Britain’s Political Prisoner: World-Wide Protests

Image result for images of tommy robinson protest at downing street

One of the protests that They say aren’t happening

Remember when political prisoners were only found in communist hellholes–certainly not in civilized, freedom-loving Western countries?

Well, we can kiss that goodbye.

Protest demonstrations have broken out all over the world on behalf of Tommy Robinson, jailed for 13 months last week for attempting to cover the trial of a ring of pedophiles in Leeds. Now the UK has a political prisoner. Just like North Korea! Just like the old Soviet Union! (

They’ve tried to keep the lid on it in Briton, making it a criminal offense to report on Robinson’s arrest. Betcha didn’t think any country in the Free World would ever do that! But the British public knows about it anyway, because the Ruling Class just doesn’t have the power that they once had to stifle information. Thousands of Britons have demonstrated against Robinson’s imprisonment. These are, of course, described as “hundreds.” That is, when they are described at all.

There’s a good chance Robinson will be murdered in prison–so if you plan to protest, do it now. See, the defendants in that pedophile trial he was trying to report on, well, they’re all Muslims–and it makes the Ruling Class’s insane immigration policy kind of look bad. Britain’s prisons being populated by a disproportionate number of Muslims, some are calling his 13 months a death sentence. One wonders if that was precisely what the judge intended.

We need godly men and women in government, to preserve and protect our institutions, our culture, and our freedom.

But we don’t have them.

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