When 20% of the People Get 90% of the Coverage

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I have never in my life seen a poll in which more than 20% of the respondents self-identify as liberals–let alone rug-chewing radicals. That leaves at least 80% of us who are not libs.

A few of us here have been speculating about social media censorship, all of which is aimed at conservatives, and none at liberals. Congress has held hearings on it, but never got around to taking action.

We think the social media giants–Google and Facebook are the names most commonly heard–employ robots to censor copy that includes key words or phrases. And there’s “shadow banning”–a conservative commenter is cut off from his audience, but is never told so. Some of you say you have experienced that. I believe you.

Just based on what anyone can actually see, you can with impunity curse God, deny Christ, malign your country, and mock your parents: and these are not only all permitted, but applauded and “celebrated” as being profoundly enlightened. No one would dream of ever censoring stuff like that.

But watch what happens if you curse transgenderism. That’s “Hate.” It’s not allowed. You must be a Nazi.

Leftids now feel entitled to surround public officials’ homes at night and threaten them, as punishment for working for a government whose immigration policies the leftids do not like. They feel entitled to chase their political opponents out of a restaurant, out of a movie theater. It’s only a matter of time before these crazed fanatics, egged on by the nooze media, on purpose, start killing persons because they don’t like the cut of their jib, politically. In fact, that has already started.

This is how they’re gonna win us over so they can get that Great Blue Wave in November and put their Democrat masters back in charge of Congress.

I think they’re playing with fire. Let the consequences be on their own heads.

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  1. What the Maxine Waters crowd (that’s the Democrat Party elites) is promoting will not fly with middle America. The Blue Wave is turning into a Red Wave because decent people have had enough of these hypocritical, lying people. The lieutenant governor of Texas, Dan Patrick,says there are 30 million people in America illegally at this time. Pres. Trump calls it an invasion, and he is right. Who do you think is behind all these Latin American people fleeing here? I am pretty sure it is not a coincidence.

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