‘Rock of Ages’

We’ve all heard this hymn a thousand times: Rock of Ages, published in 1775.  But it pays to pretend you’ve never heard it before–and listen. The lyrics preach a central tenet of Christianity.

Performed by the Antrim Mennonite Choir. Background sets by the Lord Our God, Maker of heaven and earth.

3 comments on “‘Rock of Ages’

  1. Beautiful, as always, Lee. And God’s scenery awe-inspiring. Thank you. I remember requesting this a few years back and the day you posted it, WordPress decided to toss my comments into a spam receptacle lol.

    Just in case you may have missed this from my comment to yesterday’s hymn – ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd” . In my comment was a request for your request list:

    “I do have a request for your list: ‘Our Father Who Art In Heaven by Don Moen’.”

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