Racing Against the Rain

It’s been really hard, trying to write the first chapter set of my new Bell Mountain book, His Mercy Endureth Forever. What with holidays, doctor visits, deaths in the family, and lots and lots of rain, I’m far behind where I expected to be by now. And it looks like it’s going to rain some more, so I’d better get back outside, back to work, toot-sweet.

Poor Queen Gurun. Is she being offered a chance to go back to Fogo Island, to her family? There’s a man who is pretty sure he can build a ship that could take her there.

Meanwhile, up from the south comes trouble. Big trouble. For everybody.

So I can’t stay here and try to gin up readership. Here’s hoping the readers will rev it up themselves.

3 comments on “Racing Against the Rain

  1. We have to catch up to all this! We’re a couple books behind in all these goings on so we can’t even imagine Queen Gurun even entertaining such a thought – although, maybe she could entice her family to come for a visit, now that she’s a queen. Now there’s something I’ll bet her family never thought of – especially since they were ready to marry her off to the old guy next door when she disappeared!

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