Using Children as Political Props

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I really didn’t want to write about this today, but I suppose I ought to take some notice of it because it’s all over the nooze media.

Democrats, who only want to replace the electorate and don’t care what it costs the country, are playing the violin over “ripping children from the arms of their families”–which is their take on America enforcing her immigration laws. Coming from the pro-abortion crowd, it somehow lacks sincerity.

So they’ve suddenly got this doctrine that you don’t ever separate children from their families (unless you need to protect them from the Bible)… Uh, does that, like, work? If we were to apply this principle, wouldn’t that mean that any criminal who has children could never be put in jail? ‘Cause that’s what we do now.

But if you break our immigration laws and come here illegally, with a child who may or may not be really yours, we have no way of knowing, you get a free pass? And lots of free stuff? And get to vote for Democrats as soon as there’s an election? That last is illegal, too, but it happens all the time.

I hate it when amoral political schemers use children as props. And that’s all they are, in this case–props.

If you and your children live in another country, there are two sure-fire ways to avoid having your kids torn from your arms. 1) Come here legally. 2) Or don’t come here at all. The calamity decried by Democrats is easily avoidable by anyone.

As usual, Democrats are trying to create a crisis from which they benefit at the American people’s expense.

7 comments on “Using Children as Political Props

  1. I’m not sure they could sink any lower – the dems/communists, that is. I said the same thing, Lee. We separate parents and children all the time – when either the parent or the child is arrested. How absurd their argument is, which shows the level of insanity, They honestly can’t see the absurdity?

    1. I’m quite sure you’re right, but what should really be keeping them up all night is getting on their knees and seeking the Lord while He may be found!

  2. Great column, Lee. This morning, I said to my husband that the Dems are thinking this will be the winning issue for them in the midterms, since they so far do not have one. I heard Rush say essentially, that they must change the narrative since the economy is surging and Trump’s numbers are too good.

    1. Here in NJ the media is beating the drum like crazy. Remember when they used to report news? I wonder if I only dreamed that.

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