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Does China Own Our Universities?

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Communism makes young people happy!!

Just going by current events, you’d think it would hardly be necessary for communist China to try to influence our Western colleges and looniversities. I mean, these schools are already pushing communism–right?

Nevertheless, the Chinese government’s department of “education and propaganda” (they don’t see much difference between the two) has taken pains to set up “Confucius Institutes” at colleges throughout the United States and Britain–148 of them here at home, and another 29 in the UK (https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2019/11/06/chinese-communists-infiltrate-uk-universities/).

The Confucius Institutes promote Chinese interests in general, and in particular, they labor to steer study and discussion away from “the three T’s”–Tibet, Taiwan, and Tien-an-Men Square. In Britain they’ve been able to get lectures and conferences on those subjects canceled and have confiscated students’ papers dealing with those topics. They also do a bang-up job of intimidating Chinese students who are studying abroad.

Here in America, Senator Josh Hawly–Republican, of course, from Missouri–no Democrat would dream of doing this–has called for a Congressional investigation into the Confucius Institutes’ influence on American “higher education.” Somehow he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to be pumping American students full of Chinese Communist Party ideology. Not that American communism is any better.

We have way more colleges and universities than we need, with way too many students in them, pissing away four, five, or six years of their lives, with way too many Far Left kooks “teaching” them a lot of garbage–and it’s costing us way, way, way too much money. In fact, we’re “educating” ourselves to death.

Defund the universities. Now.


University Scuttles ‘Bias Response Teams’

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As part of an out-of-court settlement of a lawsuit, the University of Michigan has agreed to do away with its “Bias Response Teams,” otherwise known as Speech Police (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13934). “Speech First” filed the lawsuit 18 months ago; now the university has… well, surrendered.

There may be a catch, though. The Bias Response Teams are to be replaced by “Campus Climate Support” (CCS). Is that the same thing, with a different name? Under the settlement, the Klimate Kops won’t have power to “impose discipline” on students who say The Wrong Thing. Not being totally trusting of the university’s good faith, Speech First has reserved the right to re-activate their lawsuit if the school falls back into its old habits of censorship. You’d have to be pretty dim to trust university officials.

It was necessary to reserve this right because colleges and looniversities have established a pattern, when a lawsuit has been filed against them and they think they’re going to lose, of crying “I’ll be good, I’ll be good”–and then, when the heat’s off, reverting to their normal state of soft fascism.

It’s good to see these academic tyrants reined in, but it’s not enough–nowhere near enough. They’re still teaching twaddle, still indoctrinating minds already made mushy by teachers’ unions in the public schools. It has to stop. It has to stop.

‘The University as a Fount of Idiocy’ (2012)

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When you really think about the human potential, the money, and the time wasted in our colleges and looniversities, you could just sit down and cry.


Let’s tell it like it is–the idea that everyone has got to go to college is the single worst idea ever to stupefy and cripple Western civilization. Really, our own hope is to defund the colleges now and pray that the people who’ve already been there someday grow out of it. Alas, we already know that some will never grow out of it.

Seven years ago I wrote this–and the situation’s gotten worse every day since then.

Profs Who Steal Public Money

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A Purdue University professor has pleaded guilty to defrauding the National Science Foundation out of $1.3 million (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13887). He used taxpayers’ money, earmarked for “research,” to hire his minor children to no-show jobs… and buy a house. He had his wife apply for the grants in  her own name, then launder the money back to him.

Sweet, huh?

Meanwhile, another prof at Drexel U. has paid back more than $50,000 in research grants that he spent on visits to strip clubs and sports bars. (“Well, it’s a kind of research, isn’t it?”) Drexel has agreed to pay back some $190,000 to avoid further investigation by the federal Dept. of Justice.

It was taxpayer money that was supposed to go for “research.” That means you and I had to work to earn it so the government could take it.

In 2017 Drexel received some $70 million in federal research funding.

“Higher education”–it’s slowly killing us.


‘Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies!’ (2016)

A “professor of moral philosophy” (LOL) at some college says so, so it must be true.


Then they wonder why kids are depressed, after being force-fed all this gloom and doom–force-fed by The Highest Authorities In The Land. The kings and queens of crapola.

And they never, ever, set even the slightest example of the austerity that they demand from us.

There’s only one answer they deserve, and here it is.

‘Trump Made Us Obese’

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It seems that sometime after Election Day 2016, a lot of adult black women mysteriously became obese. Now, thanks to a professor of gender studies at Rutgers Looniversity, we know what made that happen.

Donald Trump! His evil Racist policies made all those women fat (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-policies-racism-may-cause-some-black-womens-weight-problems-professor-says).

The fact that many of them were overweight years before anyone even thought of Trump as a political figure can be explained by a form of unconscious clairvoyance. Subconsciously anticipating that Donald Trump would become president, years and years ahead, their bodies began to adapt to the inevitable “racial stress for people of color” by packing on the pounds.

I went to that stupid university. Wait’ll the next time Rutgers phones to ask for an alumni contribution from me.

It would be unkind to quote directly from this, er, professor’s babblings, or to give her name. Suffice it to say that it is unconscionable for the taxpayers of New Jersey to have to pay this whining gasbag’s salary.

“Higher education”–it’ll kill us if we don’t defund it.

‘Emory Students Freak Out Over “Trump 2016” Scrawled on Sidewalk’ (2016)

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Remember this? The students were so traumatized at the thought of someone who’s not a corrupt commie being elected president, they could barely come out from under their beds.


So Emory Looniversity had to come up with a new “sidewalk-chalking policy”–y’mean they had an old one?–so no one could chalk anything on the sidewalk without first obtaining the permission of the schmendricks who run the place.

Presumably it’s still okay for them to play hopscotch on the sidewalk.

“Educating” ourselves to death…


‘Feminist Political Ecology, the Key to All Knowledge’ (2016)

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Don’t you wish this was just totally made-up satire, it couldn’t possibly come true? I do!


I mean, really–what is left of the human brain, after college gets through with it? And why are we still throwing public money at the colleges? Can’t we see what we’re getting for that money?

This was “feminist political ecology” from three years ago. In the heaping up of vast quantities of stupidity, three years is like thirty.

Save America. Defund the colleges now.

Are the Colleges Headed for Extinction?

All across America ultra-liberal colleges are collapsing, says Dr. Steven Turley (see video above), a theologian and Christian educator from Delaware.

Two-thirds of America’s colleges and looniversities failed to meet their 2016 enrollment goals. But at the same time, enrollment at conservative Christian schools has increased every year since 2003.

At Hampshire College, Massachusetts, where they burned the American flag to “protest” Donald Trump’s election–they so badly wanted Hillary!–freshman enrollment is down 94% and overall enrollment down by 50%. This year’s freshman class will have only fifteen students in it.

There’s Oberlin College, in Ohio, headed for bankruptcy after a court ordered them to pay $$44 million in damages to a bakery which college officials and activists tried to smear out of existence.

From sea to shining sea, Turley says, leftid colleges are going under, “imploding under the weight of their own hysteria… All we have to do is sit there and watch it happen.” Although some of the decline can be blamed on lower birth rates, especially among secular liberals, Turley says it’s more because of the schools becoming increasingly alienated from America than any other factor. To which we say, ya think?

Having surrendered lock, stock, and barrel to the Far Left Crazy, our colleges and looniversities do our country much more harm than good. They must stop receiving public money! Call on Congress to defund them: if they can’t make it in the free market, by offering a service that people are actually willing to pay for, and competing with each other to keep the costs down–well, then, they have no business making it at all.

What price a degree in Superhero Studies?

College Pushes ‘Game’ for Losers

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Become an intellectual! Play Chutes and Ladders!

There are days when writing the nooze is actually painful. This is one of them.

For instance: At Canisius College (never heard of it), heads of student groups were recently required to play a “social justice board game” as “training” (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13728). Training for what? How to be left-wing fat-heads–what else? What they wanted was to find out how their groups could get access to funding. What they got was this stupid game.

“Factuality”–give me strength–is a “game” of race and sex and yatta-yatta and all about how some of us are victims and some of us have “privilege” and “players will become acquainted with the intricacies of inequality’s intentionally structured foundation–”

[Runs off to grab barf bag]

In 2018 the base tuition at Canisius College, excluding fees, housing, etc., was $28,488. That’s almost $114,000 for four years–if that’s how long it takes you to get your degree in Stupid Studies. For that you get a lot of bilge about “inequality.”

If you can’t think of anything better to do with $114,000… give it to me, because I can.

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