College Pays Off $36 Million in Lawsuit

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Look for the tuition to be going up soon at Oberlin College! After 6 years of litigation, the college has finally paid $36 million–in damages and attorneys’ fees–to a bakery that college officials tried to drive out of business by smearing it as “racist” (

[Special Challenge! Can you name five things that aren’t racist?]

Once upon a time, an Oberlin student, with two others, tried to shoplift at the bakery. The baker ran after him and tackled him. Voila! “College officials” swung into action to destroy the business.

It would be just if said “officials” were made to feel pain and hardship over this, but they’ll just pass it along to the next generation of suckers who register at Oberlin.

As we speak, tuition at Oberlin runs from $30,000-plus a year to $61,000 plus.

The things people find to do with their money…

Another ‘College’ Fail

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition – Marquette University Law School  Faculty Blog

“Nobody expects the E-town Inquisition!”

Why does anybody want to go to college? Why do parents send their kids? It costs a fortune, and what do you get?

Take, f’rinstance, Elizabethtown College (never heard of it) in Pennsylvania. They’re playing with FIRE (–that is, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education–who has warned them to stop violating civil rights laws. Indeed, FIRE says the school violates many of its own stated policies.

*E-town, as they call it, practices segregation. Like so: “This group will be a space for people who identify as individuals of color.” I suppose I could walk through the door and “identify” as a Zulu; but the intent is clearly racial segregation. Not lawful.

*And because black students are “extremely marginalized” (and whose fault is that?), any “negative view” of Critical Race Theory is against the rules and will be punished. You know CRT–all whites are evil racists, all non-whites are pitifully oppressed and need white liberals to lead them across the street. Well, you can’t have a negative view of that.

*The “college” has also gone after a student group that privately raised money for traveling expenses, after the school refused to give them any. Somewhere there must be white supremacy here… has anybody looked under the rug?

This shabby excuse for a college is affiliated with the Church of the Brethren (never heard of them, either). Guys, do you support this schiff? If not, seems like a few firings are in order.

Does “higher education” teach anything but racial fear and hatred anymore?


Not that I expect an answer.

‘The Absurdity of “Diversity” and “Inclusion”‘ (2016)

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I run this post now and then because we keep hoping “diversity” and “inclusion” will just go away and  never be heard from again; but they don’t. And now they’ve been joined by “equity,” another totally meaningless buzz-word.

The Absurdity of ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’

It’d be bad enough if academic liberals were only boring annoyances. But they do real damage to society–termites in the wood, tapeworms in the belly.

This is what happens when Everybody Has To Go To College.

‘Where Do Idiots Come From?’ (2018)

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This was written before we all saw–to our horror–just how many idiots can be jammed into a single presidential administration. But it shouldn’t have surprised us.

Where Do Idiots Come From?

They are generated by our so-called education system, by our degraded popular culture, by politicians, noozies, “teachers,” and a multitude of mountebanks.

We’ve been stocking up on idiots for many years now, and someday that bill is going to come due. Maybe it already has…

‘Liberal Logic’ (2017)

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Ever since Satan acquired them sometime in the late 19th or early 20th century, colleges and universities have specialized in brewing up mischief and undermining our civilization–gonna wind up like the Indus Valley people, if we don’t watch out.

Liberal Logic

Their claim that “There’s no such thing as truth,” coupled with their fanatical adherence to their own doctrines as unassailable, unquestionable, and as high above doubt as heaven is above the earth, have saddled us with civilization-eating horrors (transgender, critical race theory, government ownership of people and property–it’s a long list).

You really need to believe a lot of crazy schiff to get through collidge these days.

Judge Socks It to University: Pay Christian Students $1.9 Million

The payments app is freezing and completely removing people from its  platform for not reading their 27-page-long user agreement.

Ready for some good news, for a change?

When two Christian student groups at Iowa University declined to allow “openly gay” sodomites to lead their groups, the looniversity decertified the groups… because obviously Christian students mustn’t be allowed to have Christian beliefs, let alone practice them.

A federal judge has ordered the looniversity to pay almost $2 million in damages ( He also wondered aloud what on earth made “officials” there think they could get away with blatant religious discrimination.

Well, schiff, your honor–it’s only what every Far Left jidrool of an “educator” thinks should be done! If we locked up every “educator” who felt that way… Hey, tell you what: let’s try it.

Note that this kind of discrimination is only leveled at Christians and Jews. They wouldn’t dream of telling a Muslim student group that they had to have non-Muslim leaders. They wouldn’t do it twice, at any rate. Nor would they ever consider telling the campus BLM chapter to bring in white leaders.

Well, this time they got their fingers burned.

It’ll have to do until we can our university system back down to size–say, no more than 10% of what it is now.

‘More College Crapola’ (2017)

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Shuffling through the archives, I find I have several posts with the headline above, “More College Crapola.” It seems our colleges and universities do a spectacular job of generating crapola.

More College Crapola

In this instance, the pinheads at San Diego State dreamed up a new way to “teach” students to hate and fear America. Like all those millions of people come here illegally because they want to be Oppressed!

What in the world are we supposed to gain from an, er, “education” system that spends morning, noon, and night preaching that our country is the worst thing that ever happened in the world?

And why in the world should we have to pay them to do it?

‘College Crapola Du Jour’ (2018)

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I can hardly believe this “abolish the sexes!” schiff has been going on for three years, or even more. And I won’t even try to imagine what the mental patients who run Colorado State University are up to now. This was bad enough.

College Crapola du Jour

“Use only gender-neutral emojis, and inclusive pronouns…” College makes you stupid! It’s making the whole country stupider and stupider.

If American civilization fails, we’ll be able to say in all truthfulness that we “educated” it to death.

It’s Not As Much Fun As You Think


Sure you wanna go where this bus is goin’?

School boards acting like German officers occupying France. Critical Race Theory. College. Transgender jihad. Superman’s son is a homosexual. Citizens of the world. And oh, God, transhumanism: leftist bigwigs to live forever.

Believe it or not, it’s not really all that much fun to write about this stuff. Well, I mean, given that these are all symptoms of a culture in the grip of a potentially fatal disease–and only just a few of many symptoms, at that–kind of takes the zest out of the enterprise. Like, how in the world is anybody gonna satirize this schiff?

It can get you down.

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?” (Psalm 2:1) “Vain” is putting it mildly. And so much of it is nothing more than babble! Pure meaningless drivel. “Our commitment to diversity–” how can you even say that without your tongue going on strike?

(And the useful idiots come swarming out of college like the zombies in Carnival of Souls, brandishing their degrees in Gender Studies, gibbering so mindlessly, they can’t even understand themselves… You really do wonder why Democrats ever have to cheat to win.)

Sun’s out! Back to my book.


‘Brown U. Aborts Its Own Study (‘Cause They Didn’t Like What They Found)’ (2018)

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This is how “science” is done anymore: if you don’t like what your scientific study tells you, you shut it down. If it isn’t giving you the answer you want to hear, terminate it.

Brown U. Aborts Its Own Study (‘Cause They Didn’t Like What They Found)

Brown University had a study of gender-bending which strongly suggested the whole thing was something less than real–so they shut it down. Didn’t want to offend the trannies.

I have never in my life seen anything as bizarre and unreal as the whole “transgender” movement.

Our colleges and universities are the cauldron in which this evil is brewed.