Seeing the Conflict for What It Is

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This short essay by Mark Rushdoony appeared last year in Chalcedon’s blog.

Prophecy that has come true has always been a problem for materialists, and they always try to refute it the same way–by claiming that the prophecy wasn’t written until after the events foretold actually occurred. They buttress this with a presupposition, on their part, that predictive prophecy is by its very nature impossible: that is, it doesn’t fit into their worldview at all. Then they demand “proof,” and whatever evidence we might provide, they reject.

This is why the whole enterprise called “education” must be reclaimed by Christ’s people…

If they only realized it.

4 comments on “Seeing the Conflict for What It Is

  1. I think it will become evermore evident as the times progress. A rock which matches the description of the Rock of Horeb has been found in Saudi Arabia and there is apparently evidence that a great deal of water flowed out from this cleft rock. There have been some amazing archaeological finds in Israel as well.

    1. Well, the water only flowed out of the rock before they wrote about it in the Bible and anyway it was all natural causes so there!

  2. Jesus gave His followers the Great Commission, disciple the nations. Sounds pretty clear to me. It reminds me of when Jesus told his disciples to go to the other side of the lake while He slept in the hull of the boat on a pillow. A storm arises and His disciples flip out and think they are doomed. Didn’t Jesus tell them they were going to the other side? If He says it, then it comes to pass. All nations will one day be discipled to Christ and His teachings because He said so. How that comes about is what Christians seem to argue and obsess about.

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