A Joke Comes to Life

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You know a civilization’s in trouble when corny old jokes start coming to life.

As the joke has it, a man is selling rabbit poops as “smart pills,” guaranteed to make you smarter. A customer buys some, but an hour later comes storming back, furious. “You cheated me!” he cries. “These ain’t smart pills! They’re nothin’ but rabbit poops!” To which the vendor replies, “See? You’re getting smarter already!”

In Vancouver recently, at an outdoor culture and art festival, an enterprising con man sold “hot dog water” at $38 a bottle Canadian ($28 U.S. money)–yes, water in which hot dogs had been boiled–claiming that it would help the user not only lose weight… but also sharpen his or her intelligence! Just like in the joke.

By the end of the day he’d sold all but two bottles (https://m.sfgate.com/food/article/Hot-Dog-Water-Vancouver-festival-stand-bottle-sign-13018126.php).

I know people who would’ve bought one. Do you?

(Thanks to my chess buddy, “WannaBe,” for this baroque news tip.)

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    1. My records show this is not the first time this has happened. There was a similar episode last year. The old smart pills joke seems to be taking on a life of its own.

      And this along with the costliest “education” establishment in human history.

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