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Down with Nation-States?

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“We don’t need no stinkin’ nation-states!”

Nation-states “should not exist” and citizenship is “arbitrary,” “ridiculous,” and merely “a social construct,” self-proclaimed intellectuals from a not-quite-real “Freedom University” told an audience of–well, presumably students, at St. Olaf University recently (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13704).

See? They don’t even pretend to make sense anymore. And you can always get an audience for that kind of thing at St. Olaf’s. The patron saint of Norway is very poorly served by the school that bears his name.

“Freedom University” serves “undocumented youth”–persons who are here illegally–and although it has a website, it occupies “an undisclosed location” somewhere in Atlanta.

So, okay, we get rid of nation-states–then what? What do we have in their place? My guess would be boiling chaos. They would certainly try to set up some kind of world government to keep the whole thing from blowing sky-high; and just as certainly it would fail.

But think of the fun they’d have, trying!

The far left is no longer sane, they’re all as crazy as bedbugs, and our colleges and looniversities cater to them like royalty. And they do it on our dime.

“Educating” ourselves to death…

Do They Want to be 6 Years Old Forever?

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On his radio show yesterday, Sean Hanity played some interviews with current college students. I was in my car on the Parkway, so I couldn’t take notes. But what I heard was–well, pathetic. Shameful.

The topic was “The Appeal of Socialism,” and it certainly seemed to appeal, big-time, to these overgrown babies. Free college. Free healthcare. Free housing. Guaranteed income, in case you just don’t want to work. One and all, these college students aspired to a life of “being taken care of” by the government. Just as if they were to be little children all their lives. Have they no shame? Have they no morals? Yes, folks–it’s immoral to be a parasite, with the government forcing other people to pay your way.

What do these people even want to do with their lives? There’s a poll that says most of them want “to be famous.” But famous for what? They don’t know. Swallowing Tide pods?

They also have no idea how all this free stuff is going to be paid for. No idea at all. Their guiding light, Congresscreature Alexandria O’Crazy-O Cortez, says all we’ve got to do is print more money. Yeah, that’ll work.

But here’s another thing they don’t know. Apart from the money, what will all this free stuff cost those who receive it? What will they have to give in return? “Their unqualified obedience” would be my guess. Right down to the most minute details of their lives. And if that means they kill and eat you after your 30th birthday–

Well, you asked for it, comrades.


‘The Hatchery of Stalinism’ (2014)

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Since I wrote this little essay, we’ve had five years to fix this problem; and we haven’t so much as lifted a finger to do it.


Our, ahem, colleges and universities are being used against us, purposely used to alienate young people from their country, to turn them into willing, brainless tools for would-be tyrants. And we let them do it.

Freedom is not natural to fallen man. It is rarely achieved and only maintained with difficulty.

Defund the colleges–before they put freedom out of business.

Hihgh Marcks for Marx!!!!

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Wow! Laber Day it is “ownly one” moar munth awaye and did yiu “see” waht thare Doing “at” Bingumtan Unavercity??? Oh we has just “got” “to” “do” it hear at Our Collidge! Thare hole Sosology Deportmint thay “are” giving Creddits for Actavism and aslo for Re-Interpretating Carl Marx!! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13645)

Hear it is a kwote! “Laber, femmanast, LGTBQ++, aunty-Colowniel, Rachel Jutstus, and aunty-knee-o-libbarel Moovmints thay Rezisst the Struckxtures of Power!!!!!” Did yiu ever hear Any “Thing” as interllectural as that???? I getted Smarter “jist” readin it!!!

Carl Marx he infentid Commbunism it is so grate!!! Ownly Commbunism it is abel to Save The Planet fromb Climbit Chainge!!! That is wye Captolists thay hat it so mutch!!! becose themb captolists thay ownly “whant” to get evry boddy Drownded so “thay” “can” Maike a prophit!!! Witch is waht “willl” hapen “if” we Dont has Commbunism sooon!!!!!

Me I culd reely Use themb Extrer Creddits for Actavism,, like Keeying some biggit’s Car or throing Rocks at thare House!!! And aslo i amb a wizz at Re-Interpetating stuph!!! Yiu naime it,, i wil Re-Interpretait “it”!!!!!

Our hole Nothing Studdies Deportmint wee are al fore “this”!! We whant “to” Sho themb Sosolology stodents that we is jist “As” Actavist as thay “are”!!! like my one prefesser ze sayes “We has “got” to bern Evry Thing down befour we “can” bild Yutopiah on the roons!”!”

‘College Course Title: “Stop White People”‘ (2016)

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Ugly image, true… But what the colleges are doing is ugly and there’s no way to make it pretty.

Uh… “Stop White People” from doing what?

This little number was offered at SUNY Binghamtom a few years ago. At the time, some half-hearted public scrutiny caused the college to offer up a lame excuse (they just thought it’d be a catchy title–no harm intended)… but today there aren’t many colleges or looniversities where this kind of race-baiting doesn’t go on all the time.


It’s to our nation’s shame that we not only permit this to continue–we jolly well fund it! And it ain’t cheap, either.

If you can’t think of a thousand more useful, beneficial purposes to put a tax dollar than dumping it into a college, you just aren’t thinking.

Freshman Dis-Orientation

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They call it “education.”

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Peggy Nance of Concerned Women for America accompanied her son to freshman orientation at Virginia Tech… and was appalled by “extreme and overtly leftist propaganda” (https://thefederalist.com/2019/08/14/sons-freshman-orientation-virginia-tech-full-leftist-propaganda/).

Looniversity authorities separated children and parents so no one would complain about “speaker after speaker” subjecting new students to Far Left crazy horse****. And of course they made a big thing out of “preferred pronouns,” going so far as to include it on each student’s ID badge.

“Parents,” said the nimrods who run the place, “don’t be shocked if your kid comes home changed.” Ya think? If they’re not turned into leftist babblers, it won’t be because the so-called school didn’t try.

Ms. Nance urges parents to contact their state legislators and demand that they prohibit unconstitutional speech codes at their children’s colleges–and, while they’re at it, also contact alumni associations and the looniversity president.

These looniversities are all funded by public money, and they are not the public’s friends.

Defund public colleges and universities now… while we still have an America worth saving.

‘The Religion of Our “Universities”‘ (2016)

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I’ve had three years to continue thinking about this. I went to college and it just about killed my religion. Worse–I didn’t even realize it. It took me 30 years to get back on track.


I don’t believe it’s an exaggeration anymore to say that leftids worship Failure. That’s why everything they say is good is really bad. The devil has taught them, and they have learned.

I wonder how much Satan, Marx, or Mao could charge for a guest lecture.


‘This Just In: University Punishes Student for Criticizing ISIS, Rioters’ (2015)

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Why does a “Christian” university support this?

We really have to be off our chumps, to keep on founding looniversities that oppose themselves to everything our country stands for. Like for instance:


Texas “Christian” (that’s a laugh!) University threw the book at a student because he made disparaging remarks about bloodthirsty savages. I’d like to know where they get the authority to punish anyone. Hey, Stalinist jerks! If you don’t want the kid around anymore, give him back his tuition money and send him home.

Nor can I explain why the student allowed himself to be “punished” by a gang of little tinpot tyrants.

For the good of America, defund the universities. Now.

Joe Collidge: Movie Review

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I seen a reely Grate movy last “nihght” thay showed it to us “in” Nothing Studies and i didnt get the Tital it was in Chineese but anyhow “it” was ether a Brittish movy or Check i dont “know,, i get themb two contries mixted up sombtimes!!

It was al abote Climbit Chainge maiking “the” whorld come to a end and this evel pressadint he was like Donold Trumpt,, he ownly whanted Evryboddy to Die!!! so he culd maik a prophitt!!! So he woodnt let annyboddy Save The Planet But ha-ha-ha the joak “it” Was “on” himb wen he got Drownded becose the see-levels they comed up over “the” Wite Howse and he coodnt swimb!!! That was Lanardo Dee Cabron who played himb!!!

In depsaration the whorld it turned to wimmin of culler and “one” “of” themb she Got To be Pressadint of the hole Whorld and she fixted evry Thing!!! She made a 110$% tax raite and Open Boarders and lots more Transgender and rihght away evry Thing “it” strated to Get Beter!!! And then yiu know watt she done?? She “got” A hole buntch of Whiches to make a magickle spel and that putt “a” Stopp “to” al the Bad Whether!!!! And than wee hadded Comunism and evry Thing “it” Was Purfict!!!!

I love themb movyes wen thay “are” abote Socile Jutstus i whish thare was Moar Of themb and the Guvernmint thay shood maik evryboddy See Themb over and over agen!!!!!!!!!!

Cheat Your Way into College!

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What do you suppose he majored in?

Watch out, here comes another college admissions scandal [thanks to Susan for the news tip].

What do you do if you’re way too “wealthy,” whatever that means, to qualify for financial aid for college, but not quite wealthy enough to eat the prodigious cost?

Easy! Just transfer guardianship of your offspring to some family member who’s not so well-off, who does qualify for aid–problem solved (https://www.wsj.com/articles/college-financial-aid-loophole-wealthy-parents-transfer-guardianship-of-their-teens-to-get-aid-11564450828?fbclid…) [Sorry, the rest of the link is too long to fit on the page.]

Question! All right, college costs a fortune. You’ve already spent $600,000 “educating” two kids, and now it’s the third kid’s turn and you don’t have another $300,000–so you finagle the system: you cheat. But what are you getting for your money? What is so freakin’ great about college that it’s worth so flamin’ much money?

Why does college cost so much?

So here are people cheating to get their kids into college. The Dept. of Education is investigating: somebody noticed when suddenly there were an awful lot of guardianship transfers in the Chicago area. We can always count on Chicago. It may be that this practice is not technically illegal–because no one ever anticipated the need to pass a law against it.

But even with virtually everybody going to college after high school, there are still some deserving students–I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said “deserving”: who deserves college?–who won’t get in because someone else cheated.

Educating ourselves to death, that’s what we’re doing…

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