I’m Going with the Hyenas

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It’s been raining every day this week, which has really slowed the writing of my new book. But at least I was able to make one artistic decision about it.

I’m going with the oversized prehistoric cave hyenas. I can’t provide them with an Ice Age, but to make up for that, I’ve provided them with dangerous savages who worship them as holy.

Today’s spotted hyenas of Africa are pretty nasty, but these put them to shame. Hey, they ate mammoths and rhinoceroses.

Now if only this rain would stop, I could get down to business.

P.S.–I’m calling it His Mercy Endureth Forever. My wife and my editor like that title, so there it is.

7 comments on “I’m Going with the Hyenas

  1. The mere mention of a huge hyena is a bit unnerving, but then again, we’ve had King Ryons entering Obann on the back of a huge beast that sent everyone scattering, and we’ve seen giant birds that can overtake horses and eat them right along with their riders! And there’s the ominous sounding beast that seems at times to be tracking Helki. So these hyenas, in the scheme of things, may not be as bad as they first seem 🙂

    I like the title too!

  2. More fantastical animals sounds great, but I don’t know about the title. All the other books start with “The.” – it seems like you would want to keep the trend going (just my input, I’m only on book 6 “The Palace”).

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