Say ‘We’ll Stop It’ to the FBI

I don’t want to go over a lot of ground you’ve all covered already. We have the Inspector General’s report, in which the FBI lawyer expresses dismay at the prospect of Donald Trump being elected president–no dismay for the un-jailed felon, Hillary–and the FBI agent “investigating” reassures her, “We’ll stop it” (

Question: Who’s “we”? Could we have some names, please? Because all of them belong in jail.

Question: What do you want to bet that absolutely not a single one of these people ever spends a day in the slammer?

“We’ll stop it.” We will stop the American people from electing the president they choose, and impose upon them the president we choose.

Question: Is there even one reason, just one, that we should tolerate that? Is our freedom worth so little to us, that we will allow a couple of spooks in the FBI to determine who’s elected and who isn’t?

If this rot can’t be dug out of the FBI, then the FBI needs to be de-funded and all its personnel sent home.

10 comments on “Say ‘We’ll Stop It’ to the FBI

  1. One thing I find amazing is the attitude many have that the will of the majority is a mere obstacle to achieving their ends. If these people want a different form of government, but the majority of Americans don’t agree with them, they are free to move to where that form of government already exists.

  2. Lee, your inner journalist is showing! All great questions that nobody seems to be asking. My humble opinion is that Strzok said that just to sound more macho and powerful to his chick.

  3. In a government shutdown, most of them – in the alphabet soup agencies – are told to go home because they’re among those considered ‘non-essential’, appropriately enough.

  4. Welcome back, Linda. So glad to see that the Lord answered our prayers.
    Your remark is very appropriate. I have thought this for a long time.

    1. Thank you so much, Erlene – for your prayers and the welcome back, 🙂

  5. The MSM says the “we” are Democrats (not the conspiring FBI agents). My wife was furious when it came out the IG said there was no political bias by the FBI (and the moon is made of cheese). I am trusty Christ to bring all this to light as he heals His chosen nation, America (my personal bias). Patience is a fruit of the Spirit.

    1. What it actually says, if I heard it right, was that the IG couldn’t find anybody in the FBI to admit they tried to subvert an election. Ya think?

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