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‘White Prof Calls for “White Genocide”‘ (2016)

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In case anyone has forgotten–see? Left-wing loons have been talking up violence for years, agitating for it, hoping for it, rooting for it, wanting it. And now they’ve got it.

White Prof Calls for ‘White Genocide’

They’re doing their utmost to bring this country down. Really. Not a figure of speech.

Sponsored entirely by the Democrat Party, which expects to receive your vote this November.

Wait’ll you see what you receive from them.

Universities Try to Hide Their Selling-Out to China

China: Government Threats to Academic Freedom Abroad | Human ...

They’re conquering us with money, not armies

It just gets worse and worse. This is low even for the universities.

College Fix reports “Universities try to block Congress from accessing documents detailing their ties to China” (https://www.thecollegefix.com/universities-try-to-block-congress-from-accessing-documents-detailing-their-ties-to-china/). The U.S. Dept. of Education, and the FBI, have been investigating this since 2018.

Congress wants to know the extent of China’s “investment” in our colleges and universities, but many of the schools are claiming “exemption” from the Freedom of Information Act. Why they should be exempt is not at all clear.

“Massive investments of foreign money”–mostly “gifts” from China–seem to have induced any number of university professors and administrators to help the Chicoms out with propaganda, spying, and theft of intellectual property. Some of the recipients of these “gifts” have been formally charged with filing false tax returns to hide their payments from the communist regime.

Simply put, they’re selling themselves, their knowledge, and their institutions to a hostile foreign government.

That would explain why so many of our universities are so pro-China.

We are in a new cold war with China. We, short-sighted greedy fools throughout the West, have made Red China rich. Now they’re using that money against us.

It makes me wonder how deeply Red China is “invested” in our free & independent nooze media. I wonder how many of our politicians they’ve bought.

We built communist China up. Now we need to build them down–before they bury us.

My Newswithviews Column, May 21 (‘We Can’t Afford to be Stupid’)

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This is not our fan club

Another memory of my Cold War childhood: Nikita Khrushchev banging his desk with his shoe at the United Nations, declaring, “We will bury you!”

He and his successors tried to make good on their boast, but it was the Soviet Union that got buried.

And now we’re in another Cold War–with China.

We Can’t Afford to be Stupid

This one sort of crept up on us while we weren’t looking, until all of a sudden we had the Chinese Communist Wuhan Death Virus From China in our living rooms.

It has become obvious that China means to bury us. Democrats are rooting for them to do it, so they can rule the wretched little has-been country that the Chicoms leave us.

While we teach… gender studies.


Stop Doing Stupid Stuff

How Sputnik 1 launched the space age | Cosmos

The Sputnik satellite: in 1957 it changed the world

While China energetically trains young people in the sciences–including the sciences of hacking other countries’ computer systems, stealing intellectual property, and counterfeiting–our colleges and universities “squander millions on guaranteed-to-fail social engineering while China races ahead technologically,” writes Robert Weissberg, for The American Thinker (https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/05/is_covid19_our_new_sputnik_moment.html).

See, we Americans blundered into this stupid paradigm that everybody has to go to college. Well, everybody’s not cut out for college. But if you want to expand and expand the universities, and hire all sorts of people who’re gonna get fantastic pensions, you gotta keep the students coming. That means lower admission standards, or no standards at all, lower requirements to earn a degree, and a vast menu of intellectually vacuous nothing courses–and next thing you know, you’ve got 100,000 thumb-sucking young people with degrees in gender studies and what the mischief do you do with ’em?

Weissberg recalls the shock administered by the Russian satellite, Sputnik, which orbited the earth in 1957. Overnight, America’s priorities changed. Suddenly everything was science. Suddenly smart was cool. Because Sputnik proved that Fat Nikita now had the power to rain nuclear weapons on us from outer space, and we had to catch up, technologically, in a hurry.

Suddenly we had all these guys in white short-sleeved shirts with pen-holders in their pockets, and crew-cuts–and in 1969 they put a man on the moon. We had pulled ahead of Soviet Russia in the arms technology race; and you may have noticed there’s no Soviet Union today. Once we’d passed them, and were serious about staying ahead, they broke their own economy trying to catch up.

Weissberg says “the culture has to change” if we’re to avoid falling hopelessly behind China technological and economically. We have to stop doing stupid stuff. No more politically correctness, safe space, Play-Doh sessions, obsession with “white privilege,” no more wasting time and money and effort on “diversity and inclusion.” All of that is pure crapola and it gets us nowhere.

Red China is the bad guys, and it’s a bad bet to let the bad guys win.

It would be good for us, if this coronavirus panic taught us that.

We has to Snich On peple!!!

Snitches Anonymous Vol. 1: Mission 1 - Comics by comiXology

A lott “of” us we “are” Still heer At collidge becose Our Famblies thay dont “whant” us to come hoam!! i tryed to go hoam yeasterday and gess wat!?! My Fambly thay mooved!!!!!! “and” thay didnt telll Noboddy ware thay mooved “to” neether so i dont know “ware” thay livve nhow!! “and” this Gye he was livving “in” My Howce he got Mad and toled His Dog to byte me!!!! i was Luckie “to” Get Aweiagh!!!

This moarning we hadded a meating “of” the Stoodint Soviet and we desided to Pay munny “foar” tellling on Anny Boddy witch is vylating Socile Distincing or trying “to” By Stuff at a stoar!!! Iff yiu sea ennyboddy doing stuff and yiu “caul” The Poleece and thay Get a rested,, the Stoodint Soviet we whil Pay yiu eleventy-five Scents!!!!

Sea,, our Fackilty Avisor he toled us “”The escents of Good Citasin-Ship it is to Snich on anny boddy whoo does “stuff what” thay shoodnt!”” That whay evry boddy thay wil Be Hayve or else!!!! “It is OKay to maike” up things he sayed “beecawse That “reely” keeeps evry boddy On thare Tows!!!”! It is awl “To Billd Up ‘the’ Artharitty of The Stayte!”!” In facked we will Pay yiu X-tra munny iff yore Snich it is Not Tru and sumb boddy thay get A Rested annywhay!!!

So i has lurned That peeple thay “jist” dont know haow To “be” Good, that is Becawse thay whach Fox Nooze,, butt a Guvvermint that has got Supream Paower it “can” maik themb Be Good weather thay Like “it” Oar Nott!!!!

And that my frends It is Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!!

‘Emory Students Freak Out Over “Trump 2016” Scrawled on Sidewalk’ (2016)

Image result for images of trump 2016 on sidewalk

We had to suck up eight years of that socialist waste of space in the White House–and college students had nervous breakdowns in 2016 because some unknown person supported Donald Trump for president?

Emory Students Freak Out Over “Trump 2016” Scrawled on Sidewalk

If this is the product that comes out of our colleges, then those colleges need to be scrapped.

But the post from 2016 is also dear to me because it marks one of the last comments made by our sweet and wise friend, Dorothy Robbins, of California.

We remember you, Dorothy–and we miss you.

‘No More Math for These Collidge Stoodints’ (2016)

Who Left The Bag Of Idiots Open Funny Image

In 2016 math was too hard for, er, students at Wayne State, Detroit–so Educators replaced math with Diversity Studies.


“Diversity Studies? What’s Diversity Studies?”

It’s a joke, matey, and the joke’s on you! Even if you’re not paying tuition for a totally worthless diploma, eventually you’ll have to pay, along with all the rest of the country. Oh, yeah, America’s gonna pay for this. Tens of thousands of embittered, ignorant, unemployable ex-college students clogging up the economy and getting into trouble–yeah, we’ll pay for that.

We can always hope that at least a chunk of our higher education system won’t survive the Chinese Death Virus crisis. Hope and pray.

Here’s What the Universities Are Doing with Their Bailout Money

Conceptual finance image of burning pile of money, dollar bills ...

Billions of dollars in coronavirus relief funds have been poured into our country’s looniversities. What do you suppose they’re doing with it?

Why, hiring new “diversity czars,” of course! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=14787)

A few examples: University of Tennessee-Knoxville, over $19 million; Salem State, over $6.5 million; University of Texas-San Antonio, over $29 million.

And they’re all using the money to hire new “diversity” administrators, to further “our broad commitments to inclusion and engagement,” blah-blah-blah. Gotta meet those “diversity goals”!

While many of us wonder if we’re going to survive the economic hardships and dislocations dumped on us by the Chinese Communist Wuhan Death Virus From China, our colleges are using our tax money to provide totally useless cushy jobs that have nothing to do with anything beyond pursuing their inane contribution to “transforming” America into a Third World socialist basket case. Our money is being pissed away for this.

You’d think our government would defend us and take back all the funds now being squandered on pseudo-education. You’d think America would have learned, the hard way, that our supply of money is not freakin’ infinite and should not be wasted on pernicious foolishness. Are we never going to learn that lesson?

Stop funding the universities. Just stop it!

My Newswithviews Column, April 23 (‘Baloney against Homeschooling from Harvard’)

What about the “risks” of public schooling?

Leftists have ideas that race to the far reaches of stupidity in a thousand directions at once.

So here we have a Harvard law professor calling for a government ban on homeschooling because it’s so full of unacceptable “risks.”

Baloney Against Homeschooling From Harvard

What exactly are we getting for that $40.9 billion endowed to Harvard every year. Crikey, what do they do with such a fabulous amount of money? It’s not like Harvard has a navy to finance.

I wonder how many Harvard professors send their own kids to the public schools. My guess would be none.

UCal: You Can’t Say ‘Chinese Virus’

Jen Gerson: Don't fear the college student | National Post

This reads like a satire, but it isn’t.

The Council of Chief Diversity Officers (“Say it ain’t so. Joe!” “I’m afraid it is, kid”) for the University of California has issued a “guidance document” to tell students and staff how to talk about the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus–

Oops. I wasn’t allowed to say that, was I?

Students and staff are forbidden to say “Chinese virus” and enjoined, “Do not allow”–allow? allow?–others to say it, either (http://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3830546/posts). All are directed to be “supportive of a positive and inclusive campus climate during the COVID-19 crisis.” ‘Cause everything’s got to be inclusive, don’t you know.

No criticizing Red China, either. Well, the Chicoms have invested heavily in our colleges and looniversities. No biting the hand that feeds you. Even if it feeds you virus.

Oh! And staff and students are warned to steer clear of “racism, sexism, xenophobia and all hateful or intolerant speech.” You can still say “All heterosexual white males should die.”

Really! How does anybody with an ounce of self-respect manage to live in such an environment? College used to be for expanding your mind. Now it’s for shrinking it. Sort of like that vanishing white dot on your black TV screen when your power gets cut off. How can anybody with an ounce of pride consent to be lorded over by such a pack of babbling nitwits?

And pay a lot of money for it, too!

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