Sleeper, Awake–and Eat Cat Food

Ah, the aroma of fine food! The exciting “click!” of a pop-top. For my cat Henry, it was the sound of corn being stripped. They sleep so soundly; and yet if you find the right signal, they’re awake and chewing before you can say Lugalzagizzi. That’s Sumerian for Fancy Feast.

7 comments on “Sleeper, Awake–and Eat Cat Food

  1. Word Press still will not let me in to your blog site. Suddenly, it began asking me for ID complete with password, but will not accept password, or allow me to reset it. Meantime, I just read the posts and have to let it go at that. Can’t respond, post– nothing. ???????

    1. Erlene, I don’t know what that’s about, but your comment here–well, it’s here.
      Sounds like computer devilry to me.

  2. I’ve heard that cats are the fastest of all mammals to rouse from sleep. I don’t know if that’s true, but in my experience they sure do wake up fast and I’ve never gotten food past a cat without them noticing.

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