Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

No one does joie de vivre better than a dog. Well, maybe a hamster on a really fast wheel… No, really, check these out. You can get pumped up just watching them. If it weren’t raining, I’d go out and chase a ball around the yard right now.

5 comments on “Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. I’d like to share this. I found it many decades ago and I don’t know who the author was (except that it was penned by a rescued cat) Get your tissues.


    I’m getting on in years, my coat is turning gray.
    My eyes have lost their luster, my hearing’s just okay.
    I spend my day dreaming of conquests in my past,
    Lying near a sunny window waiting for its warm repast.
    I remember our first visit, I was coming to you free.
    Hoping you would take me in and keep my company.
    I wasn’t young or handsome, two years I’d roamed the street.
    There were scars upon my face, I hobbled on my feet.
    I could sense your disappointment as I left my prison cage.
    Oh, I hoped you would accept me and look beyond my age.
    You took me out of pity, I accepted without shame.
    Then you grew to love me, and I admit the same.
    I have shared with you your laughter, you have wet my fur with tears.
    We’ve come to know each other throughout these many years.
    Just one more hug this morning before you drive away.
    And know I’ll think about you throughout your busy day.
    The time we’ve left together is a treasured time at that.
    My heart is yours forever.
    I promise –
    This Old Cat

  2. The dogs were great. You have to love a critter like that.

    What a poem, Linda. I had a rescue cat whom I loved beyond words. I always felt that cat appreciated that I’d taken her in and I had ten years of unconditional love from her. Reading that poem really brought back some good memories.

  3. That scene with the Fidget Spinner reminded me of teaching in elementary school and all the kids had them. I would tell them if they completed their assignment they could play with their spinners – talk about motivation!

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