YouTube Cancels Skepticism About COVID Vaccines

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“Consensus” can get out of hand

One by one, Big Tech is canceling from the social media anyone who raises questions about the safety or efficacy, or even the morality, of the new COVID-19 vaccines. The censorship campaign was launched late last year.

From YouTube we get this: It “would now ban any content with claims about COVID-19 vaccines that contradict consensus from local authorities or the World Health Organization” ( And just like that, “consensus” is elevated to the status of an idol, and the World Health Organization to an absolute authority that cannot be questioned. Never mind that it’s an arm of the abjectly corrupt United Nations.

And legitimate concerns and questions about the vaccines are equated with daft quackery and unhinged conspiracy theories. But in truth, you can question the COVID-19 vaccines without rejecting tried and successful vaccines for, say, polio or smallpox. Questioning does not turn you into a wild-eyed “anti-vaccine” conspiracy nut.

What do you get when you mix science with politics? You get… politics!

When I studied Political Science in college, politics was defined as “the authoritative allocation of value.” The key word there is “authoritative.” It includes the “authority” of brute force, coercion, and shouting down dissent.

And what is “consensus”? It’s nothing more than what everybody, or practically everybody, thinks at the time. “Consensus” doesn’t have to be true, and all too often, it isn’t. The experts can be wrong. The power brokers can be wrong. That’s why real science, an endangered species, always leaves the door open for further questions. But the tough guys with the keys to the jailhouse don’t want to hear any questions.

This is not how honest men and women behave. Whenever “science” relies exclusively on consensus, it isn’t science anymore. It’s only politics.

I don’t have the scientific background to ask penetrating questions about the vaccines. But I do know enough about politics to question the capacity and the motivations of the persons who are pushing the vaccines.

And those are questions that everybody needs to ask.

All the News You Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Hear

TV Review: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (TV Series) | HNN

“It’s news, Mr. Vincenzo! News!”

LifeSite News has been “suspended” from YouTube for a week.

I say there’s a qualitative difference between some psycho yelling “Fire!” in  crowded theater and a credentialed medical scientist criticizing public policy vis-a-vis King COVID. But YouTube doesn’t think you should be allowed to hear what this critic has to say (

What are Dr. Roger Hodkinson’s credentials? He is medical director of Western Medical Assessments and a former chairman of the Royal College of Physicians (in Canada) Examination Committee. So, yes, his opinion is worth something; but YouTube says it’s “medical misinformation” and that by reporting the news–Dr. Hodkinson’s comments are news–LifeSite has violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Which is pure bunk, start to finish.

And what did this credentialed medical scientist say, that no one is allowed to mention on YouTube?

He called the COVID-19 panic “the greatest hoax ever” and decried the uselessness of face masks, except as virtue signals, and the rush by nooze media and politicians to scare people into submission.

Sounds pretty much on target to me!

LifeSite News has urged its readers to follow it on Rumble instead of the various social media that are part of left-wing Googles social media monopoly.

Leftids believe that, now that they’ve stolen America’s presidential election, they can do anything they want without being held accountable.

Wait’ll they find out they only thought they’d stolen it. Make sure plenty of paddy wagons are ready.

More WordPress Woes

If I didn’t have supreme confidence in my own unimportance, I’d swear WordPress was out to get me.

Yesterday it was the ol’ “Make his connection to Facebook go away” trick; and try as I might, I couldn’t get it back. Now you see it, now you don’t. I called up Jill and she couldn’t get it back, either. “Have you posted anything they might want to censor?” she asked. Not to my knowledge. Besides, by then we had a video of babies and puppies, and who would censor that? (Is that one of those questions that you shouldn’t ask?)

Well, we tried this and we tried that. And suddenly the post that didn’t have a Facebook share button had one; but the post that had one a moment ago now didn’t. “It looks like some kind of glitch at their end,” Jill theorized. “It might be gone by tomorrow.”

Voila, it’s gone. Of course, I haven’t tried to post this yet, so who knows what will happen? I’m starting to feel like those hamsters on the wheel up there.

Here we go, let’s see what comes out…

Forcing People to Say They Like You

Union Goon-Squad "THUGs" Own Pennsylvania (Literally) - Mike Shedlock

As I was finishing my last post (the one before this one), my work mysteriously disappeared from the page. Now what? What “improvement” are they hitting me with now? But then I began to wonder: had I been censored? The post included some teensy-weensy criticism of the otherwise perfect and beloved Black Lives Matter–and I’ve seen reports of some of the social media platforms banning any such comments. But I tracked down my post and posted it, so I guess I’m not banned. Not yet.

Now, how hard is it to visualize a near future in which anyone who doesn’t have a Black Lives Matter lawn sign is going to be in for lively times? Broken windows, slashed tires, scary phone calls… the usual bag of tricks.

In many venues now, we are not permitted to criticize what is, to be truthful about it, an evil revolutionary gang aspiring to destroy our country and make racial hatred the basis of our social life. Question: Is forcing us into silence going to endear them to us? If we can be made to say we like them and support them, will that eventually become our reality? Or will it just make us as mad as hell?

And now I have to stop because some more “improvements” have suddenly appeared on my screen and I have no idea what’s going to be published here. Let me know if you have problems reading it.


Beating the Censors

Our friend “Re-Farmer” sent us this video in a comment yesterday, and I’m posting it here today so everyone can see it.

When I have a post that I think will probably be suppressed by Facebook–experience is my guide–I often head it up with a picture of happy puppies. This always gets it past FB’s robot censors.

Well, watch how this guy totally defeats the YouTube censors. You may, at first, fall for his trick and think he’s just repeating the same-old same-old–but stay with it, you’ll soon be applauding his resourcefulness.

Yes, we can beat Far Left Crazy. It’ll take hard work and ingenuity, but we can do it!

An End to Social Media Censorship?

Censoring social media over hunting photos is utterly absurd ...

Many of you here on this blog, including me, have been censored by the social media, and it’s always been a one-way street: censorship for us, a free pass for Far Left Crazy.

But an end to that may be in sight.

President Donald Trump says he’s going to sign an executive order against the social media “selectively censoring news,” and defend free speech against “the unchecked power” of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and the rest (

Section 230 of the act which exempts the social media from being held liable for any damages incurred because of the content that they post, the Communications Decency Act, does not allow the social media to make “editorial decisions” regarding users’ content. But in recent years, the president said, the social media have disregarded that regulation and become, he said, “nothing more than a political activism group.”

Attorney General William Barr is preparing legislation to put an end to social media censorship.

It’s about time.

Somehow it’s only conservative opinion that ends up getting banned as “hate speech,” only conservative websites that wind up getting shut down or temporarily silenced. We all wanted an Internet that was free of censorship, but we haven’t got it. If the proposed regulations get signed into law, Big Tech will have only itself to thank.

The social media have evolved into a resource used by everyone, but everyone doesn’t get the same treatment. We are not generally in favor of inventing new regulations, but the situation with the social media has gotten out of hand. I shouldn’t have to use a picture of happy puppies every time I want to discuss something deemed controversial. If I don’t, Facebook censors me.

The former Sandinista who’s now the mayor of New York said, not long ago, that if he had his druthers, “Government would determine your day-to-day reality.”

Not on President Trump’s watch, sunshine.

Twitter Will Help You Shut Up

Duct Tape Mouth Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Twitter plans to introduce a new feature that will warn you off using “harmful language,” so you can censor yourself before they do it for you ( Isn’t that nice of them?

Sometimes, explains a Twitter executive, “when things get heated, you may say things you don’t mean.” Uh-huh. “We’re trying to encourage people to rethink their behavior.”

Who do these people think they are? Do they have any idea, any dim little ghost of an idea, what pompous self-important schmendricks they are? What little tinpot fascists they are? They’re gonna save us from ourselves, by cracky!

No! Go away! Out, damned spot!

We need saving from those pinheads who want to save us.

Is It ‘News’–or Psychological Warfare Against America?

KTLA Reporter's Earthquake Facial Reaction Is Everything | Time

“Ooh, we’re all gonna die!”

You’ve got to read this column by Michael Brown: “Is the Media Engaging in a Form of Psychological Warfare Against America?”

For the past two months there’s been essentially just one story in the nooze, night and day–the coronavirus. And we get bad news and alarming statistics 24/7.

Fear sells. Fear gets ratings.

Worse, the bulk of our nooze media has a political agenda: victory for Democrats, no matter what it costs the country.

Military history tells us that psychological warfare works. It demoralizes armies and saps the soldiers’ will to fight. It can do the same to civilians. Mr. Brown wonders if it is doing the same to us. Ya mean it isn’t?

We have endless repetition of bad news, scary stats, all day and all night. You can get people to believe almost anything if you repeat it often enough.

Where governors and mayors have indulged in what Mr. Brown and others call “police state tactics,” the media has cheered them on. This is America, and we’re supposed to debate public policy–not just ram it down the public’s throat.

And on top of all this, Big Tech has been censoring dissent in the social media. Critics’ voices are not heard.

Our country’s founders deemed a free press indispensable to the maintenance of our republic. They never envisioned that virtually the whole media would transform itself into a propaganda apparatus for one political party. They knew the press would sometimes lie, sometimes conceal the truth, sometimes get hysterical. But they never dreamed the press would do those things, on purpose, as the means of achieving a desired political objective.

We still need a free press. But more and more… we don’t have one.

Mayor: Trump Supporters ‘Also Members of KKK’

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The idiot mayor of Auburn, California, has had to resign after saying most of President Donald Trump’s supporters–that would be us–are “also members of the KKK” (

Mayor William Kirby, Democrat (of course), has announced his resignation after his stumblebum Tweet whipped up a firestorm of public protest. He said the comment was “meant to be private”–uh, then why did you post it on the social media, chucklehead? and more than once, too–and “made out of frustration.”

Gee, now who woulda thought anyone would think it was “hateful” to equate support for our president with belonging to the KKK? By the way, that would give the Ku Klux Klan some 68 million members and transform it into a dominant force in American politics. But anyway, the same Facebook that so often censors you and me (I called a Democrat politician a doofus once, and they censored that) gave this moron mayor a total free pass when he equated mainstream American Trump voters with the KKK–a domestic terrorist organization that used to kill people but is now just about extinct. No hate here, buckaroos! Nothing to censor here!

Anyhow, so much for this clown’s career. He’s lucky he’s not a conservative: he’d be up in front of a “human rights” tribunal looking at a colossal fine for “hate speech” and maybe even a trip to jail.


Suicidally Stupid

Image result for images of newts

No, I’m not going to run the stupid video. Here’s something better–an alpine newt in an aquarium. At least a thousand times better.

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Okay, Tide-pod challenge out–Coronavirus challenge, in!

This is how to get famous on the social media. All you’ve got to do is film yourself licking a toilet seat on an airliner or some other public place (

The first lost soul to do it said she did it because she doesn’t want to “get old and ugly.” Keep licking toilet seats, sunshine, and you won’t have to worry about the “old” part. As for ugly–well, suicidal idiocy is not exactly beautiful.

Some might call it natural selection for extinction.

We keep telling you: you can’t just kill the culture, day in, day out, and expect nothing bad to happen. Our schools are killing it, our “entertainment” is killing it, and now it’s going to kill us back.

Uh, social media–you guys who censor Christians and conservatives–anybody home? Are you, like, gonna censor these videos, so that morons and idiots who think they can get famous by publicly doing really stupid things, won’t have this avenue of self-expression anymore?

Unexpected moral lesson: there are some selves that really shouldn’t be expressed.