Harvard to Revoke Degrees of Trump Supporters?

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This has the air of a trial balloon. Let the stupid students run it up the flagpole, muse Harvard University bigwigs, and if anyone salutes it, we can take ownership!

So unnamed “students” at Harvard are supposedly circulating a petition to revoke the degrees earned, mostly years ago, by senators, Congressmen, and members of President Donald Trump’s administration. Ooh-ooh! Senator Cruz, we’re gonna revoke that Harvard degree you got 30 years ago! That’ll learn you!


The, um, “petition” says President Trump’s supporters must be punished for “spreading disinformation and mistrust.” Harvard officials have said nothing about it, for or against. They’re waiting to see how it flies.

Here are the facts, kiddies. As collidge students, you don’t deal in facts. But here they are nonetheless.

Fact: The 2020 election featured massive fraud, without which it would have been totally impossible to get Monkey Joe elected. The evidence that this is so is more than abundant.

Fact: The ones spreading lies and scary stories are Democrats and their nooze media sock puppets.

Fact: President Trump sided with the American people against “The Swamp” of corruption in Washington, D.C.–for which our corrupt political class finally destroyed him after spending four whole years trying to overthrow his presidency.

Fact: A college education is not worth the paper it’s printed on anymore.

‘Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t’ (2018)

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Not that I’d be caught dead doing this…

Let’s see… If you’re a white person and you do yoga, that’s cultural appropriation and that makes you a Racist. But if you don’t do yoga, then you’re rejecting a Minority Culture and not being Multicultural… and that makes you a Racist.

Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t

I will never believe these vipers acquired power over my country without the most massive fraud in all of history.

Now, of course, we can’t cut off funding to the stupid colleges. We waited too long, and now the bad guys are in the driver’s seat.

Gear up for a long dark night of stupid.

‘Where “Diversity” Means Conformity’ (2017)

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Very probably the worst idea ever hatched in America is the idea that everybody has to go to college.

Because that means that virtually everybody winds up conforming with everybody else and in fact you get no diversity at all–and woe unto anyone who dares to think for himself!

Where ‘Diversity’ Means Conformity

Studies have been done that show the astonishing degree of conformity in our colleges. And then think about this–Harvard Looniversity has an annual budget of over $40 billion. Billion? Did you say billion? ‘Fraid so.

If America had any instinct for self-preservation at all, we would cut off the public funding of the universities.

But it looks like self-preservation has been “educated” out of us–big-time.

‘Starve the Beast!’ (2017)

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It’s always okay when college students do it!

For years we had to listen to sack-of-schiff noozies describe riots as “mostly peaceful protests” while an assortment of liberals cheered them on as necessary for Social Justice.

Then you have one little riot against Congress and the whole sky falls in. Have they already forgotten how much they enjoyed and approved of all the riots from 2016 through 2020?

Starve the Beast!

Of all the factors that have turned America into a lawless lunatic preserve, none has played a greaterrole than public education,” especially the bloated, overfunded university system. But we are in the business of creating Far Left stooges.

And now, with a stolen election established as the norm, and the entire apparatus of government controlled by lackeys of Communist China, the education beast will gorge itself on the money that we worked for.

‘Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on “Ontological Blackness”‘ (2016)

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Living proof that colleges should be defunded

We just voted for four solid years of this schiff! At least, that’s what they expect us to believe.

Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on ‘Ontological Blackness’

You should have Melissa Perry’s troubles. When all you can find to complain about is “ontological blackness,” you have no troubles at all… and please shut up.

Thanks so much, colleges and universities, for giving so much evil nonsense a place to be heard.

‘The Ultimate Safe Space’ (2016)

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Where can you go where there’s no one richer, better-looking, smarter, or more talented than you? Where nowhere is heard a discouraging word? Or any word at all, for that matter.

The cemetery is the ultimate safe space!

The Ultimate Safe Space

It’s even better than college, because there’s no pressure to do anything. Well, okay, there are colleges like that, too. They come as close to being a graveyard as you can with the inhabitants still technically alive.

And best of all–even after you’re buried, you can still vote!

‘College Idiocy Du Jour’ (2017)

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They call it education.

If this travesty of an election is allowed to stand, we will see a great deal more of this wicked foolishness in our colleges and universities. They will not get better. They will get worse. Worse even than this.

College Idiocy du Jour

If there ever was an institution fanatically devoted to the destruction of the society that created it, fed it, and made it grow, that institution is “higher education.” But then leftids have turned all our institutions against us, haven’t they?

We want our country back.

Our Universities: Waste, Waste, Waste

Cynical Theories - Audiobook

This was an unusual book review for me to do because the content of Critical/Cynical Theories is about as close as you can come to pure gibberish while still using the alphabet. It’s not the authors’ fault, but that’s what you get when you quote the Far Left Crazy.


The authors, a couple of liberals, fear that the Far Left will go too far and drive everybody else into the arms of the Far Right. Can’t happen soon enough, sez I.

As you plod through the verbal swamps of Far Left babble, you can’t avoid being appalled by the colossal waste that is “higher education”–waste of money, time, effort, and anything else that they can think of wasting. The billions of dollars spent every year to generate this garbage and drill it into the empty heads of gullible students constitutes a sin: the sin of incontinence. The money would be better spent on amusement parks.

The American people need to wake up and realize that they’re being scammed, if not outright robbed. For all the money they spend on higher education, they’re only getting garbage for it. As for the alumni who support these idiot factories with lavish gifts of money, shame on them: they have to stop doing it.

This is the result of insisting that everyone, no matter how intellectually undistinguished, must go to college.

Read a few chapters of this book and see if your head doesn’t start pounding.


‘Now They’re Marching for Hydroponic Cilantro?’ (2017)

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Guaranteed 100% useless

When you run out of serious things to protest, you can protest imaginary things. And when your imagination runs dry–for college students, that takes about three minutes–you can always protest silly things. Like this march for hydroponic cilantro.

Now They’re Marching for… Hydroponic Cilantro?

It’s going to be a real problem, what to do with these morons after they finally stop going to college. Maybe Democrats could start a war, bring back their beloved draft–never mind. With an army full of college students, we’d surely be conquered.

How the University Wastes Your Money

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Could we wake up now, please–while there’s still something left for us to wake up to?

If you missed Walter Williams’ column on townhall.com yesterday (https://townhall.com/columnists/walterewilliams/2020/10/21/disgusting-professorial-teachings-n2578378), “Disgusting Professorial Teachings,” read it today.

Yes, our colleges and universities are chock-full of race-baiting swabs posing as professors; but I wish to draw your particular attention to some information given toward the end of the column.

At the University of Pennsylvania, the looniversity’s Chief Diversity Officer earns a salary of $580,000 a year. That’s right–over half a million dollars. And for what?

At the University of Michigan, the Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion (what the hell–?) and the Chief Diversity Officer are paid $385,000 a year.

Elsewhere, throughout the land, chief diversity scammers are paid $200,000 a year and up.

This is your money, people! You worked for it. You pay it out in tuition and your taxes. And look what you’re getting for it! C’mon–how many of you even know what a “vice provost for equity and inclusion” is? But you’re paying for it.

Stop, stop, stop, stop the waste! Williams suggests the alumni zip their checkbooks shut. Even better if the rest of us simply stop sending our kids there.

Oh–and you’re paying for those disgusting professorial teachings, too.