The Dog Park ‘Rape Culture’???

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Sorry, but I can’t spot any rapes in progress. Can you?

It’s getting harder and harder to unpack leftid feminist babble and translate it into English.

Writing for the Portland University Ungendering Research Initiative, whatever the deuce that is, a Ph. D. in Feminist Studies has excoriated city dog parks as places fostering “rape culture and queer performativity” ( She attempts to show how “human companions [people walking their dogs, I think] foster and perpetuate masculinist systems of communal oppression across species” and calls the parks “rape-condoning spaces.”

You’re gonna need a bigger Blather Bingo card.

This is what your collidge tuition dollars buy, folks. Gibberish.

You want your sons and daughters to be “educated” by these kooks because… Fill in the blank and win a prize.

Try to enjoy the hard work you have to do to pay for this.

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    1. With the five-figure Federal Income Tax I paid last year, you can bet that I’m supplementing someone’s education. 🙂

  1. Oh for pity’s sake. Whoever she is, I certainly hope she brought a doggie doo bag with her cause she sounds like she needs one. :\

    Lee, it could be on my end, but when I tried to go to your post “Our Friend Jess Kicks Butt”, it gives me a message – Error 404 – Not found
    Sorry, no posts could be found here. Try searching below:

    The link to read her comments worked fine from my email alert, but your article supplying the link can’t be found on your own website – at least from here… Technology!

    1. What happened was, I trashed the post after I couldn’t get the link to work. I tried to make it go away because I could not import the information from the chess site. It’s too bad–she was in fine form. When Jess is hot, she’s red-hot. And of course I totally agree with what she said.

    1. There are places in California which are on par with the Third World. I’ve quit visiting California because I no longer feel secure, and this includes areas known as tourist destinations. It’s going down the drain, from what I can see. There’s a ballot initiative to split the state into three states which will be voted on in November.

    2. My uncle Jimmy, black sheep of the family, had occasion, back in the 60s, to go to Calcutta on business. He looked forward to taking lots of exotic pictures. He was very far from being a humane or empathetic man, but what he saw was way too much for him–literally people dying on the sidewalks. He wound up using all his film taking pictures of clouds from the airplane window.

      I am told it’s not as bad as that anymore, in Calcutta.

      Now the badness has come to San Francisco. Courtesy of liberalism.

      The Democrat Party must be put out of business forever, and its leftid ideology permanently discredited.

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