Your Pet Crab

The only excuse I have for posting this video is, I find it oddly appealing. I had a pet crab once: a benign little animal, although he once snipped the wires of someone’s record player.

It is said that Ludwig Van Beethoven had a pet crab named Gordo, but I’m sure he didn’t feed it chips.

6 comments on “Your Pet Crab

  1. That’s an amazing thing to see. How can we look at these creatures all around us and not marvel at our Creator’s genius? Also, how could we see these and not feel compassion?

  2. My grandson once had a hermit crab who loved peanut butter! The things different creatures will eat – and actually like – is a bit astonishing. Who would ever guess to feed chips or peanut butter to crabs. They certainly don’t appear in their environment.

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