebrity, rich and famous, and you want your kids to be rich and famous, too, like you: set for life. But there’s a problem. They’re stupid. They’re lazy. Pampered all their lives, they have no work ethic and they believe themselves entitled to the best of everything. How do you get such a jidrool into Yale?

Easy–you get a wheelbarrow full of money, take it to this great fixer whom you’ve heard about from other celebrities, he bribes college officials and coaches, and presto! Your talent-skips-a-generation offspring are admitted into Stanford. Along with the progeny of dozens of other fabulously wealthy white liberals.

And you thought affirmative action was only for poor black kids who can’t read!

Boy howdy, does this stink! Some “four dozen” rich folks have already been charged in this case, with more to come. They’ve paid colossal amounts of money to have smart kids take their kids’ SATs, or else “correct” the answers, to have deans and coaches arrange for the dullards’ grades to be changed so they can get their degrees–bribes galore: all, in the words of one FBI investigator, to “set their children up for success with the best money can buy.”

Hey! Now you know where some of those creepy little people come from, who inhabit the Deep State and the Swamp, accountable to no one, set for life, you never get a chance to vote them out because they never have to run. But that’s only the ones who got bored with just being rich and having everything handed to them, and who have developed the ambition to help Fundamentally Transform America into a Far Left basket case. The rest of them just lollygag.

Once you’ve been admitted to an elite university, the pressure’s off. The grades are massaged, the test scores are fixed, the professors warned not to mess with you–and your degree, and down the road a no-show job, it’s all in the bag. Welcome to a lifelong idyll of unearned and undeserved success!

In one case, a coach Photo-Shopped a prospective student’s picture to give him or her an athletic body that actually belonged to someone else. It seems there’s nothing they won’t do, to earn their bribes.

This is just beautiful all over. Virtually everybody has to go to college, you’ve got federal funding pouring in, it costs  a fortune to go, and the whole higher education establishment is sitting there like Jabba the Hutt atop a mountain of tenure, high salaries, lavish pensions–and the fun of “teaching” defenseless young people to be good little brain-dead liberals! It just doesn’t get any more corrupt than this.

I’m amazed our nation still exists. These “educators” and the creepy little people that they’ve trained should have buried it long ago. God knows they’ve tried.

Defund the universities now. Before it’s too late.

‘Prof Vows to Call 911 Every Day to Report ROTC on Campus’ (2016)

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Remember the associate professor of English at North Dakota University, who called the cops every day to report ROTC cadets drilling on campus? I’ll understand if you’ve blotted her from your mind.


Seriously–why in the world would you ever send your son or daughter there, to be “educated” by the likes of her? And pay for it, no less! And what are the students supposed to think when their professor crawls under a desk because she says she’s “terrorized” by the cadets?

Defund the colleges now. Before they ruin us altogether.

Good News: President Trump Acts to Protect Free Speech on Campus

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It’s about time!

President Donald Trump today told an audience at CPAC that he will sign an executive order to cut off federal research grants to colleges and universities that don’t support free speech (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/mar/2/donald-trump-says-he-will-sign-executive-order-pro/?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS).

The announcement comes after a conservative student was physically assaulted at Berkeley–something which Far Left crazies have been doing rather a lot of, lately.

The president said action is need to protect those who “challenge ridiculous ideas” promoted by the universities.

As the saying goes, “gotta start somewhere.” This is a good start. More is needed. Our whole “higher education” establishment is PC–Politically Correct and Philosophically Corrupt. We do not need to be funding them as hatcheries of neo-Stalinism.

Take away the tax money, and watch the Far Left shrivel up and die.

More College Crapola: Math Profs Must Provide ‘Diversity Statements’

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As long as it’s “diversity,” you don’t have to understand it.

Remember when laws, rules, and regulations used to tell you what you couldn’t do, and as long as you didn’t do those things, you were left alone?

But now, comrades, they tell you what you must do!

The Looniversity of California has now decreed that persons applying there for jobs as math professors must provide “diversity statements” detailing their “past and/or potential contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11927).

What the devil does any of that stuff even mean? “As a math professor, I promise to load my teachings on calculus with extravagant praise for transgenderism, gay-ness, amnesty for undocumented migrants, and feminist music!” Or maybe “I promise to tack an extra 50 points onto the grades of minority students!” What the dickens does it mean? What imaginable purpose does it serve?

Hints: “nothing whatsoever” and “none at all.”

It’s long, long, long past time to cut off all public funding to colleges and universities, where anything meaningful in the way of education always takes a back seat–if it gets any seat at all–to Far Left Crazy politics. This is not education. This is poop.

And we’re paying a flamin’ fortune for it.

What Does the Poll Mean?

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To hear the nooze media and Hollywood tell it, we Americans are a Far Left Crazy nation with a handful of deplorables colluding with the Russians to stop progress. But Gallup’s tracking poll says we conservatives outnumber liberals, nationally, by nine percentage points.

Nine points, to put it as simply as I can, is not enough.

Nine points is not enough to overcome voter fraud, corrupt government agencies who’d rather play politics than do what we pay them for,  the hostile nooze and “entertainment” media, neo-Stalinist colleges, public schools controlled by Far Left teachers’ unions, and the natural inclination of normal people to live their lives and ignore the freakin’ politics.

We should be uneasy with the fact that Democrats last year took over the House of Representatives after two solid years of public tantrums that should have massively alienated normal people. Antifa riots, the Kavanagh hearings, “The Problem of Whiteness” workshops in virtually all of our publicly-funded universities–really, what do these people have to do to get our dander up?

Be warned. If Democrats ever again take control of the government, they’ll never let go: we’ll be stuck with them for the rest of our lives. There are things we must do, starting now and going all the way, to prevent the 2020 elections from being a disaster.

Go to the polls if you have to drag yourselves on hands and knees, and vote for every Republican on the ballot. Even the ones that stink: we can deal with them later.

Do not waste a vote on some quixotic third-party candidate.

If you have friends or family members who might vote Democrat, work on them until they cry for mercy.

And in the long run, take your children out of public schools before they’re totally brainwashed, and don’t send them off to any Far Left university where their professors will finish the job on them.

What? You want the Green New Deal? You want Open Borders? You want all that stuff the Dems are pushing?

God help us if you get it.


We Has got To Fyne Fat Peeple!!!

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Hear at Collidge us who is On “the” Stodent Soviet we has fowned Out “that” it is Aginst The Law “to” be Fat in Jepan and soon “the” Russhins thay wil aslo Make It “aginst The law” tooo! and our Cheef Commasar she slapt Her four-hed and sayed Now wye “dint we” Think “of” Thatt”!!!

I seen a Fat Parson oncet and “it” was trooly Discussting!! Fat Peeple thay taik up “moar than” thare fare shair of Spayce!!! it is becose of Captolism that “thay” are So Fat yiu dont harrdly nevver see no fat peeple in Veniceowhalea!! that is becose thay “are” Socilist!!!! witch prooves Socilism “it is” goood four yiu!!

So wee are “goingto” maik Rools aginst Being Fat and yiu whil has to Pay a “Fyne” of lots of dollers like maybe “6000 thousand $$” jist for Being Fat and a nother “thousind dollers$$” per Powned yiu “are” Over Wait! butt frist wee has got “to” maik a Chart to say hoaw mutch yiu “are aloud” to Way,, like if yiu “are” Sicks Foot Tall yiu has got to Way like mayby a huntred 100 powneds!! And aslo iff yiu are “Tooo Fat” then yiu cant has no Toylit Payper neether,, that “is ” a Nother good thing abote Socilism!!!

The peeple in Venzowayla thay are “all” Loosing Wait becose Socilism it “is so” helthy four yiu!! That “is” waht we whant to has On our Campiss!!!! And that is caulled Free Dum!!!!!!

‘College Rules Gorillas “Too Masculine”‘ (2016)

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Yeah… “too masculine,” all right

Remember this? University of Kansas says you can’t have a picture of a gorilla–because gorillas are “too masculine” and “not inclusive.”


Can we unpack this twaddle and extract some sense from it? Uh, no. We can’t. It’s just collidge crapola designed to dissolve the mind that comes in contact with it. There’s nothing to be found here but pure idiocy.

But it costs a lot, though.

College Requires ‘New Pronunciation’ of Words

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We have always been told that the proper way to pronounce the word “fjord” is “f’yord,” because it’s a Norwegian word and in Norwegian, the letter “j” is pronounced “y.”

But authorities at Fimbo College have ordered all students and staff to pronounce “fjord” as “fuh-jord,” with “j” as in “jump.” They have also ordered all students and staff to refer to fjords as bodies of water found not in Norway, but in Kansas. Failure to do so will incur a negative review for staff members and subtraction of a full grade point for students.

Why are they doing this?

“Requiring a new pronunciation of words is excellent training in obedience,” explained Myra Jidrool, student government president, 42, a senior majoring in Intersectional Palliative Gender Studies. “Once the Green New Deal goes into effect, obedience will be the only response allowed. This will greatly enhance our freedom!”

They’ve only just started acting on this policy, but Fimbo College already has a list of new pronunciations of words. The list includes “kay-mol” for “camel,” “sheert” for “shirt,” and “white supremacist dirtbag” for “man.” (This makes it awkward to say the word “Manhattan,” for example: but, explains Ms. Jidrool, “Unconditional obedience is the name of the game.”)

Student and staff objections to the new policy, she adds, will be dealt with “vairy harooshlay.”

Us Interllecturals we Love The green New Dele!!!

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Wel al of Us in the Stodent Soviet we “are” like Totully In Love whith Alexandor Octosomething Cortezz and her Greeen New Dele!!!! It “is” jist waht we been wating four!!! At laast!! The Fudnamintle Trans Fourmatoin of Amerrica!!

I spatially like “the” Part abuot thay taike aweigh al the Cars “and” Tare Down evry bilding In Amerrica and put Up “a” New One insted!!! i hasnt got no stopid Car and i live in my prefesser’s Tool Shedd so i hop The Govramint thay taiks All The Cars and pullls down “All The” Houses espatially christins and Repobblicans and wite Suepremassists houses and make themb all live In cradbored Boxxes or som Thing!!!

Aslo i like the Part abote we al get Free Monny but i dont whant no Job becose whork it blows so i think I willl “jist hide” wen thay strat Handing Out “the” jobs i dont whant to has to be a accountint or nucular Physic guy or nothing like that!!

Aslo i like that Part abuot no Moar Jett Plains and hi-speeed rale insted i hope all “the” Trane Rides thay whill be Free and i can take a Trane to Ingland and taik coarses at Oxfrod!!!!

Of coarse yiu has got “to be A” Interllectural to reely “apreshate” The Green Niew Dele,, themb ordrinary dum peple “thay” whill Not Under-Stanned it! Thay are two stopid to reeleyes that themb hasing houses And Cars it maiks Climbit Chainge and “the” Whorld it Will End in jist 12 yeers iff we dont do The Grean New Dele!!! Butt thay willl feal Bettor abote it wen thay Get Free Monney and “thare” is In Come Equailitty alll over!!! We wil alll Be Ritch becose the Govramint it whill giving us lots of Monney!!

Colleges Demand Methodists ‘Change Beliefs’

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You said it, Paul Harvey!

Duke University–you remember Duke: it’s where a stripper can destroy several students’ lives with a single allegation that turns out to be untrue–has demanded that the United Methodist Church “change its beliefs” about homosexuality and other sexually aberrant behaviors (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=11827).

Duke is one of 93 Methodist-affiliated colleges to sign a petition calling on the church to embrace sodomy, transgenderism, and anything else some depraved personality can think of. The new abbreviation is LGBTQ+; the “plus” stands for “whatever.”

Sorry, but anything supported by that many colleges has got to be wrong.

The Duke dorks cited the UMC’s “core religious and humanistic values.”

Did I read that right? “Humanistic values”? They don’t mean those values that sinful, fallible, rather stupid human beings invent on their own, do they? Oh–yeah, they do.

What they are demanding that the church do is reject the teaching of the Bible and replace it with the moral fumblings of the fallen world. But hey, if the Bible’s wrong about this, it’s probably wrong about a lot of other things, too. Whereas “humanistic values” can’t be wrong because they keep on changing and every political party, and every group of would-be rulers of the world, has its very own set of “humanistic values.” Silly old Bible–it’s the same for everybody!

How badly do the big flatline–oops, sorry: should be “mainline”–churches covet the praise of this world?

I guess we’ll soon find out. Whether they know it or not, they’re all in the process of answering Moses’ question, “Who is on the Lord’s side?” Their answer seems to be, “Not us!”

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