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Suicidally Stupid

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No, I’m not going to run the stupid video. Here’s something better–an alpine newt in an aquarium. At least a thousand times better.

(Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip)

Okay, Tide-pod challenge out–Coronavirus challenge, in!

This is how to get famous on the social media. All you’ve got to do is film yourself licking a toilet seat on an airliner or some other public place (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/here-we-go-idiots-participate-in-new-coronavirus-challenge-and-start-licking-airplane-toilet-seats-videos/).

The first lost soul to do it said she did it because she doesn’t want to “get old and ugly.” Keep licking toilet seats, sunshine, and you won’t have to worry about the “old” part. As for ugly–well, suicidal idiocy is not exactly beautiful.

Some might call it natural selection for extinction.

We keep telling you: you can’t just kill the culture, day in, day out, and expect nothing bad to happen. Our schools are killing it, our “entertainment” is killing it, and now it’s going to kill us back.

Uh, social media–you guys who censor Christians and conservatives–anybody home? Are you, like, gonna censor these videos, so that morons and idiots who think they can get famous by publicly doing really stupid things, won’t have this avenue of self-expression anymore?

Unexpected moral lesson: there are some selves that really shouldn’t be expressed.

‘So Now I’m “Dangerous”?’ (2016)

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By now I’ve learned that there are a lot of us, right here on this blog, who’ve been banned or suspended from the social media for one stupid “reason” or another. But I’ve never heard of anyone being banned or suspended for spouting Far Left Crazy we-hate-everybody twaddle.


And when you get around the media gatekeepers, there are always individual prats who want to shut you down. I heard from one the other day. Because I don’t reserve my vote for The Righteous Candidate who doesn’t exist and never will, she said, I’m just a phony evil fake Christian. Not a real one like Pete “I’ve Got a Husband!” Whatsisname, who ponces around with a Bible while praising abortion to the skies.

So you’re “dangerous” and I’m “dangerous,” and oh! I pray it’s so! I would love to be a genuine danger to the humanist lies and idols of this age!

And I think I’d better use a Happy Puppies picture so I don’t get censored.

Facebook Working Conditions: Too Horrible to Believe

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For sanity’s sake, let’s look at some of God’s stuff for a moment–like this red eft.

I hardly know what to make of this story, and I would rather not believe it.

WARNING: The link will take you to the Fox News story, details of which I prefer not to mention–especially those involving animal abuse. Read at your own risk. I wish I hadn’t read it.

A Facebook “content moderator,” 42 years old, recently died “after viewing horrific videos” of child and animal abuse, pornography, and other violently bizarre behavior (https://www.foxnews.com/tech/facebook-moderator-dies-horrific-videos-others-share-disturbing-incidents). Some of his co-workers report symptoms suggestive of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and working conditions that constitute “a terrible, terrible environment.”

Facebook employs some 15,000 moderators worldwide, each expected to review more than 1,000 posts a week so they can strike out content that violates Facebook’s enormous number of rules defining unacceptable content. Some of them told Fox News that they experience stress that is “unworldly.”

They also reported working conditions that featured bedbugs, “body waste” at work stations, blood and feces on bathroom walls, and numerous fights and arguments among the staff.

Again, I would rather not believe this; but there it is.

So why cover it at all? Because Facebook has taken it upon itself to decide on the fitness of billions of posts put up by many millions of viewers–in a fallen world, in a particularly evil epoch of world history–and all with a relative handful of overworked moderators. Playing God isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

You’d think, with so much vile and filthy content pouring in, they’d spare themselves the labor of ruling whether posts were politically acceptable. They’ve got this stuff to contend with, and they’re worried about some user not being supportive of abortion? I mean, these guys don’t even get paid all that much! Is it really worthwhile, banning people who say mean things about liberals?

Frankly, I don’t know what ought to be done about this. I suppose they could hire more moderators, pay them more, and clean up the workplace–and just drop the whole business of political censorship. There would seem to be more than enough of the really toxic content to keep them busy.


Have You Been Censored? Banned?

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C’mon, guys, help me out!

Have you been censored in the social media? Banned, shadow-banned, or temporarily suspended? De-monetized?

I know some of you have, because you’ve said so. I’ve been assigned to write an article on this subject, and I need your first-hand experiences. I will protect your identities–I just need to know what happened and what it was like.

I can’t keep making this request without becoming tiresome, so this is my last call. If no one comes forward, I’ll have to write the article without this information; and it won’t be as good as it should have been.

One thing I am sure of. If we want to put a stop to this, first we have to get the rest of the country talking about it.

It’s Getting Away from Me

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Be sick in bed for a day, and see what it gets you!

I am soooo far behind, like, everything. Because of what I couldn’t do yesterday, I’ll be driving all around the county today; and what I couldn’t write yesterday either has to be left undone or written up today… along with everything I was supposed to write today.

But y’know what’s hardest? Every day now the nooze is full of really crazy s*** and I don’t know if I even ought to try keeping up with it. Do I cover it or ignore it?

Something to think about while I’m on the road. Speaking of which–I gotta go!

I’m pretty sure this is not how you recover from an illness, but I’m stuck with it.

Special Message to Readers: If you’ve been banned or suspended for the social media–as a few of you have already mentioned–I need to know the details. Don’t worry, I’ll conceal your identity. This is for an article I’ve been assigned to write. Come on, I need your help for this! Let’s email each other, at least.

Tell Me About Your Censorship Experience

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Come on! This really needs to be dragged out into broad daylight–this whole business of the social media censoring conservatives while giving Far Left a free pass.

The Chalcedon Foundation has been targeted as a “hate group,” and I know some of you have been suspended or banned or censored as “haters.” And when do they ever give you the opportunity to defend yourself? They skip the trial and go right to “guilty.” More often than not, they don’t even tell you why they’ve censored you. Or else it’s because of a false accusation that they never let you answer–and never investigate to make sure that it’s true.

We want a stop put to this! But the first step has to be to expose it, to let everybody know about it, and to get the conversation started.

I’m collecting information for an article, and I’d love to hear from you!



You Can Help Me Write an Article on Censorship

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Chalcedon has asked me to write a major article on how the social media are censoring and banning Christians and conservatives–in part because they’ve attacked us, too, and are running around calling us a “hate group.” And of course they would like to cut off all conservative voices from the national conversation in time for next year’s national elections.

I know that several of you, dear readers, have been banned, shadow-banned, or censored by assorted social media. If you would describe your experiences, I’d love to use them in the article–protecting your identities, of course. My point will be that it’s not just Christian ministries, pro-family groups, and prominent conservatives who are being censored, but also peaceful, law-abiding, ordinary people. Like us!

So come on, help me out–the more information you give me, the better. It will all be put to good use!

Big Tech to Face Antitrust Action?

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The sun is shining for a change, and I’m getting set to go to Keyport and bring us home a seafood dinner from the Keyport Fishery. Hooray! But first, some nooze.

The stocks of the big four “Big Tech” companies–Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon–took a hit today when it was revealed that the House Judiciary Committee may launch an antitrust probe into their “anticompetitive practices” (https://apnews.com/44b759e73472440ca60d782e44faa572)–especially their privacy policies. The European Union has already hit Google with “billions of dollars in fines.”

So the stocks took a licking. Probably a bigger licking than any fines that might be imposed.

Nothing has been said yet about the social media giants’ censorship practices, which are “anticompetitive” politically–silencing conservatives, while giving Far Left Crazy the run of the house. Democrats will try to protect them from any action that might rein in the viewpoint censorship: Democrats are all for viewpoint censorship, as long as it’s only conservative views that get stifled. We’ll have to wait and see what develops.

Reforming the social media from a one-way street into a true free market of ideas and dialogue will be a big job. But it has to start somewhere, and this seems as good a place as any. And there’s always the chance that Big Tech might clean up their act before the government does it for them.

Generally we conservatives don’t like to resort to government to get things done. But the social media have become a major feature of the political landscape, and its owners are abusing their position. Public utilities are privately owned, too–and they’re not allowed to do just anything they please. Yeah, Google, we’re talkin’ to you.

And you’d be well-advised to listen.

‘Oh, Boy! No More “Hate” in Cyberspace!’ (2016)

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They’re so mad!

Suddenly my wife’s Facebook page was filled with libs saying the president should be assassinated, wishing death on him and his family, spewing hot, steaming hatred all around. This in spite of Facebook’s announced intention to rein in “hate.”


It only counts as “hate” if they say so. Apparently it’s not “hate” if leftids do it.

The yops wailing about “hate speech” are the biggest haters around. Half of them actually sound psychotic.

So she had to de-friend her liberal friends. If she wanted to listen to that, she could get a job as an asylum keeper.

Why We Can’t Let Google and Facebook Quash Free Speech

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Well, I did the Newswithviews column, and I’m tired–but first, here’s a little something you should read, if you’re concerned about social media giants stifling conservatives.

In a piece written for Front Page Magazine, Daniel Greenfield offers a counter to the “But it’s a private company” argument that would let Google and Facebook continue to censor conservative opinion off the political landscape (https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/273740/why-freedom-speech-should-apply-google-facebook-daniel-greenfield). But first a quote from his conclusion:

“A country in which freedom of speech effectively did not exist, even though it remained a technical right, would not be America. A government that allowed such a thing would have no right to exist.”

Sooner or later someone is going to remember that the Internet itself, and the social media, too, would not have come into existence without major developmental efforts funded by the American taxpayer–by you and me. Google and Facebook have taken their share of public money while claiming all the rights and privileges of private ownership. But in fact they are already, and have been all along, quasi-public agencies: and, as such, obligated to respect the First Amendment.

They mustn’t be allowed to restrict speech only to liberals, Democrats, and Far Left Crazy (you will overlook the tautology).

What the Left wants has no place in America.

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