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Some of you will have already noticed I’m back from the eye doctor. I was there all morning, and the only excitement was when the lady at the desk read from the wrong piece of paper and announced a cost about eight times higher than it should have been. Other than that, no change. Except to confirm that my new glasses work really well.

Here, today, readership is low and I had to hustle to crank out a Newswithviews column. We still have a shot at 7,000 views for May, if the pace picks up a bit. And I hope everybody noticed The Silver Trumpet is at last on sale.

What I really want to do now is everything I can to boost readership of Chalcedon’s new/improved website, .That’s why I’ve been posting articles from that source. It’ll help us a lot if readers share those Chalcedon articles on the social media. To say nothing of enhancing my job security.

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12 comments on “Here’s Lookin’ at Ya

  1. I hope my new glasses do as well as yours. Heaven knows, I need help with vision. Small print is out of the question.
    Glad yours turned out well.

    1. Can you read small print without your glasses? That’s what I had to do, until I got these new ones.

      That reminds me of a time when Patty and Raymond and I were playing a rather complicated boardgame which had a lot of tiny little charts–printed in black ink on a dark blue background! You should have seen all three of us with our glasses off, bent over the board, trying to read the charts.

      You’d think someone involved in the design and production of that game might have surmised that this could be a problem!

  2. Yeah, I hear you. Some of the nonsense you run into is unbelievable. I bought a copy of the NKJV which was advertised to be large print. Well,
    It is a far cry from large, in fact, not even medium. I can see distance a
    little better without glasses, but I have to have them to read anything.
    Oh well, at age 85, I guess I’m lucky to read at all, since it has been my favorite thing since I was a baby.

    1. Same thing happened to me Erlene. The supposed large print was little more than normal sized, and forget about the study notes! Teeny tiny! I need a whole page magnifier!

    1. My guess is there are a lot of stupid people writing stupid stuff. What’s scary is there really are people who think this way.

  3. Congrats on the new book finally being available! I was quite near-sighted for most of my life, then I had cataract surgery and now I see far away just find without glasses but I can’t read without them. Talk about a change of life.

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