Inscrutable Cats

As I run back and forth between computers to try to get this simple job done, of posting a video, because first there are problems on this machine, and then on that one, I can’t help wishing I could just take a nap instead. Problems caused by updates. Huzzah.

Anyway, here are some cats, some of them going out of their way to pick on dogs, but all of them with one thing in common: you can practically see the wheels turning, inside their heads. And yet you never know what a cat is going to do. This we humans have in common with dogs.

5 comments on “Inscrutable Cats

  1. Oh my! What a beautiful chocolate cat about midway through! I had two chocolate tuxedo cats – Jeremiah, who was a love bug, and Sassy (guess why she got that name lol)

    The pushy food police cat was hilarious, too, although I’m sure the poor kitty being pushed wasn’t amused. It’s not so much the push, but he actually held it there! Gracious!

    1. Mine had a mini crash this morning, but I quickly asked Father to keep this old laptop going since it’s how I do my grocery shopping (my grocer delivers and what a true blessing that is!) and how I pay my bills and of course, come here 🙂 In fact, if I suddenly disappear for a little while, it could be my laptop going caput.

  2. Cats are smart and capable of planning. This proves it. What proves it even further is that while I was watching the video, my cat decided to stir and immediately I was wondering what she was up to. Yesterday, she watched the cats on the slide and boxed the iPad right out of my hands.

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