Unpredictable Cats

You pretty much know what your pet clam or oyster will do in any situation: nothing. But cats not only do the unexpected. They also like to create the situation.

P.S.–Please, please don’t let your cats mess around with frogs. Most frogs and toads have chemicals in their skin that can make a mammal painfully and expensively sick if it gets into mouth or eyes. And it’s not a frog’s idea of fun.

3 comments on “Unpredictable Cats

  1. Adventurers, daredevils, acrobats . . . there’s even a cat petting a bird! Now that’s novel 🙂

    I second your advice about allowing your animals to interact with frogs and toads. In South Florida, we have a huge poisonous toad – the cane toad – that’s very toxic. Many animals have died putting one in their mouths.

  2. Now those were some really great cat antics. They are such ingenious lil’

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