The Blessings of Failure

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Columnist Bethany Mandel thinks “Rewarding Failure Has Become an American Epidemic,” and has the real-life examples to prove it (

For instance: After a girl failed to make the cheerleading team at Hanover Park High School, NJ, her parents complained and the school decided to allow everyone to make the team: just show up, and you’re in. The New York City Fire Dept. gave an $81,000-a-year desk job to a woman who failed the physical exams at the fire-fighting academy. And the New York State Board of Regents has thrown out the literacy requirement for teachers: you don’t have to be able to read and write anymore, to teach in New York’s public schools.

Gee, is this fair to the people who worked hard to meet those requirements? [Eight-minute laugh break ensues.] You wouldn’t ask that if you truly understood liberalism and Social Justice! In fact, you should be beaten up for asking it! Hater! Biggit! Ableist! [Head turns 360 degrees, body levitates off bed.]

Question: What about the poor sad sacks who fail at being failures? What of those who pursue failure, but cannot catch it? Who seek failure, but never find it?

More thought must be devoted to this!

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  1. The Soviet Union would not allow anyone to succeed, and they collapsed. The US will not allow anyone to fail, and I doubt that they will fare any better.

  2. Imagine if they did that with doctors. Failures are important, they show you what your made of it. Some of the most successful people began in failure, but that failure is what drove them to excel. It’s through failure that we learn from our mistakes. What they are doing in rewarding failure is fostering mediocrity. You won’t get the best and brightest, but the lowest common denominator. That is the Marxist way.

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