Prayer Request: Linda

Please, everybody, join me in prayer for our comrade-in-arms, Linda, who has just had to take herself to the hospital emergency room with breathing issues. Some of us are well-acquainted with those, and wish we weren’t.

O Father in Heaven, in Jesus’ name, deliver our sister, Linda, out of danger and restore her to our fellowship. We are yours, O God: we look to you for shelter, for comfort, and for help. Please, Father, bless Linda and heal her: we ask it in Jesus’ name, Amen.

9 comments on “Prayer Request: Linda

  1. Amen, Heavenly Father, we are in agreement in asking for complete
    deliverance for our sister, Linda. Please send forth your Word and heal her in the name of our Healing Jesus, amen.

    1. She did say that she would keep me posted, but if she’s in the hospital, she might not have access to a computer–especially if she hasn’t been admitted yet.

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