Court Snuffs DACA, Dems Pitch Hissy Fit

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Gee whiz! Didn’t this guy used to love court decisions?

A federal appeals court has struck down “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”–which allowed persons who came here illegally as children to remain indefinitely–ruling that the policy had been “illegally implemented by the Obama administration” ( (Ya think?)

The court said they weren’t going to kick anybody out of the country, but DACA can’t be used anymore to bring in more illegal aliens. Some 600,000 persons would be allowed to stay–although, having come here illegally, they would not be citizens.

Which has Democrats screaming bloody murder. Curses, foiled again! SloJo Biden blames “MAGA Republicans” for action against what liberals sickeningly call “Dreamers.” The “dream” is free stuff for them and free votes for Dems. For everybody else it’s just more nightmare.

Look–if someone was brought here illegally as a babe in arms, it’s hardly humane, twenty years later, to kick him out. The court is not calling for that. There may even be a way to eventually grant them citizenship without violating justice or common sense. But neither of those is ever at play in any Democrat activity.

Meanwhile… anything that makes Biden and his mob scream is very likely a good thing.

Now They’re Kicked Off Martha’s Vineyard

The tribe has spoken... You have been voted off the island - Jeff Probst |  Meme Generator

They didn’t have to vote on Martha’s Vineyard–just kicked ’em off.

(Thanks to Phoebe for the nooze tip)

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Just this morning they called in 125 National Guard troops to take some 50 illegal aliens off the posh Democrat island of Martha’s Vineyard–sorry, campesinos, no sanctuary here (! But don’t worry, we’ll just ship you to some safe place among the plebs. Then you can hunker down and wait for free stuff from the government.

They weren’t on Martha’s Vineyard for a week before they were kicked off the island.

Texas’ Gov. Abbot has been shipping his illegals to New York and Chicago, whose Democrat mayors, after repeatedly declaring that theirs were “sanctuary cities” for the illegals, have been yowling about a “humanitarian crisis” which, of course, is of their own making. Florida’s Gov. DeSantis shipped his to Martha’s Vineyard–a stand-up-and-cheer act which libs and their toadies in the media have denounced as “a political stunt.”

Meanwhile Kamala Babble insists “our border is secure.” What a whopper! The Regime has burst our southern border wide open. They created this crisis. But they want small-town America to pay for it.



Importing Criminals

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Hail, hail, the gang’s all here! Literally.

A federal court has ruled that the Biden Regime has acted “contrary to law” and in an “arbitrary and capricious” manner in refusing to take dangerous criminal illegal aliens into custody… but instead releasing convicted criminals into the U.S. ( The law requires that convicted criminals who cross our border illegally be taken into federal custody (and then deported, in most cases); but The Regime has refused to so.

The Regime lost a lawsuit brought by the states of Texas and Louisiana.

The question is: Why does The Regime want more criminals brought into the U.S. and set at liberty? Can you imagine anything more sinister? “We’re not satisfied with our own home-grown born-in-the-USA murderers, rapists, drug dealers, sex traffickers and ne’er-do-wells! We’ve gotta bring more in from other countries.” What kind of toxic lunacy is that?

It’s liberal Democrat toxic lunacy; and it’ll kill our country if we don’t get these people out of office.


Court Blocks Removal of ‘Title 42’

Biden found images of border agents with migrants 'horrific and horrible,'  White House says - ABC News

“Free stuff, free stuff, we want free stuff!”

Wait a minute. What’s a “Title 42”?

It’s a ban on sick people entering the United States illegally, allowing authorities to expel them if they test positive for COVID, etc. Of course, you’re not supposed to jump our borders if you’re healthy, either. But we have Democrats in charge and they refuse to enforce our immigration laws.

Well, a federal judge has issued a temporary restraining order against The Regime’s plan to lift Title 42 next month ( Twenty-one states have joined in a lawsuit to stop the madness; and there is actually some bipartisan sentiment in the U.S. Senate for keeping Title 42 in place. I mean, this idea is so downright bad, even some Democrats are against it. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible to generate anything that bad.

So far, over a million illegals have been expelled via Title 42. That’s a million who would still be here if the policy were discontinued.

Any delay is welcome, as the country crawls, almost out of breath, to November’s midterm elections…

More Stupidworld! On Our Border

Border patrol agents try and drag a fugitive border jumper as he tries to  get back to Mexico in this colorized picture from 1920 [640x442] :  r/HistoryPorn

They’re too busy defending Ukraine’s borders to bother with ours.

Hey! Did you know last Thursday was “International Trans Day of Visibility”? Damn–I missed it!

But the Biden administration didn’t miss it. They celebrated it by ordering Customs and Border Patrol officers to use “preferred pronouns” and “gender-neutral language” in dealing with border jumpers ( They also decided that “non-binary” American citizens–and humans who identify as  centaurs, gotta be “inclusive”!–can now put an “X” on their passports instead of Male or Female.

“While we briefly question you for breaking our law and illegally crossing our border, putting our very republic at risk and making a mockery of our national sovereignty, before we let you go to commit crimes and get free stuff from our defenseless taxpayers… what pronouns do you want us to use? Xe? Zer? Xum? Whatever you want, we’re going along with it!”

The Western world’s ruling class has gone completely bonkers. They are an existential threat to the countries that they govern. They push “transgender” as if their lives depended on it.


Actually, we know why: so they can collapse their respective countries, throw of their hands, and tell us “The only solution is a global government! Nation-states just don’t work anymore!”

That’s why.

‘More College Crapola’ (2017)

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Shuffling through the archives, I find I have several posts with the headline above, “More College Crapola.” It seems our colleges and universities do a spectacular job of generating crapola.

More College Crapola

In this instance, the pinheads at San Diego State dreamed up a new way to “teach” students to hate and fear America. Like all those millions of people come here illegally because they want to be Oppressed!

What in the world are we supposed to gain from an, er, “education” system that spends morning, noon, and night preaching that our country is the worst thing that ever happened in the world?

And why in the world should we have to pay them to do it?

Beto: ‘Call Me Jose’

In his struggle to win the 2020 Democrat nomination for president, Congressman Robert Francis O’Rourke, dba “Beto O’Rourke,” must overcome the double handicap of not being a “minority” and not being a woman: most Dems say you’ve got to be one or the other, or both, to be president of the United States. Those are the most important qualifications for the office.

Well, poor Beto is neither, even though his current alias is intended to get people to think he’s at least part Mexican. But apparently it is not a big enough part, and Beto is doing something about it.

According to a confidential source who is as close to the candidate as it is possible to be without actually merging with him like in that Bergman movie Persona, “Beto is going to change his name, officially, to Jose Jimenez and put it out that his parents came here illegally and he’s, like, an anchor baby and he’d’a been a Dreamer if there were Dreamers when he was born.”

“It was a tough call for him,” said the source. “He had half a mind to have his sex changed and then call himself Maria Chavez, the long-lost cousin of the late Hugo Chavez; but in the long run, he couldn’t face the operation. You know–like he gets his you-know-what removed and still can’t win the nomination, it’s not like they can just duct-tape it back. So the name change is the way to go.”

The next step, said the source, is “to come up with a really catchy slogan. We’re looking at ‘Down With No-Good Stinkin’ White America,’ but we will entertain further suggestions.”

An Instant Solution to Illegal Immigration Problem! (Speaking of Scams…)

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A spokesperson for the newly formed Moderate Senators for Moderate Things Caucus has revealed the Senate group’s plan for an instantaneous solution to America’s problem with illegal immigration.

Known only as “Spokesperson,” the spokesperson explained how the senators’ plan would solve the problem “overnight.”

“The president wants a border wall–right?” he (or she) said. “Well, we’ll give him one! All he’s got to do in return is promise, as soon as he gets it, to sign a bill granting full and immediate amnesty to all the undocumented migrants who are here. Presto! They’re now here legally! No more illegals!”

Spokesperson declined to identify the senators who have joined the Moderate Senators for Moderate Things Caucus, who have taken to wearing paper bags over their heads. “They don’t want the voters in their home states to overreact,” she (or he) (or xe) explained. “They understand that their constituents just aren’t smart enough to appreciate how great this will be for our country. Give them  forty or fifty years and they’ll come around.”

“For one thing,” he added, “the cost of labor will plummet, with all these former illegals added to the workforce. Our donors love that! And American workers will love it, too, once they adjust to being unemployed.

“Heck, we’re only talking about giving amnesty to, oh, ten to twenty million people. And whatever free stuff they’ll need from the government for a generation or two.

“Honest, this plan just can’t miss!”

Meanwhile, said Spokesperson, the border wall, if built, would keep another ten or twenty million from coming in and getting amnesty.

“Sure, we’ll fund the wall, just as soon as the amnesty has gone into effect. You have our word on it! We’re sure the president knows he can trust us! And America can trust us, too!”

President Donald Trump’s response has been censored by the nooze and social media.

The Invasion of America

As you read this, a “caravan” of thousands of Central Americans, estimated at four to seven thousand so far, treks through Mexico with the announced intention of swarming across our country’s southern border–illegally.

Who is funding this? ( In Newt Gingrich’s words, this “caravan” is “an organized effort to destroy the rule of law,” and assorted villains on the Left, with the tacit blessing of the Democrat Party, “are funding this deliberate attempt to invade America.”

This is a campaign to destabilize America. It’s being waged for a political purpose: to ruin Donald Trump’s presidency and somehow get Democrats back into power in next month’s elections.

Here’s how it works. Either the president stops the invasion, which would probably necessitate the use of force, and provide unhappy incidents which will allow Democrats to denounce his cruelty and “racism”; or else he doesn’t stop it, gutting his own promise to protect our borders and demoralizing his supporters in time for Democrats to make hay in the elections.

Could anything be more cynical? What are we to think of persons, and of a political party, so willing to use poor people in poor countries as pawns, not caring what happens to them, just for their own political gain? “Despicable” would be a big step up for them.

Whatever happens at the border, use your vote next month to punish those who did this. And that would be the Democrats.

Judge: ‘Sanctuary State’ Unconstitutional

Image result for images of california tent cities

Are you sure you want a sanctuary state?

At least one judge has ruled unconstitutional the 2017 state law that made California a “sanctuary state” where our country’s immigration laws do not apply (

A Superior Court judge struck down the law on the grounds that it violates the rights of charter cities (121 of them) to police themselves. The law forbade local police forces to communicate with federal authorities, like ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement),  in cases involving illegal aliens.

Gee, who’d’a thunk it? A state declares federal law, enacted by Congress, to be null and void within its borders… Uh, wasn’t there a spot of trouble about that, back in the 1860s?

If the U.S. Constitution is not the law of the land, then there is no law of the land: but only 50 different sets of laws, and no country at all, but only a name on the map.

That still leaves us utterly perplexed as to why anyone would want their state declared a sanctuary for illegal aliens. Well, OK, Democrats want to replace the electorate with a lot of Third World peasants they can easily dominate, and certain Republican donors want cheap labor (although if the labor force can’t afford to buy the goods and services, then where are you?)–but those are not reasons for normal people.