‘How Good Should Your Heroes Be?’ (2016)

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The other day I talked about villains, so it’s only fair to give equal time to heroes.


Recommended: The Heart of Midlothian, by Sir Walter Scott. A young woman’s fiancee is cast into prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and there’s no one to help him–no one but her. Armed only with her faith and with her goodness, she sets out, alone, to do the impossible… Wow!

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  1. Man you have written a lot in past years; I’m glad I found your blog recently though I wished I found it sooner. But God’s timing is meant to be

  2. This was a great post you wrote on heroes. I see I already “liked” it back when you wrote it. I adhere to the same standards when I write my books that you do. None of my heroes are perfect or overpowered–they are as flawed as the rest of us.They’re far more interesting that way. 🙂

  3. Since I’m always interested in a good book, I followed your recommendation and bought the complete works of Sir Walter Scott on Kindle. It was a great book, but perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve read it…or maybe your description matches another similar story.

    The young woman’s fiancée is actually guilty of murder, and is a fugitive from justice. Because of this, he was unable to marry her when she became pregnant out of wedlock. Thus she gives birth secretly and the midwife sells her baby. She is put in jail for child murder, since she concealed her pregnancy and the child is unaccounted for. It is her sister who is the virtuous heroine, walking to London to solicit the King and Queen for a pardon for her wayward sister.

    It was an interesting book because of the very stark subject matter; not what I imagined people were reading in the early 1800s! Also, goodness and virtue prevail in the end, and the fruits of wickedness are visited upon the guilty.

    Thanks for the recommendation, I look forward to reading the rest of Scott’s works this summer.

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